Feb 142011

A video of the dog that has been visiting her a lot lately and me. (Yes, a real live video of me.)

To be fair, I wasn’t actually aware that I being filmed; I thought that a few photos were being taken (as this was shot on a digital camera) and so I didn’t object. However, I think it’s actually a good looking video – even if it is shot a little like a romantic scene, with music to match. Lol.

I should say in my defense too that I don’t usually look as bad as I do in this video; it’s because I’m sick, weak and yeah, a bit washed out due to the meds. (Meds for the symptoms, that is – which are still worth it. They make me feel like hell but they are working as they’re supposed to and have provided some relief.)

So, without further adieu, the only video of me on all of the internet; Enjoy!

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  2 Responses to “A Furry Visitor”

  1. It isn’t actually our dog so we can’t exactly name her, but we’ve been calling her “Minnie” because originally I was referring to her as “My Minion”.

    I noticed that I looked younger, too, actually; I think perhaps because I’m pale and a bit sickly looking – I never wear any makeup but it’s not so obvious, in this it’s very clear, lol.

  2. That’s so sweet!!! The little dog seems to be enjoying the love. What did you name him/her??? You look younger here in the video than you do on your blog photo.

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