Jan 122011

You can’t code but want to make an iPhone app? This is for you!

I no longer support Corona. These tutorials are provided as-is and I will not offer support for them.

If you would like to check out some tutorials I do provide support for please see my newer work, which supports Lanica‘s Platino game engine.

I originally planned a single eBook, but times change!

I now plan to regularly release small sample projects that are commented to the hilt.

These projects will be a LOT like an eBook in that they will contain the same amount of explanatory text, but they will not let you visualize things better and not have to download multiple sets of files, worry about image names, etc.

I shall be releasing the regularly with each mini-series containing slightly more advanced stuff.

Another benefit of doing things this way now is that I can release these regularly, unlike an eBook that could take me months to write.

This first little mini series is aimed at those of you who have zero coding knowledge of any kind.

This is the most basic set of little tutorials you will ever find, you may even find that they are too “dumbed down” or that there is too much hand-holding going on, but hey, that’s my style!

I apologize to those of you who would have liked to get a bit more advanced, but rest assure, more of these are coming – and they will contain more advanced stuff as we go along, I promise!

This first lot is just to help those interested in developing an iPhone application a place to start when they have zero prior experience. I hope that by making these very basic indeed I can help ease people into Corona nice and slowly.

The first edition of Corona For Newbies covers;

- Hide or show the iPhone’s status bar

- Set up your background

- Insert a new image

- Creating your first function

- Making that function work with your first listener

- Removing an image

- Hiding an image

- Making the hidden image visible again

- Moving an image on the screen with a transition

- Resetting the images position instantly, without a transition

- How to comment your code

Download Corona For Newbies Part 1

PS – I almost forgot – http://blog.anscamobile.com/2011/01/flash-to-corona-porting-guide/

If you use flash and want to move over to Corona (as was mentioned in yesterday’s comments) this could be perfect for you!


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  122 Responses to “Corona For Newbies Part 1”

  1. No worries, glad to have the appreciation :D Thanks!

    I’m trying to work from a “I don’t know anything about coding, I can’t even use HTML” (which is near to where I was at when I started) up to the more complex stuff slowly and smoothly :)


  2. Thanks for this tutorial! It’s perfect for someone like me, who knows practically nothing about this stuff. :P

  3. Did you open main.lua? It’s where all the info is.

    If you can’t open it download any simple html editor – I believe most of them will work :)

  4. Hi Peach,

    I downloaded your part 1 tutorial but, there was nothing to read. Is this just for MAC? Is there a tutorial for windows? what text editor can i use on windows? Zero experience here…so, im reallly lost…hahaha!

  5. Here in Australia it’s already summer and today is heating up fast – it’s not even 10 AM yet and it’s still sweltering >.< ‘ Not so good. Stick with it, learn a little bit at a time. Think of all the elements involved in your game and write them down; that way you can manage your time productively and make the most of it :)

    Corona is great and once you get the hang of it I assure you it will be EASY.

    Peach :)

  6. yea thanks a lot! im still learning, with school and everything i dont have time other than weekends to learn on it, hopefully by summer il master it :D

  7. Thanks for the kind words.

    What the numbers mean is actually something you CAN find on Corona’s official website; http://developer.anscamobile.com/content/displaynewrect < —- that is about your rectangle, specifically. Ignore parent group and read the next four bits, they are those numbers in order :)

    local floor = display.newRect(X, Y, Width, Height)

    Make sense?

  8. nice! i dont have much of a problem learning codes, its just some things are trippy, can ya tell me what the digits mean. local floor = display.newRect(320, 0, 1, 480), which is the x and y? what are the other 2 values? its a code for landscape game. and im greatful for your help, ur very nice and helpful!

  9. I get asked that every day now, and my answer is always a tad awkward.

    I am, without being boastful, exceptionally gifted – and the type of “gifted” I am is right brained; that means it is much easier for me to learn things relating to problem solving, logic, numbers, etc.

    So I learned by looking at the tutorials/sample code from Corona; even without examples, just reading it I could start to understand all of it. Within 2 weeks I had created my first Corona app (HDSS) without ever having coded before.

    My advice is to plan a very simple game and then make it. You know how to set the background you want? Do that. You want the background scrolling but don’t know how? Find out. Find that specific part in some sample code and use it. Time to add a score? Watch my score tutorial video, etc.

    That’s how I like to learn, anyway – jump in and learn what you need as you need it.

