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Hey again guys,

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of their kind wishes, comments and support.

I spent the bulk of today at a local hospital where I was continually prodded, pricked and poked.

It started out fairly badly; a tube was put into the back of my hand, (at my insistence – the tubes that go in the arm have always seemed more intrusive to me,) however the wrong size was (apparently) used and the doctor doing this somehow messed it up; I wasn’t watching him do it, however when he began to clearly panic and my hand felt wet I looked over – somehow he’d started spilling my blood all over the place. It was actually incredibly alarming.

Once this mini ordeal was over there was some good news;

My kidneys are perfect, as are my lungs and my heart seems to be all good as well, at least thus far.

Currently, they cannot say what is wrong with me – I need more tests done and I will be seeing a doctor later in the week when I get more results back.

In the meantime I will be resting a lot but will still try to pop in a few times a day and, if I feel the need to spend some time up and at my desk rather than lying down I will try to make some kind of tutorial; I don’t want to die from boredom!

Although we are still not a whole lot closer to knowing what is actually wrong with me the fact that my kidney function is perfect is a huge deal; it was my biggest concern and while I am still scared about what is happening thus far the news has been very positive.

I hope you will all have a pleasant week and that before too long I can get back to my tutorials, my email support and of course my review of SpriteDeck!

Peach Pellen

Hey everyone,

I will be taking a short break from work, both app making and Techority, for the next week.

As you all know from my constant whining on Twitter and in several of my emails, this past week temperatures where I am located have been hovering at 104F, including overnight, with today reaching 108F. (It feels a lot hotter due to high humidity in my area, frequently sitting at around 90%.)

The lack of comfort and constant crushing feeling associated with being at that temperature at all times becomes overwhelming after 2 or 3 days, let alone a week.

I have had an unrelated medical issue for 3 or so weeks now and these past two or three days it has suddenly worsened with other related issues popping up.

While I am hopeful that this is in fact just my body being unable to tolerate the heat, I do have a compromised immune system and a history of suffering from all kinds of medical issues. (Hell, I had Scarlet Fever as a kid – when I told my teacher that she didn’t believe me and my mother had to write a note, because no one in this day and age gets it in Australia.)

With any luck I can get to a doctor on Monday, as I have no way of getting there myself and even if I did nowhere but the ER is open until then.

Although I will continue to hope that this is some unusual way of reacting to heat, I am afraid I must also be cautious about rest and about not sitting at a desk all day.

As a result I will be delaying my review of SpriteDeck until next week.

I will continue to check in on Techority to view, moderate and reply to comments a few times a day as I can do this from my iPhone. (I intend to attempt bed rest as it seems the most sensible course of action while waiting for proper help.)

I will check and attempt to respond to emails as always, however I must request that you please refrain from emailing me any project files as I naturally can’t view them on my iPhone.

If you require urgent help, and I know that sometimes it is urgent – even if you just feel frustrated to tears and have a problem you can’t get your head around – do write to me. Just be patient if it takes longer than usual to respond.

Chatty emails are fine, general questions are fine, Techority 48 Hour Challenge stuff is fine – just please don’t email me as a first resort; Google it first, search the forums, etc. Then, if you still need help and can’t get answers elsewhere, that’s OK. (You know normally I don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind as such now – it’s just I don’t want you waiting for a reply for a week.)

In closing;

I’m sure I’m probably fine and whatever this is it will be treatable and fixable and not some huge issue. I simply want to do whatever I can right now to ensure I’m well rested and if this is something my body needs to fight off I give it a helping hand as with the compromised immune system it can be very difficult to get rid of even basic things, like a common cold.

On the off chance it is something serious, which I’m sure it probably wont be, I will not be abandoning Techority, or any of you – the tutorials and email support will continue even if I end up taking more days off than I have been lately and the 48 Hour Challenge will go ahead exactly as planned.

I’d just like to stress that although there is very clearly something wrong with me, with all the weird problems I’ve had, it is likely something I’ll be rid of in a week and laugh off.

Until then, I want to extend another thank you to those of you who have donated money to me over this past little while. I have a lot of good food in the house right now as well as juice and milk – with your help my immune system will get a boost it could have no hope of achieving from potato.

Thank you to everyone and my apologies; I know this week has not been good in terms of new tutorials. I ask that you bare with me and as soon as I feel up to it I will write something new for you and, when able, continue on with Corona For Newbies Part 3.

Peach Pellen

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  15 Responses to “A Brief Hiatus”

  1. Hey Chuck,

    Wow, that was fast; with the day I had yesterday (very busy with doctors and such) I actually didn’t see the donation until just now – a great way to wake up, thank you :D

    I look forward to reading your email; I’m always interested in how people find my site, get into Corona/apps and really just all about members of the community in general :)

    Peach :)

  2. Donation processed! I also am sending you an email with some info on me and my Corona goals, in case you are bored and curious how a stranger like me stumbled across your site! Thanks Peach ;)

    Chuck E

  3. Hey Chuck,

    That’s fine – I have a lot of time to respond to comments these days, just not as much to write code >.< ‘ Regarding the slingshot thing I actually have very little experience with that kind of thing but I’m sure I can put something simple together; when will depend on what the doctor says tomorrow – I might be allowed less bed rest, in which case I might look into it next week, even :)

    As to a donation, see what happens; I wont hold you to it either way but certainly, I do appreciate all donations – especially right now when I’m feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself.

