Jan 292011

As much as possible I try to keep Techority 90% tutorials 10% other “stuff” – I don’t want to bore anyone with things unrelated to Corona, Lua and iPhone apps in general. However, I hope you will all be so kind as to indulge me this morning.

Over the past three months I have have been learning all about Lua and Corona, (two glorious things,) and for two and a half of those months I’ve been writing tutorials and attempting to help out the community, be that via email or IM, my Corona For Newbies mini series or my standard tutorials.

While I do this because of my passion for Corona and my drive to see the community improve as a group, including through making connections and forming what I hope will be lifelong friendships with each other, there is the natural expectation of, “I have a donate button, so maybe the odd person will throw me a few bucks for my efforts.”

That isn’t greed, it’s more optimism and faith. If I were in this for the money I’d put up a CPALead gateway or the like and force everyone to fill out some crap survey or download a potential virus every week or two.

Over the past two weeks, however, my expectations have been exceeded greatly; the majority of people who have signed up for the Techority 48 Hour Challenge so far have donated. (I appreciate not everyone can afford to donate, so this certainly isn’t a dig at those of you cannot – I’m in that situation too – no one is under any obligation.)

Now, I’m not good at asking for money – as you may or may not have noticed. Typically when I do so I say it as a joke; such as after my recent video tutorial RE using a score in your app. (I believe I said “if this helped you, give me money” or something of that variety.) It’s often easier to joke about it than say straight up, “Hey guys, I think I might not be able to write for a couple days because I’m sick again due to my crummy diet.”

These two weeks have not only had people donating via the entry for the Techority 48 Hour Challenge; no – I have had many first time donors donate to me simply using the button in the sidebar.

This morning, a person who I wont name as I respect privacy and such, wrote me a lovely little note (as many of you do) and donated $50.

Perhaps some might consider it improper to name a figure, but as the largest donation to date and with a genuinely lovely message, I figured it was time I actually properly acknowledged what donations mean to me.

I am not someone who is typically, publicly, emotional. I often wish to respond to the notes left (sidebar: To the fellow who signed off “PS – Your HOT”, thanks, I was having a bad day at the time, lol,) as so many are full of gratitude and just overall niceness – but then I realize that by responding I will make myself more emotional and not get any work done and such.

So I wanted to write to every donor now; I’ll be in bed as soon as this is done and any emotional stuff will simmer by the time I wake up, so I’m not costing myself a few hours of work, or you guys a few hours of my help.

When you make a donation, whether it is $5 or $10 or $50 – you greatly improve my quality of life.

I work hard and I do make money – however I don’t make much. After all the bills that need to be paid I have a minuscule amount left – I do live below the poverty line and I do live paycheck to paycheck. Each year, I start putting literally one or two dollars aside for Christmas, starting in April. As many of you know, due to my frequent half-joking whinges, on a typical day I will eat 4 pieces of plain toast and 2.5 potatoes worth of hot chips; which for some reason are cheaper than unwashed potatoes from a grocers.

At this stage one could well ask; “How do you have an iPhone?” – the answer is my mother. She also lives paycheck to paycheck, sadly, however she has done her best to give me a means of making money. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t even have a mobile phone, let alone an iPhone.

I know that many others live like me and this is not intended to gain anyone’s pity; it is to try and impress upon donors exactly what your contributions have meant for me personally, even when many of you have commented in the attached note that you are sorry you can’t give more than $5.

I’d like to explain to you in a very clear way what each donation means;

$2.50 - This is two packets of instant pasta, NICE pasta, not spaghetti with salt. It has nothing to do with potatoes.

$5 - 6 cups of noodles/a large block of cheese/a huge homebrand lasagna/two loaves of bread/two 2L bottles of milk/butter and a spread/a pack of gummy bears and a tube of toothepaste/”female necessities” – and much more besides, but that gives you a decent idea, I think.

$10 – A HUGE meal of spaghetti, sauce and mince meat/three homebrand pizzas/deodorant and shampoo/2 large meals of fish/2 cartons of free range eggs, enough for 4 large omelets/bread and a medium cheese/milk, chocolate powder and crackers/2L orange juice and a large meals worth of chicken – again, more besides, but you get the gist.

$20 – Spent wisely, this is three days worth of fairly solid food none of which involves potatoes.

