Jan 192011

asshat… you are a total douche.

Etiquette and manners are important online as well as off – the main difference is that when you behave badly on such a public forum it doesn’t only reflect poorly on you in the opinions of those who are present at the immediate moment, it creates a lasting impression of you for everyone to come across the post, photo or page in question.

On a more positive note, I will still be posting more information about the Techority 48 Hour Challenge this week; granted it will be later in the week than originally anticipated, but it’s coming!

In the meantime, feel free to add me on Facebook (if you have manners) and continue to watch Twitter; I’ll be tweeting when the aforementioned details are up.

I’m going to go and watch a movie or two with some wine on my first night off this month; I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Peach Pellen :)

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  8 Responses to “Don’t add me on Facebook if…”

  1. I get what you are saying but at the same time, I’m not a big company – I’m an indie who has a Facebook account used exclusively to make it easier for the community to add me and contact me for help, whether that’s technical, mathematical, logical or even emotional at times. (A lot of devs require emotional support, especially when starting out, to keep their motivation up.)

    I wasn’t added as a developer; I was added as Peach, as Techority – as someone who devotes hours everyday to the community, tutorials, support and several free templates as well.

    If you’re my buddy I don’t mind if you give me negative feedback, but if you just add me because you’ve been using all this free stuff I provide then it’s nasty to post something like that, IMHO.

    Just how I feel about it – not a big deal, but still a pretty douchey move.


  2. I gotta say, I would actually appreciate this situation. I mean, I understand that it can be awkward to be friended by someone and see them dissing your work, but overall I would appreciate their mistake in letting me see what they really think. Big companies pay big bucks to do market research and find out what people really think.

  3. I missed the other comments until now, just approved them – sorry Jayant, I thought you were on auto-approve but I guess not >.<‘ At the end of the day I’m happy to take whatever customer reviews I get and that’s fine, I try to improve – however in this case (this is to you as well, Adam) a person must decide if they are a customer or a fellow indie. If a customer, don’t add me on Facebook with this shite at the top of your wall – review the app in the same way everyone else does. You have zero reason to add me there. If a fellow indie, don’t add me if you’re dissing my game. It gets things off to an ugly start. I would respond the same way if you’d done this to any other Corona (or even GameSalad, for that matter) member. It is very poor form indeed – If you in fact a customer and not an indie though, it’s more stupidity than douchery – although in that case I would wonder why you would read my tutorials. I’m sure on a basic level this must make at least SOME sense to you, no?

  4. WOW!! Some men dont grow up till the next life time.

  5. Thanks Mohammad – apparently he thinks otherwise, but I suspect he knows he was a pretty crappy thing to do. (I do like the name “asshat”, where appropriate!)

  6. As the “asshat” in question please keep in mind I meant no disrespect and have clarified my comments with some feedback about the app. It’s also a REALLY bad idea to call out your paying customers – even if they only spent $1

    I am not a douche – I just thought your game needed to get more challenging and have better collision detection…I apologize for not loving the game.

    Funny that someone show says “Etiquette and manners are important online as well as off ” would call a CUSTOMER a douche! LOL

    I wish you luck Peach,

  7. Damn! this guy is a real douche. I loved the asshat nick name by the way ;)

  8. Hi PP,
    I agree with you on the fact that there are nasty comments for apps, I recollect one, where the person did not tap the screen to proceed with the game, he commented, it does not do anything and it is not worth. Hello, wouldn’t anyone in the right mind try to tap the screen and see if it is working or not? Plus this app was free!!

    I guess that is the market that we are up against. These are our *Customers*, therefore I focus more on Enterprise apps for B&B where as try games, etc for relaxation.

    Do not loose heart, take these with a pinch of salt, specially the ones that recommend others *not to* download any app.


    Jayant C Varma

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