Jan 132011

Techority will soon be running a competition for all independent iPhone application developers.

UPDATE: Carlos, Co Founder of Corona, has generously offered a 12 month subscription to be offered as a prize. The 48 hour challenge will go ahead and I’ll be posting more info (and looking for more opinions from you guys) shortly, so stay tuned.

…. Or at least, that’s the plan.

My basic idea is this;

Developers sign up to take part in a 48 hour challenge which involves making an application in, of course, 24 hours.

At the start of the 48 hour period they will be told the theme or style of the game, plus anything else that must be included; they must then create and submit that application at the 48 hour mark.

I figure it could provide some good exposure for developers and provoke some more interesting discussion on development platforms as games from both Corona and GameSalad (and any other engine, of course) would be accepted.

As to prizes, if enough people are interested I think that I could likely get some people to donate some art, maybe some sounds, etc. and – depending on how everyone feels about it – we could charge a $5 entrance fee which would then be pooled and used to present the winner with some goodies, like an iTunes gift card, some nifty stuff like Particle Candy, or something like that.

Anyway; at this stage it’s just an idea – I’d like to hear what others think about it first.

Would you participate? Would you be comfortable paying a $5 entry fee to help support prizes? Is there someone from the community you’d like to see as a judge?

Please let me know your thoughts as I think this could be a fun thing to go ahead with if enough people are interested.

If not, perhaps sometime in the future!

Peach Pellen :)

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  33 Responses to “Techority 48 Hour Challenge”

  1. Hey CBT :P

    It’s been less than a month since our discussion on GS, so not that long.

    The page for the 48 Hour Challenge is up now, link up top, but yes…. you’ll be waiting longer than a couple weeks if you’re talking about what I think you are – one thing at a time!


  2. Still waiting peach :P


  3. I will make an update at some point this week, I’ve just found myself incredibly busy – I’ve been working on an app for someone and have had a few headaches with it – that should be done tomorrow provided he can get his certificates sorted out so I will have more time then. (There’s a signing issue on both machines, so I have to wait for it to get worked out on his end to finish up the project.)

    At that point though I promise to finally update!

  4. This would be fun and cool! – I’m all in, just keep us posted on when it should start

  5. Hi all, Carlos here from Ansca – we make the Corona SDK – Like Peach says, I am going to give away a year subscription to the SDK and if you are enrolled I will extend your subscription by an additional year to the winner.

    So lets all have a great time and compete and create some fantastic games.



  6. Director is something I expect people will use; that is perfectly suitable.

    As to Beebe’s Game Class – I’m ashamed to say I don’t yet know what that’s all about, I’ve seen it but been too swamped to give it a look, I assumed it was some kind of tutorial – can someone give me the long and short of it, please?

  7. Peach, What about things like the director class, Beebe’s Game class and other code things like those?

  8. We are going to be announcing things that must be included at 12:00 AM – the start time of the competition and rules state (what’s been written, they aren’t complete yet) that no part of the project may be created prior to the start time.

    Naturally we’ll do all we can to limit any possibility of any kind of cheating.

  9. I’m sure you’re familiar with Ludum Dare. You might get some ideas on how to handle certain details of the competition from them. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/rules/

    For instance, contestants are not supposed to do any specific coding or image creation until the competition begins. And there’s always a theme, which isn’t announced until the moment it begins, to avoid having people start coding weeks in advance and claim they did it all in just 48 hours.

    Since there’s an actual prize worth something here, the competition would need to be careful about that or else someone will cry foul.

  10. Hi Peach!

    I think the compo is a grrrreat idea, like the Ludum Dare 48h compo — but the only way I can see people actually being able to run other peoples’ apps is by all contestants uploading a zip file with the source and project files necessary to compile it with Corona. Since Corona is free to try, that ought to work.

    It would be great exposure for Corona, plus it would provide so many working examples for new Corona programmers. But I would definitely limit it to Corona. Just my two cents. You need to do this competition. Right now! :)

    • Hi Lococo :)

      I’m glad you like the idea.

