Jan 122011

You can’t code but want to make an iPhone app? This is for you!

I no longer support Corona. These tutorials are provided as-is and I will not offer support for them.

If you would like to check out some tutorials I do provide support for please see my newer work, which supports Lanica‘s Platino game engine.

I originally planned a single eBook, but times change!

I now plan to regularly release small sample projects that are commented to the hilt.

These projects will be a LOT like an eBook in that they will contain the same amount of explanatory text, but they will not let you visualize things better and not have to download multiple sets of files, worry about image names, etc.

I shall be releasing the regularly with each mini-series containing slightly more advanced stuff.

Another benefit of doing things this way now is that I can release these regularly, unlike an eBook that could take me months to write.

This first little mini series is aimed at those of you who have zero coding knowledge of any kind.

This is the most basic set of little tutorials you will ever find, you may even find that they are too “dumbed down” or that there is too much hand-holding going on, but hey, that’s my style!

I apologize to those of you who would have liked to get a bit more advanced, but rest assure, more of these are coming – and they will contain more advanced stuff as we go along, I promise!

This first lot is just to help those interested in developing an iPhone application a place to start when they have zero prior experience. I hope that by making these very basic indeed I can help ease people into Corona nice and slowly.

The first edition of Corona For Newbies covers;

- Hide or show the iPhone’s status bar

- Set up your background

- Insert a new image

- Creating your first function

- Making that function work with your first listener

- Removing an image

- Hiding an image

- Making the hidden image visible again

- Moving an image on the screen with a transition

- Resetting the images position instantly, without a transition

- How to comment your code

Download Corona For Newbies Part 1

PS – I almost forgot – http://blog.anscamobile.com/2011/01/flash-to-corona-porting-guide/

If you use flash and want to move over to Corona (as was mentioned in yesterday’s comments) this could be perfect for you!


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  122 Responses to “Corona For Newbies Part 1”

  1. can u please send me the tutorial i dont have twitter

  2. I am losing faith by the minute over here… if it’s too difficult for one to figure out how to use twitter or “tweet and get it” I really think one should keep moving, because this is nothing compared to trying to develop an app.

    I also think because people are under the impression that they’re somehow entitled to others’ work for absolutely nothing our dear Peach should start charging for her code snippets. She spent countless hours putting together tutorials, and solutions to problems most (including me) found difficult at some point in time. Peach has been so generous and so understanding that there isn’t enough money out there to compensate her for what she has done.

    Can’t you moochers understand that she uses “Tweet & Get It” to promote herself? The other alternative will be that she will start charging for it… period. For now, you get something for nothing and that’s still not good enough. Stop using other’s code snippets and claim the credit… Peach doesn’t ask you to put her name on the credits in your apps, she doesn’t require a splash screen… it’s a simple tweet! So if you can’t develop your own code give credit (via tweet) where credit is due… “Waa Waa Waa, I can’t get twitter to work”, “I don’t like twitter”, “I don’t want to use twitter” … seriously? That’s the best you can do? I don’t like putting people down, but I hate moochers, and excuses… my grandma who has a hard time figuring out what the “popcorn” button does on her microwave tweets no problem.

    Stop lying, most of the people who claim they don’t tweet somehow have active twitter accounts… they’re just ashamed to admit that they received help from someone and want to show off their app and most likely claim “look ma, you see all the 4 years of me doing nothing paid off, I made a bouncing mushroom for the iPhone and will retire a millionaire”

    Twitter is a part of life now… and if you don’t know that by now, you have no business in trying to develop apps :P

    @Peach – I really think you should provide an alternative for those who are dumb enough or can’t figure out twitter… Tweet & Get It (and it has to be an active account) … or pay up sucka!

  3. in tweeter I can’t download too, can you send me to my email? Thanks

  4. I can’t download too, can you send me to my email?

  5. I cant open it. Could you send me a link?

    • Hey Antonio, sent you one just now. I am unsure what you couldn’t open exactly but please let me know if you have any further issues.

