Jan 132011


Good morning everyone!

With the number of people who have made a few extra dollars lately selling graphics, sound effects and even some folks at GameSalad who sell templates – I decided I may as well try and get in on this.

I’m hopeless at art and have none of my own original sound effects, besides my own voice turned cartoon chipmunk, but I do have a few templates.

I have just uploaded the first one, and will include a link at the end of the post.

It is a soundboard app, one of my neatest and simplest in terms of code and does reasonably well on the app store. (It outsells Happy Doodle Sushi Smile, which isn’t hard, but still good to know as I used to think soundboards were probably a waste of my time.)

I am not charging a fixed amount.

Payment is made via a “Donate” button, where you will enter any amount of your choosing – but please, no $0.01 purchases, please ;)

More information can be found on the site, the url isn’t the best but it’s one I had sitting around for awhile and figured I should use.

More templates for different kinds of things will be added shortly and if you have a request you can tweet at me.

Check out my templates here.

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I will still be providing just as much free information, code and tutorials as previously. I understand some people may object to my doing this as it seems selfish and greedy, however with the amount of time I spend providing free help and the fact that I need food to survive has convinced me that this is an OK move. I hope no one will judge me too harshly.

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  2 Responses to “A New Website With Templates”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m going to post here as your question might come up again with others.

    Firstly, this post is a little outdated (I’ve just edited it to reflect as much), although you may already know that if you’ve clicked on the link :)

    My templates can all by viewed in the Techority store (link in top nav bar) – however, they are written for iOS.

    To work on Android some will need certain things removed or modified; namely Facebook and OpenFeint settings. (And a couple of lines in build.settings and config.lua.)

    Some templates don’t need any changes, such as my physics puzzle/block remover, dash and the soundboard.

    The only restrictions I have is that you cannot share my code (don’t post it in forums, don’t give it to friends) and don’t reuse any art or sounds. (Switching out all images and audio for your own would make it perfectly acceptable to publish.)

    I see you have email notifications on this thread, so I’m sure you will see this – but any more questions just email me, peachpellen at gm@il :)

    OH – And a full list of templates is in the store, but I do take requests for new ones.

    Peach :)

  2. Nice…I used to design video game demo on PC, but it was tough to get people to try it out. I thought of creating video games for Android, but it’s not an easy task. Finally, I found Corona SDK that’ll allow me to spend less time on coding and more on development. What other templates do you have?

    Also, what restriction do you have on your template if purchased. Feel free to contact me.

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