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Here’s what Techority has planned for April!
This year Easter is later than it typically is; April 24th to be exact. However, I’d still like to wish everyone a happy Easter while I have your attention!
I have already decided to set aside $4 from donations this month to get a bag of plain Cadbury milk eggs – I only ever eat a very small amount of chocolate at a time so they’ll last me ages and be a nice treat :)
Anywho, without further adieu, here is the news for April;

Site Changes
There have been some very minor changes to Techority of late;

•    The donation bar has been removed; it had been throwing off errors from time to time and several people told me it did not display correctly in their browsers.
•    Comments have been updated! You can now choose to subscribe to follow up comments. (You can easily unsubscribe with a single click, too)

Plans For April
For April I hope to write several useful iPhone app tutorials, however the ones I think you’ll be most interested in are;
•    Corona for newbies – part 4
•    Saving and loading data
•    Saving and loading data – practical use (locking and unlocking levels)
•    A proper review of Ansca’s Corona SDK (and about time too!)
•    Using a simple sprite

I know I planned a sprite sheet last month however I was unable to write it in time, so as you can see I now hope to write that tutorial this month.

General News
It seems that come mid July there will be a Corona gathering in Sydney! (Read here)

I know this wont effect a lot of you but I’m very, very keen on it – to the extent I’m willing to venture out of my cave and actually see people; something I don’t do often at all.

I hope that the few of you I know live around Australia might attend – and that those of you who don’t might donate a few bucks between now and then ;) (I’d really like to buy a Tshirt or two without holes in them; it’s not a good look for going out in public, I must say!)

Ask Peach

Here’s a few questions I was asked this month;

How many iPhone apps do you have on the store? How come I never see you promoting them?
I get asked this, or variations of this, a LOT. I have more than 20 apps up, almost all of which have been made using the Corona SDK. The reason I don’t often promote them is because they aren’t spectacular; when I promote an iPhone app I’ve made I want it to impress you guys – I don’t want you to download it and think, “Geeze, I’ve been taking advice from a moron!”

That said, I do have an app waiting on approval – when it’s up I’ll share some promo codes. It isn’t amazing but it’s still a nice little app overall.

I am using Director and my variables only work in scenes/screens they’re originally defined on. Is it a bug?
This seems to be a very common problem but luckily it takes all of two seconds to fix. Say you let your user turn sound on and off on the main menu using sound = true or sound = false – and you later attempt to say “if sound = false then …” – all you want to do is replace sound with _G.sound – that’s it! This states that “sound” is a global attribute and it will now be accessible from any scene/screen in your iPhone application.

I don’t understand how to see where my errors are.
It’s not exactly a question, but I see variations of this all the time – a lot of new users don’t realise that when they launch Corona, rather than clicking on the actual application, they want to launch it via Corona Terminal, which can be found in the Corona folder in Applications. This will print your errors and tell you what line they are on.

Where can I get free graphics for my app?
If you want totally free graphics that don’t require you credit the creator you can pick some up at http://openclipart.org – it’s got a bunch of great images and regularly adds more.

*I know this sounds like an ad, but it’s not – I genuinely love that site.

Personal/Misc News

Thanks to the number of donations and template sales this past month I have noticed an improvement to my general health. I have been eating better a lot of the time and on several days have eaten three meals and even had the money for some chocolate milk after a visit to the dentist! (I had to have a filling done near the front of my mouth, it was only tiny but due to the location my face was entirely numb and I couldn’t eat for around 8 hours instead of four, so the milk was great. I was starving!)

I have recently set aside a small amount of time to do some work on an app I think is really awesome – and with my new BFF, Biffy Beebe, helping me out with some of the artwork I think I’m finally going to try for App of the Week!

It seems odd that as someone who spends so much time teaching others how to do things, I rarely do them myself – at least in any truly constructive way.

And that’s the April newsletter!

Thanks for taking the time to have a read and if you haven’t yet, check out Techority on Facebook using the box on the right!

I look forward to providing help and support to many more of you this month and writing some tutorials that will truly improve not only your Corona experience but also the quality and enjoyability of your apps.

Peach Pellen :)

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  5 Responses to “Techority Newsletter – April 2011”

  1. Hey Brian,

    Love the artwork on your site! Very nice stuff :)

    I see from the donation that the tutorial helped you; I’m thrilled.

    Thank you very much for that; donations and kind words are both wonderful and you did both :D

    Peach :)

  2. Sounds like a busy month! I can’t wait to read the saving and loading data tutorials.

  3. Thanks Complication :P

    Perhaps soon you’ll be able to rename yourself “The Solution” ^-^;

  4. I for one am excited about April for Techority. Heres looking forward to learning a lot!
    The Complication

  5. 8 likes? I think that’s the best yet :3

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