  6. Can i get all four parts of Corona for Newbies emailed to me? I am so lost trying to learn corona

    • Emailed. FYI it would be faster to sign up to Twitter, it takes about 20 seconds – waiting for me to see your comment and send you links can take several hours or more ;)

  7. Hiii, could i have the download link too? i don’t have twitter too, thank you.

  8. Awesome tutorial! In part 1, I noticed the background image size works in both the iphone and ipad views even though the size of the image is 320 x 480. I wonder if this 320 x 480 image would stretch in the same way if testing on a real ipad?

    • Thank you James :)
      Yes, if you look in the config.lua file you will see a zoom setting; I forget what I have it set to but if it is zooming in the simulator it will also zoom on a real iPad, yes.

  9. Hi, can i have the download link too? i don’t have twitter, thank you.

  10. Send**

  11. Peach, can u please sand me the link? I can’t get it in twitter

  12. Can I get the link to the newbie tutorials even though I don’t have twitter? I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

  13. It looks like the files are empty. In Finder, they are represented by a blank sheet. For tutorial 1, it says the main.lua file is 2 KB. IS that right?

    • Are you on PC or Mac? Try opening it in PSPad (if on PC) or Eddie/TextMate if on Mac. 2kb sounds about right :)

  14. I’ve downloaded the tutorials via twitter but my editor can’t open them, they are greyed out in > Open. I’m using dreamweaver which can open other lua files no problem. Any idea what’s up?

  15. Thank you very much for creating these tutorials.I’ve been dipping in and out of multiple tutorials, guides and sample code and getting a bit confused for the past week now. Finding some simple, immaculately commented functions is just a godsend. Just 10 minutes with your part 1 and I feel a lot more confident and things are starting to click; I’m really grateful to you. Onto part 2 …

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Andrew!

      I know it can be very confusing at first (I was in the same boat once) and when my tutorials can help people, especially my little Corona For Newbies miniseries, I’m always really happy to hear about that.

      Stay confident, stick with it and if you get frustrated remember that the forums are a great place to get help. (I’m there everyday!) :)

  16. cant access the guide

    • What happens when you click on the Tweet and Get It button? You need to be specific about the problem if you need help, please :)

  17. Another non-Twitter user here, any chance of a link? Thanks

  18. I don’t see the tutorial ?

  19. Hi. I’m new to mobile phone development, so look forward to your tutorials. How do I get to the tutorials, is it through the TweetandGetit link? I click on the icon, but I get a Failure To Connect To Web Server error.


  20. Ok so can you do it for me? I never coded a day in my life and I am so discouraged.

    • Sure I can – if you’re willing to spend some time and make some effort I guarantee you that you can learn how to do this. I started with 0 knowledge, we are all newbies at first – it CAN be done :)

  21. Hi, one more thing. I just can not find the source code on the site. Guy ==> Density Function(high);

    • Sorry, it’s the Tweet and Get It button – it doesn’t show the source code because you need to download the folder – it contains images, etc. you need to run the code.

  22. Hello. This is a great site it seems. Forgive my density but I don’t actually see the tutorial here and when I go over to the tutorial section, I don’t know how to find the one associated with this thread. Also, where do I obtain the corona development environment and compiler. Does it require a Mac?


  23. How do I get the files if I don´t have twitter?

  24. Sorry, figured it out…

  25. Where do you find the link? Does it have to be emailed to me?

    Thanks :)

  26. Am I missing something ?? How do I download the file ?? Is it the tweet and get it button ? cause I don’t have twitter?

  27. Oh OK. I suppose the closest thing would be to keep on taking multiple still photos in succession, processing them and displaying them then…

  28. Just to be sure – I’m not looking for the detection algorithm – I have that already. I’m looking for a way in which to access the camera’s data.

  29. I have posted this question on the Ansca forums but am not sure whether I did so in the right place.Maybe you could help me – your newbie tutorials certainly helped me start on this Corona coding business :).