$50 – This I am specifically mentioning for this morning’s donor – this is one week in which I am guaranteed what I like to call “People Food” every single day and that for at least 5 of those days I will be able to eat three times. While the food may not be as glamorous as what many enjoy, to me it is wonderful. I currently spend a large portion of each day being quite hungry and waiting, putting off my next meal, because I’m constantly afraid of running out of food. Even when I do work for others, I frequently have to put all of that money on bills that have large debts against them – debts that will be paid off if I continue to work for it – but that means not keeping any of that money for food.

I am not good at expressing this sort of thing. I ramble because I’m awkward. Being poor has a LOT of stigma attached to it; the majority of people see you as lazy or stupid or as someone who simply expects a handout – and I don’t see myself as any one of those things – I think I’m a young woman stuck in a very difficult situation who needs a little bit of understanding. That’s what you guys give me. Understanding. (And money! *Yes, more awkward joking.)

When you donate you are not only improving my day to day quality of life by ensuring I don’t have to eat that god-forsaken vegetable every single night, but you are also improving my state of mind – because when you donate you are saying to me, “I know you aren’t lazy. I get your situation. You aren’t worthless.

That helps me a LOT. It keeps me from just staying in bed all day. It keeps me working at my apps and making money, and I do slowly make more and more money doing this – in time I wont be under the poverty line any more – slowly but surely I am moving towards that point.

However, until that time, the support from everyone; Carlos, posters who leave kind comments, those who recommend Techority to others on the Corona forums – and in particular, today – those of you who have given up some money to help me out.

My life is better since coming over to Corona. That’s why I’m inspired to help the community whenever I can. It continues to get better each day I stay here – and that’s because of all of you.

In closing – I ramble a lot, I’m a very, very awkward person, I may not reply to your kind notes but they always move me – and there have been many times that your generosity, both monetary and otherwise, has moved me to the point of tears. (I’m not talking bawling, OK? Just…. tears. STFU!)

I consider all of you friends and I hope that I can continue to contribute positively to the community, even if I sometimes make posts about douches on Facebook or me crying.

At this stage I’ll admit I am HUGELY conflicted about posting this, however given the emotion that went into it I can’t really afford not to – I want to express these things and I want to thank everyone, and I know if I don’t post it I’ll just go back to wanting to respond to notes but not doing it and such.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read. While I may not thank you personally, or voice my gratitude in any public way, please consider this my personal little note to all of you, including those who might find this site, and me, in the future.

Peach Pellen xx

TL;DRPeach loves the community support. Peach hates potatoes. Peach is a crybaby. Peach really hates potatoes.

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  6 Responses to “Thank You Donors”

  1. 16F – that’s like -8C XD

    I imagine you have a LOT of snow?

  2. Wow, it’s a cold 16° F here in East Texas!!!

  3. I just this moment woke up and noticed I had two donations, one of which was from you :)

    Thanks very much! Really appreciate it (and to the other donor too supposing you check back here sometime) – it makes such a big difference to me, it really does.

    I have to go shower, it’s boiling again today and I can’t respond to my emails until good and clean ^-^;

    Thanks VERY much again,
    Peach :)

  4. Hi Peach, I donated, will donate again real soon!!! Keep up the GOOD work… Thanks!!!

  5. Hey Jayant,

    Thank you for the kind words – I’ve had a few emails today regarding this, none (so far) telling me to stop whinging, so it’s been very uplifting.

    I think many don’t quite understand, but I’m very, very glad of that – the only way to truly understand is to have been in a similar situation at some point and while many have, it would break my heart to think of /everyone/ having gone through it.

    Either way, the understanding is good and the compassion even from those who don’t quite understand is most moving.

    Thanks for the kind words and to those who’ve emailed me as well – I’m off to go and wake up – I am still awkward regarding my little emotional rant, but I feel very positive today.

    Peach :)

  6. Hey Peach,
    Take heart, there is nothing wrong in expressing yourself once in a while. Plus if people cannot take you for what you are, they can never accept you. So you will get a very clear picture of where they stand with you. I am unsure if a lot of people can relate with your story or cost of things in Australia, but there are sad truths of life. Hang in there, keep your head high, you are doing the right thing by making a niche for yourself by making these tutorials, etc. You’re doing it right is the most important bit.


    Jayant C Varma

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