Jan 222011

To say thank you to those of you who have made donations over the last day or two I am uploading a new template.


Basically, it shows you how to use director (which I do have a tutorial for up here as well) and set up a scrolling screen.

It’s a Justin Bieber lyrics app (yeah, I know, I’m a sell out!) that Apple rejected due to copyright issues. Until recently I was not actually aware that to write down lyrics was in fact a copyright violation; it seems kind of silly to me, but there you go!

It shows some basic stuff like inserting text, new lines in said text, etc.

The scrolling stuff was taken from some sample code on the Corona website; so this is largely their work, even if took me several hours to sort it all out.

On a side note I listened to one of the songs on YouTube as part of the lyrics sounded wrong to me (they weren’t in the end) and I swear, I thought it was a teenage girl doing a cover until I read the comments!

Anyway, this is my way of saying thank you to those who donated; if more people were like there would be far more people willing to donate their time to their communities. That is not to say that this is about money – it’s not – but when people show appreciation with a donation it’s great in two ways; one because you feel as though the hours you put into what you are doing actually mean something to someone, that you’ve done a good enough job that people feel your efforts should be rewarded – and it also means that people like me who try to do good things for others for free despite being incredibly poor get a positive change in their day to day life.

Because of donations made only in the past day and a half I can afford SIX good meals that each include some kind of protein and iron, and no potato!

(That’s a big deal to me. When you live on bread and potato you get nothing good in your diet; it’s only carbohydrates and a bit of fiber.)

So, my most sincere gratitude to those who have donated; you are the people who ensure I can continue to do my best to help the Corona community as much as possible and you are the ones I will be thinking of when I am eating something healthy and enjoyable in the coming days.

I hope you will enjoy the template and it will be of use in your future projects!

Peach Pellen :)


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