    Thanks again for the kind words; back to playing Graal Era on my iPhone XD

    Peach :)

  4. Hi Peach,

    Thanks for the reply! I did try Ghosts vs Monsters, but am getting overwhelmed with breaking down the code. I really mean it when I say you have a talent for explaining Corona :) I look forward to my payday on Friday so I can make my first donation and really show my appreciation! Your efforts are really saving me time…

    Anyways about this angry birds type slingshot, just the code to make “peach.png” get catapulted across the screen should do it. I know it will involve math based on the x/y coordinates the image touch event gets released at, but I haven’t a clue on how to make it actually work where the trajectory and speed of the image being shot across the screen is determined by the coodinates of the release compared to the original starting point. Just a basic “slingshot” really!

    Thanks and Friday’s dinner is on me! ;)

    Chuck E

  5. Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the kind words and I’m thrilled that you’ve been enjoying my tutorials.

    Regarding the screenshot, have you downloaded Ghosts VS Monsters? It can be downloaded on the Corona website and is EXACTLY like Angry Birds; it was created by the fabulous Jon and Biffy Beebe, so you know it’s good ;)

    It isn’t at all stupid, I assure you – but take a look at that, I think it’s what you’re looking for :)

    Thanks again – luckily the weather is cooler this week and I’m getting some much needed rest!

    Peach :)

  6. Hi Peach,
    I’m trying to learn Corona and found your tutorials and information. Thank you!!! I really hope you start to feel better soon and wish for the best..

    If you do need something to make a tutorial on, I would love to see how to make a basic slingshot type action in Corona. Similar to the launching of Angry Birds, I’m so confused I can’t figure out from the Pool demo how to make this work! If this is stupid please ignore my request and accept my apologies… First and foremost, I hope you feel better soon. I live in Phoenix, AZ so I know about 110 degree temps, but I can’t imagine adding the humidity as well :(


  7. Hey Chris,
    I have had Glandular Fever, it is most unpleasant – I certainly hope you don’t have the aforementioned C and will certainly be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    I was lucky enough to have that more or less ruled out, instead it appears I have a vascular system disease – it will be confirmed (or not, if I’m lucky) this week, we hope.
    Hang in there, hope we’re both much better soon :)

  8. I hope your well soon Peach. I just went through a similar illness up here on the gold coast. Have since found out that it could have been Glandular fever..
    Culminated after a few months of feeling really run down and baad in very high 42C temps for a few days, having a really big dose of antibiotics got rid of those symptoms. But a week later now I’ve been given a big slammer.. I’m going in tomorrow for more tests for the possible big C..
    So I hope I’ll be seeing you well soon.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me too :)

  9. Thanks Aulia, I’m seeing another doctor in the morning and am hoping soon I’ll be back online a LOT more often :)

  10. get well soon, Peach.. ;)

  11. Hey Lococo :)

    Thanks for the kind wishes; honestly I’m sure it will be fine and then I’ll laugh about it as you said. The most annoying part of this is the bed rest. (Originally my own idea, however I’ve now been told to stick with it so I don’t really have a say in the matter any more.)

    I actually said to someone the other day I wanted to buy a generator when I could – this city has very old infrastructure in terms of power and it really isn’t equipped to handle how many people have moved here in the last decade.

    Luckily the weather is a bit cooler tonight, I’d die lying in bed at 104F+!

    I will be back around as soon as I’m well and allowed to sit at my desk for any extended period of time and I’ll review SpriteDeck, work on Corona For Newbies part 3 and do a new tutorial I’ve been planning for awhile; a video covering making a basic game with directional arrows, a scrolling background, collision and more!

    I’m glad I have apps to play or I’d be bored stupid XD

    Peach :)

  12. Sorry I didn’t see this page until now … I hope you’re starting to feel better, Peach. I’m sure everything will work out just fine like you said (things usually do), and you’ll be laughing about it soon enough. Hopefully by this time next year you’ll have made enough money from apps -n- stuff to buy your own island where it’s never too cool or too hot. :) OK so maybe not an island, but perhaps a nice air conditioner and a power generator to run it when the electricity goes out. ;-)

  13. Oh my, I’m so sorry for your illness. I do hope you get to feeling better real soon. I also hope the heat is the problem & nothing else. You do work too much :) :), so take it easy & I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

  14. Hi Peach,

    I wish you fast recovery and that it is nothing serious. Take it easy and give your body the time it needs to rest. Nothing is more important than your health.

    Best wishes
    Michael Hartlef

  15. Oh no! Feel better!

    The corona-verse misses you already – especially newbs like me.

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