Jan 112011

sshd100Is it possible to build an iPhone application using Corona in only 24 hours? Yes, it is.

Over at GameSalad, (where I used to more or less live,) there was this growing trend of 1 day challenges. As the name implies a developer would attempt to create an iPhone game in 24 hours or less.

Given my affair turned committed relationship with Corona I figured that I would quietly attempt my own 1 day challenge to make an iPhone game that I’d always wanted to try my hand at.

I present, Sushi Slice -

Sushi Slice 1

That, my friends, is the result of around about 24 hour work – although to be fair I probably spent at least an hour of that talking to my partner, two hours on Skype to my sister and another hour or so on the phone to my mother.

That means the total time spent on the app was 20 hours, or 12 hours if you don’t include the time spent on assets such as art and music.

The project was born of a desire, in part, to show was Corona could do – as well as to prove that for someone who prior to converting Corona zero knowledge of Lua could create an app in a similar amount of time as they would do in GameSalad while still managing to include the extra features Corona offers. (Such as a custom splash screen, Facebook integration along with OpenFeint integration and leaderboards.)

Below you can see a few more screenshots of my app, submitted this evening;

Sushi Slice 2Sushi Slice 3Sushi Slice 4Sushi Slice 5And that’s it!

While the game may not be the kind of thing you look at and think “That’s fantastic!”, it certainly holds it own against many of the games I’ve seen created in such a short time frame.

Plus, as you can see, that time frame includes the implementation of Facebook Posting and OpenFeint. My app includes more than 15 achievements as well as leaderboards for each game mode.

I don’t wish for anyone to leave GameSalad – but I think having the option between two tools is a good thing; and knowing that someone who has only recently started to learn LUA and Corona can make something like this in such a brief amount of time, well, I think that might inspire others who have previously looked it over to give it another shot.

Viva Corona!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I have not given up on writing a short eBook for newbies to Corona, it’s just been tabled temporarily. I hope to get back to it in a week or two. (It’s just going to be a basic, free guide to help people get started out.)

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  4 Responses to “Corona 24 Hour App Project”

  1. Are there any guides on creating the menu system at the start?
    Im new to both developing and Corona SDK and im having trouble with getting a menu at the start e.g “New Game”, “How To Play” etc, so any help would be very much appreciated.

    The app looks to have lots of potential, keep me updated, good luck :D

    • Thanks :)

      We’ll see how it goes, it’s pretty basic given the time limitations but still a decent little game, I reckon.

      I’m writing my little eBook which includes that type of thing, but until then maybe try downloading my sample project from here; http://tinyurl.com/2g3fe7z

      See what you think; if you’re confused and want to email me go right ahead :) (my name, lowercase, one word at gmail.)

      Peach :)

  2. Hey there :)

    I’m glad you find that exciting; that makes me excited! I am ridiculously passionate about Corona.

    Coming from GameSalad I thought I could never learn to code; I was so overwhelmed. Two weeks later, Happy Doodle Sushi Smile, my first Corona app, was on the store!

    Corona is fantastic – I love using it and I’m sure you’ll love it too when the time comes.

    The eBook will take me a little while although if I can get it out in the next couple of weeks with really, really basic stuff in it then I’ll look at doing a follow up with some slightly more advanced, but still simple, stuff :)

    It currently covers setting up your project, setting a background, hiding or showing the status bar, adding an image (which is an “object” as far as how GS would define it), turning said image into a button, writing a simple function to destroy the button and then explaining how we could hide it rather than destroy it…. Whew, quite the run on sentence there!

    Anyway, it’s a start – I’ll work on it more shortly and get to other simple function, some movement and some sounds at the very least :)

    If you haven’t already, consider following me on Twitter; I tweet when I post new blogs and am unlikely to mention the eBook over at GS in it’s own thread as it might be met with, well, a little scorn ;)

    Peach Pellen :)

  3. Hi,
    I am writing about the last paragraph, which is EXCITING as I would love to learn how to implement a few methods and functions using LUA and Corona!
    I think that there is a whole army ready to jump ship from Flash as it does not display on the iOS platform and with your ebook, I too would be happy to try Corona :)

    I appreciate your posts over at the forum :)

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