Feb 282011

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many Techority newsletters, posted sporadically, over time.

I feel like all “proper” websites need to have some kind of newsletter and that this made a whole lot more sense than saying, “Hey, app developers, give me your email addresses and let me send you a newsletter whenever I want, whether you like it or not!”

So, today I’ll be wrapping up February in a few short paragraphs below, including what I hope to make a regular feature called “Ask Peach”, which will be explained in a moment.

Without further adieu, happy end-of-February, welcome to March and enjoy the first ever Techority newsletter!

Site Changes

As some of you may have noticed, the site has changed slightly this week.

  • There is now an eye grabbing icon (made using Biffy Beebe’s fantastic icon pack!) for my Corona template website in the right sidebar
  • There is a Facebook box below this, where you can like Techority on Facebook! (Do it, do it now!)
  • At the end of every post you will now notice that while you still have the ability to share using the old features, there is also a “like” button. It takes two seconds to click it and it will help me work out what kind of posts appeal to the most people so I can better cater to your needs. Please use it.
  • The donation button has been replaced with a button and progress bar

Plans For March

For March I am planning to write a number of new tutorials however those I feel are most important are;

  • Corona for newbies – part 3
  • An updated Facebook tutorial as the old one has caused some people grief
  • Dragging objects
  • Using a simple sprite

General News

The Techority 48 Hour Challenge has just drawn to a close with the final entry being submitted just before the clock hit midnight; great job guys!

I have not yet had time to start looking at entries, however they have been uploaded to a private Dropbox folder for distribution amongst the judges and we anticipate results to be posted next weekend, however I ask for your patience if we require a little longer as we naturally don’t want to rush the process. (Also, some extra time for bribes wouldn’t hurt!)

Seriously though, well done to all of those who participated, even those who had to withdraw. 48 hours of writing code is a long time and the demands of work, family and the human requirement for sleeps can make it just too hard sometimes.

Rest assured, I do hope to make this an annual event!

Ask Peach

This is a section I hope to regularly include in all newsletters, covering basic questions I get asked about developing iPhone apps by those who email me or comment on Techority. Many of these questions are asked frequently so I think many of you, especially the newbies, will appreciate this.

How do I use a splash screen in Corona?

I get asked this 4 or 5 times a week, yet it’s surprisingly easy. Make an image the same size as your background, save it as Default.png (you must capitalize the “D”) and place it in your project folder. When you compile the app and run it on your iPhone, you will see your splash screen!

How do I make my icon work?

Just like above, it’s very simple – create an icon sized 57 x 57 (for the iPhone, the iPad is larger at 72 x 72)  and save it as Icon.png in your project folder. Don’t forget the caps!

Why isn’t my icon working in iTunes?

It never does, it shows the development icon instead. Ignore that, so long as when you put your app onto your iPhone you see the correct icon then everything is working fine.

How can I make the name of my app shorter on the iPhone?

When building your app you have an option to name it; this is where you write the name you want to show up on your iPhone. People often write to me worried Apple will reject their app because the binary they are uploading has a different name – they wont. I do this with over 80% of my apps and have never once had any issues.

How do I give my app’s icon that glossy light effect?

This was a mystery to me until recently, when I began loathing that effect and wished to remove it.

Open build.settings in your application project folder and put this line;

UIPrerenderedIcon = <span style="color: #0000ff;">false</span>

into your iphone plist code. True will give you no gloss, whereas false, or leaving the line out entirely, will give you the gloss/light effect.

Personal/Misc News

I’d like to take a moment to thank those of you have bought a template thus far; some people have been confused about not receiving emails – this is because Paypal forwards you to the download page after payment. Rest assured if you close the window or have any issues you can email me and I’ll simply send you a new download link – as you know I’m rarely away from my email.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has donated this month, when people donate it is a huge deal to me as it both improves my day to day life and it validates me. What I do here is a labor of love, but love isn’t going to buy me food that isn’t potato – I’d make a prostitution joke here but perhaps not, after all many Corona SDK users are rather significantly underage. ^-^;

I would also like to thank all of you for your concern and kind words regarding my recent health difficulties. I am unwell however I am confident that I can manage fine so long as I continue to rest as much as possible and stay positive.

Next, I will be away from the 3rd of March until the 8th as my family has arranged for me to come for a visit, having not seen them in almost 2 years now. Over that period I will be regularly checking my email if anyone needs anything and, depending on how much time I have to myself while my sisters are busy and my mother at work, I will attempt to write at least one tutorial – possibly even part 3 of Corona for newbies, which I know you’ve all been very patient about. (I’m going to be one of those nerdy people writing code on a plane!)

Lastly, regarding the new donation bar, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to donate. Nothing has changed beyond the fact that I am now more actively trying to make it financially feasible to make Techority more of a full-time thing sometime in the future. This is why I’m selling templates as well; the more money I can make from doing things for the community, the more time I can devote it. As it stands I make apps and Techority and the Corona Community are much loved side projects I’m passionate about. I hope that no one feels offended by the presence of either the bar or my large, obvious template advertisement!

And that’s the news for February!

Thanks for reading and I hope that this was interesting or useful to at least some of you and that by now you have liked Techority on Facebook so as not to disappoint me. (I’m teasing. No one has to like it if they don’t want to – I just feel more “official” having a page.)

Enjoy your evening and those of you who took part in the Techority 48 Hour Challenge, get some rest!

Peach :)

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  2 Responses to “Techority Newsletter – February 2011”

  1. Hey Bryan, you’ve been sent a link now.

    I don’t understand quite what is happening; four people have you bought templates and two (including you) were not forwarded, while the other two were.

    As a result, as mentioned in my email to you, next week I’ll be getting it sorted out so that people receive an email with a download link/file.

    Apologies again; as good as I am with app stuff, I’m terrible at web stuff ;)


  2. I never got redirected to the download link after purchasing a template.

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