    Perhaps not the best advice but all I can offer, I’m afraid – at least until I finally getting around to writing my Corona book ;)

    Hope that helps, anyway ^-^;

    Peach :)

  10. thanks a lot, i also have another question, im a bit more advanced now than the tutorials, i followed along the 8 minute game, but i dont know where to go next to get better. the tutorials on corona are not useful to me because they tell you facts without examples through tutorials. how did u learn corona? :D

  11. Regarding graphics, I did draw most of the ones in HDSS – however you can also find free graphics you can use without any limitations on http://openclipart.org

    You’ll need to resize them, but that’s a great place to start – let me know what you think, most of my games use their graphics almost exclusively :)

  12. i need to ask you about something off topic, i know in corona most tutorials come with images to use. but how do i make my own animation like when i look at ur HDSS, you have a star and a ninja and some sushi , how do you get those, must you draw them by hand and upload? photoshop? because when i get good enough with coding, i do not know how to make my own application because im lacking visual art/display images. your the only one who i can refer to because you understand this and willing to help! please and thank you!

  13. thanks :D!

  14. Open the main.lua file in each folder, part 1, part 2, etc.

    That is where you put your code, or in this case where my code is for you to follow. It’s all commented out with instructions and explanations :)

  15. i am having trouble finding instructions for your guide, i downloaded the files but i dont see how i can use them any where :(

  16. Hey there – really, 10? That’s very impressive! I wish Corona existed back when I was 10 ;)

    There is a second part to this tutorial here; http://techority.com/2011/01/22/corona-for-newbies-part-2/

    And I’m already planning for a third shortly.

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you need assistance!

    Peach :)

  17. I really liked this tutorial. It was great. I’m 10 and this is the best tool I’ve used yet to learn Corona. Thanks. Make more tutorials please. You are awesome!

  18. No worries JC – and thanks for the comment; it’s great when people let me know they enjoy and appreciate my work :D

    Peach :)

  19. Love it! Thank you so much for doing this i look forward to more lessons! :)

  20. Hey there Henk, I have actually just put up a second part – you can find it on the homepage :)

  21. Thanks Peach,

    Looking forward for the second part.

  22. Dean – I’m terribly sorry, your comment didn’t give me an email notification (and new comments need to be manually approved) – so I apologize for not posting it sooner!

    Good luck and I hope you do get into Corona, it’s a blast!

    I wish I knew Java, you know – amongst other things, heh. One day!

    Peach :)

  23. Haha, nah – it’s fine, I just meant that it seems to be something people agree on – they want sound in part 2 :) I don’t expect you to have carefully read though every post relating to it here and at the forum, haha!

    Poor males, you are terrible multitaskers! ;)


  24. Oh right, sorry I don’t always read as throughly as I should.. I think its encoding in my male DNA.

  25. Thank you :D

    It’s good to replace the picture, play around with it, etc. I was hoping it was written in a way that people could play around like that, so I’m very pleased :) (That isn’t a great pic of me anyway; it just happened to be right there and a good size, so I grabbed it.)

    Sound was requested previously, I think in the forum, perhaps …. Anywho, I do plan to include sound in part 2! I think it is the next logical step.

    Off to bed with me! 10:30 AM and I should have been in bed before 6, haha.

    Peach :)

  26. Thanks Peach, you are awesome. I found your part one code fairly easy to follow. I even replaced your pic with one of my own. No Offense of course, it was just to confirm I understood the logical workings. I have a ton of questions, as my idea for my game is bursting out of my mind. I am trying to put it down on paper, but I would really like to get to trying some things in code. I will be patient. I guess one part I am interested in is how to make parts of the code initiate sound effects?

  27. Amusing name, haha.
    Soon – soon – maybe in a day or two, if you’re lucky :P

    The fact is I have only JUST finished a job, less than 24 hours ago, that ended up taking me well in excess of 80 hours. (This was over a 6 day period too, that’s pretty busy!)

    I need a day to rest but then, tomorrow, if I’m not still burnt out, I will put out a new part covering some more basic topics – alright?

    Let me know if you have any requests as to what to include :)


  28. Peach, I really enjoyed your tutorial. Will puhhhleaseeeeee get the next one out. I am in the conceptualization phase of my game, and I need to get to learnin me some code.!

  29. At last… after about 2 weeks of searching the web and eventually getting to Corona I find a well written tutorial. Phew! I first experienced Lua with Shiva… Ouch! I backed out.

