Apr 022011

Introducing Pocket Pet Rock!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, Pocket Pet Rock is a fairly simple little app but still a bit of fun – plus, it, or should I say “he”, (yes, the rock is male,) shows how I first implemented the saving and loading of data.

Now, I know that the app wont win any awards and it isn’t likely to entertain many of you over 12 – but I’m sharing it anyway as people keep asking me about my apps and this one seems most appropriate as I’ll be teaching you guys about saving and loading data for your iPhone app sometime this month.

Below are a handful of promo codes – reviews are appreciate but not required;


I hope you’ll enjoy having a little play around with it, even if it is only entertaining for a short time. (As I said, it’s really more aimed at kids.)

In the not too distant future when the app I am now working on is complete then I will be sharing promos for that too – I strongly believe it will be the best app I have ever made and have good, solid entertainment value.

Peach Pellen :)

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  6 Responses to “Pocket Pet Rock”

  1. Hey again PB,

    Sorry, I didn’t see that second comment waiting for approval until just now.

    I like the idea of tying achievements/reward items into the app – thank you for the suggestion :) I will definitely consider it as I previously wasn’t sure how to include OpenFenit ^-^;

    Peach :)

  2. Hey PB,

    Thanks very much, I’ll read it when I’m up – time for bed now, it’s almost 10 AM!

    Thanks too RE the other project, I hope so too but really I’ll just be happy to have a game out I think it really, really good ^-^;

    Peach :)

  3. A few more clothing items o something would be sweet… Not sure if you want to lock them in with other achievements – ie get the magicians hat + eyes = you get a wand or can do a trick or something like that…

  4. Hi Peach,

    Having a play with it and left a review. Good luck with your other project – hope it makes you a bundle.


  5. Hey :)

    I am actually thinking I’ll likely update it when I have time to add mouths and accessories as well as one or two more games, so at that point perhaps visible timers (probably a clock face) and increased difficulty is a good idea. (I may also add power-ups in the monkey game and make the monkey game locked, meaning you have to get some coins from the target one to buy it.)

    Glad you weren’t appalled, anyway :P

    Peach :)

  6. I love the concept of mini-games to get money to buy stuff for your Mr. PetRock. I would add a timer of some sort so you know when you’re near the end of the mini-game and maybe speeding up as the timer approches zero. :)

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