Feb 272011

Are you interested in buying some affordable Corona templates?

For a long time now I’ve had one template (a soundboard) up for sale, however I have decide to further expand on that now as had been the plan for awhile.

I have just added a second template for creating a quiz type app, along with a link to an example of how it could be used.

You can check these out at http://buypremadeapps.com/ which also has a button in the right sidebar.

Sadly due to a few bad apples choosing to donate only $1 when the honor/donation system was in place previously, I have had to set fixed prices – however I think you will find these very reasonable when compared to the cost of other templates available to developers. An Xcode template typically costs at least $220 while most GameSalad templates I’ve seen cost at least $40. The most expensive template I have up currently is priced at $25.

There is another benefit to the community in my charging fixed prices; most of you paid this amount anyway, if not more, using the donation system and as I start focusing more on ways I can make a little extra money while still helping the community, (like by providing affordable templates not available elsewhere,) this will allow me to begin devoting more time to Techority.

You will also notice as of the 1st of March that my donation button (also in the right sidebar) will change; it will still be there, but it will be accompanied by a target and a graph showing donation progress.

At the end of the day I’d love to just help the community for free, hand out free templates every week and post new tutorials at least once a day – however given my present financial situation I feel it would be beneficial for me to focus on the financial aspects of running a site like this just a tad more.

SO! Rest assured, quality, free help will still be provided – more and more as my health improves – however there will now be a target for donations and I will be running my app template website quietly on the side.

I know this might seem a bit selfish right now but in reality it helps everyone; there is still no pressure to donate, nothing bad is going to happen if the target isn’t reached – it’s just that I am more interested in being deeply involved with Corona Community work than I am in making my own apps most of the time, it’s certainly more important to me, and if this all goes well and I can meet my targets and sell some templates then there’s a chance that sometime in the future I might be able to make the community side of things what I do almost full time, with commercial apps as a side project, rather than the other way around.

Peach Pellen :)

PS – Please consider bookmarking the site and checking back in regularly, I plan on posting new templates quite often and already have a side scrolling shooter template planned for sometime in the coming days. (It involves Facebook posting, spritesheets and Openfeint!)

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