      With the code, I had reconsidered limiting it to just Corona – it does make more sense – I love Corona ^-^; and then people could send in their entries and we could just compile them, yes. I’ll see what Carlos thinks, I mentioned something about not being too sure how to handle it in my last email to him.

      I will be doing it, don’t worry – it’s just a matter of working out the details over the coming days then making them public ;)


  11. Hi Lew :)

    I’m not totally sure yet as far as how they will be submitted – I’ve asked Carlos for his opinion, so we’ll see what he says. Submitting to the store makes most sense to me but some people may not wish to upload a project done in such a short space of time.

    We’ll see what he thinks, I’m new to this side of things ^-^;

  12. How would the game be submitted? On the App Store? Just wondering.

    The contest is an awesome idea. We need more contests like this one in the mobile world. :)

  13. I wouldn’t say “safe” – I’m a clumsy drunk :P (I broke my toe and didn’t realize until the next day, once XD)

  14. Hmm, that is a good point. The judges can have the beer, to be fair and safe.

  15. @uDESIGN – I wont hold you to that, but certainly it would be greatly appreciated by me and especially by the winners, haha :P

    @Graham – Then I would have to rig the contest so that I won without ever even entering. That, and with so many kids making games now we might end up with some drunk 14 year olds on our hands XD

  16. I will put up a crate of Corona beer :-)

  17. Oh, we’d offer up all three, not just one :).

  18. If you are able to offer any of those things it’d be a blast; any contribution at all will helps those participating get hyped up, I reckon :D

  19. Hmm, we should be able to offer an iTunes gift card, some cold hard cash and the chance to see your work (if an artist) in a console title.

    The should be means I may think of something better :).

  20. I was up all night, finally got sleep at around 9 AM – heh, I’m in Australia. I’d love to make an RPG one day, they’re awesome ^-^;

    Graham – I understand that entirely, I will be monitoring the thread as well so no stress. We’ll make contact via email in a day or two as I iron out some details, OK? :)

  21. I will probably keep my posts to the forums, mainly so my head doesn’t explode, but just to say here that I am completely up for helping in any way I can.

  22. Haha, I haven’t managed to sleep yet (and I’m in the UK); ended up writing a new event handler for the RPG… then started testing it, then started making some imagery… then realised it’s now gone 8am.

  23. That would be great; I responded there as well, but we shall talk about it soon when I’m more awake and more focused ^-^;

  24. Peach,

    Like I said on the forums, we’re more than happy to contribute a prize :).


  25. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I’ve spoken with Carlos and he’s actually agreed to be one of the judges – which is awesome :D

    I’ll be working out dates in the next day or so, then setting up a side page here for info, sponsors, etc.

    I will also post more details, info on how to register and some stuff about the entry fee, prizes, etc.

    Naturally there will be a list of sponsors, with links, so Graham if when the time comes you’d like to make a small contribution I would be happy to put you on that list with an image, some info, whatever – just let me know at the time.

    Thanks for the interest everyone – I have a lot of work to do, but I’ll update soon :)


  26. Sounds like a fantastic idea and I would love to take part but don’t think I have the time, got to finish Lime some day :-)

    Would gladly help judge though and submit a little boost to the prize fund if it helps at all.

  27. This is awesome! Biffy and I are definitely entering this, it sounds like a lot of fun…

    Come on everyone, vote YES for the contest so it’ll go on…. Carlos Icaza even offered to give a free year subscription or subscription-extension to the winner if the contest goes on.

    I say yes, run the contest! If it goes on, I’m in…. anyone else with me?

  28. I’d be happy to take part, an entry fee wouldn’t be a problem either. :)

  29. It would certainly be on the weekend :P

    The prize is basically going to have to depend on how many people want to enter and thus how much money we have to go towards the winner/s; I’m not rich yet!

  30. I would gladly participate in this.
    And I know a lot of people who will.

    P.S: And yes, it has to be on the weekend.
    P.S2: You gotta set a decent prize :)

  31. The idea is great. I can participate and pay 5$ but it must be during the weekend.


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