    I am trying to build an app with real time face detection. The images/frames don’t need to be captured and saved anywhere – all that’s required is that faces are detected in the field of view that the camera is currently ‘seeing’. Any clues on how Corona could be used to do this!?!

  30. [...] Corona For Newbies Part 1 No Comments RSS Filed under: Android, Corona SDK, iPhone Spring Roo + JQuery Autocomplete » [...]

  31. Simply a perfect tutorial, Awesome job. I tried learning this on youtube but every one starts a new project each time there explaining a function and it gets me all jumbled up. This is simply magnificent i can keep on continuing my project step by step by looking at your commands and heading. Thanks a lot i was about to lose hope and forget about developing.

    • Hey Jhon,

      Thanks so much for sharing that with me – I am really happy to have been able to help you :) I know it gets frustrating sometimes but just stick with it, once you’ve got the basics down you’ll be able to piece together a lot of the more advanced stuff on your own :)

  32. Not a problem – glad it’s all good now :)

  33. Seems obvious now I guess I my brain was a little on hold after being up 20 hours. Thanks

  34. Open main.lua in an editor as well so you can actually READ the code ;)

  35. Cant figure out what I am missing I start Corona open the tutorial folder for the prodject and select main.lua and I just get a picture of you. What could I be missing?

  36. hey, i really liked the set up of your tutorials, how they are embedded inside code. i’ve been trying to learn javaScript, etc for the past two months and have found it pretty frustrating. as of now i can now read it ok, but can’t write much of anything.

    are there any other resources for learning other languages such as C, C++, objective-C, or js that are set up in a way similar to your lessons, or at the very least, have problems that students can solve, so that they actually learn how to write code?


    • Hey,

      I’m glad to hear that you like my setup but sorry to say I don’t know of any other tutorials like mine – I wish there were, I’d be more inclined to look at learning C or C++ if so ;)


  37. Hi Peach,
    great tutorials, I am just starting with corona sdk as of today and I was wondering if you ever give tips to noobies that are stuck on something like me? I am just having trouble locating a reference a list of functions. for example, is .isVisible a predefined function? if so, is there a list of all those? Is that what an API is? I know I am pretty new, but working hard to make my app happen. Anyway, feel free to email me. Thanks in advance for the help and also for the great tutorials, they are giving me a great start and are very well commented and thought out.

    • Hey Steven, hugely rushed so forgive how short this is;
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes .isVisible is a predefined function.
      Yes there is a list of those.
      Yes that is what an API is.
      Here is a link to a list of all of these; http://developer.anscamobile.com/resources/apis

      I hope that helps, sorry again for the rush – really do appreciate your kind words and comment :)

  38. What do you mean, Mike?

    How do you know it’s great for newbies? There isn’t a download link. There isn’t a trial.

    The “company” creating it have not even registered their own domain name! They link to it on Facebook and yet they don’t own it.

    I hope you aren’t trying to promote your own “program” (no download, no trial, no website) on Techority, Mike.

  39. nice tutorial.

    Have you looked at this visual designer in development.


    Great for newbies.

  40. Im confused. Is this a pdf? I downloaded a zip file and could find only 1 intro page of a pdf. The rest were lua files. So I ran the main.lua file on corona and all I get is pictures of this girl Peach who I assume is the author of the tutorial.

    • Hey Russell,

      No, it’s not a PDF – the PDF was an intro, that’s all.

      You need to open the main.lua file and not just run it – open them. They have comments explaining everything.

      … And yeah, that picture is somewhat of a tradition now.

      Peach :)

  41. Nice tutorial. The tutorial is simple and very well commented.

  42. Good job on this I really understood it, my question is could you tell me how to make it move just by starting the scene and then have it go back to the bottom of the screen, kind of like wrapping the y coordinates so it keeps going forever?

  43. Problem…my computer won’t let me view the files…it says their file type is recognized.

    • The files as in the .lua files? The sound files? Which are we referring to here?

      If it’s the .lua files try opening them in a text editor :)

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