    I code in Java for Android and recently decided to go cross-platform. I was about to give up and learn Objective-C with XCode and then your wonderful tutorial makes me stop in my tracks.

    Thanks Peach. You might have saved me many, many more hours of searching (I’ll ignore the $$$$ for Corona… it might be worth it lol).

    Anyway, keep up the good work. It made me, an experienced Java developer suddenly think it wasn’t too much of a strain to to teach this old dog a few tricks. I’ll keep watching.


  30. I meant YouTube, sorry – not Google ^-^; Half asleep over here.

  31. I am the exact same way; there was nothing for true non coders when I started out. It all assumed I had some idea what I was doing, and I didn’t.

    Then there would be huge amounts of text explaining every line of code in painstaking detail. It felt so slow.

    Part 2 will be coming soon and I hope it will help to inspire you :)

    In the meantime, Google “8 minute game” for a video I really enjoyed when I was starting out, if you’re interested.

    Peach :)

  32. wow, this is great.
    I have tried to read a few manuals, but most of them requires previous coding skills (which I don’t have…) and some are way so theoretical that it gets boring. I really like to practice as I get along and being able to really see some results at the same time.

    I do realize i probably need to read a lot to get past my beginner level, but hopefully your guides will make me want to continue…

    Looking forward for Part 2!

  33. I can definitely include some sound stuff in the next set :)

  34. Hey thanks!
    This is exactly what we need!
    Everyone can grasp your style …. I look forward to your next edition :)

    Could you cover sound stuff? Like a tiny three key piano or something like that?

  35. Portgas I think you are asking about collision detection, knowing what object is colliding with/touching what, is that right?

  36. I’m too tired to know what anything means right now. Must have sleep!

    Reread this tomorrow when my eyes work.

    Peach :)

  37. in next part i want to know about interactions and touch function, how to make one object interact with another and so on (like touch one object and then touch another and first will interact with other, i guess you understand what i mean) )

  38. Thanks so much for that; thrilled it’s helpful for you :D

    I will be doing a second part soon, I’ve just been caught up lately with a paid gig and organizing bits and bobs for the Techority 48 Hour Challenge.

    If there’s anything you’d like included be sure to comment and let me know!

    Peach :)

  39. WOW!!
    And thats not the game Im talking about..
    This is just what I am looking for since I am a complete newbie when it comes to any form of programming.
    A really simple and understandable approach to what it`s all about. Can`t wait for part two :-)

  40. …. You can’t open .lua files on your iPad. XD

    Try http://luaedit.luaforge.net/download.html possibly; looks to be a good alternative to Eddie (what I use) for PC.

  41. what would be an appropriate program?

  42. My ipad gives me the “Download failed” “Safari cannot download this file” as well. ??

  43. I don’t know why you can’t view them on a PC – a PC shouldn’t have a problem opening a .lua – do you have an appropriate program to open it on there?

  44. Why can’t I view this on my pc? It downloaded and the files are there but when I click I get a message
    “Windows cannot open this file”. My Mac is up in Chicago and I won’t be there until spring…

  45. since you claim to have low art skills, I wonder if you would be interested in trading code for illustration? see my web site for samples of artwork

    • I actually visited your site the other day! It’s great looking stuff :)

      That said, at least for the near future, I am quite swamped and wont have the time to work on any new projects, for me or anyone else – but if this still interests you down the line I’d love to have a chat about it then!


  46. Really great guide) just for the noob in corona like myself) Thank you very much, i will hope to see more soon

  47. Hi Bill!

    I’m really, really happy to have you say that as I was concerned about how it would be received, however my goal was to create something that someone could start with without any prior knowledge at all.

    I found that issue looking for books and tutorials as well; that they all assumed I knew something about coding – but I didn’t!

    I hope to work on part 2 over the coming week, with my insomnia dictating when it’s completed :P

    Thanks again for the kind words!

    Peach :)

  48. Thank you so much – this is exactly the type of info I’ve been looking for. All the Lua books assume that I know WAY more than I know. I was actually looking for something like this today on Amazon and on the web, and couldn’t find anything this basic. I am an artist, not a programmer, but Lua seems pretty easy to learn if taken a step at a time. I’m looking forward to part 2!

  49. [...] we present part 1 of the “Corona For Newbies” tutorial, created by user Peach Pellen. Peach has condensed an excellent Corona crash-course into [...]

  50. Really cool! Thanks!

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