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Over the past six months Techority has been a great way to help the Corona community with tutorials, resources, tools and of course email support.

In total I have spent almost 1,000 hours on the above tasks – all in the name of community and, of course, my desire to see Corona attract new members. (I genuinely believe it is the SDK of the future.)

In this time many wonderful people have donated – and many more who could not afford to donate have offered sincere thanks, kind words and support of a different kind – which is no less valuable to me; however for every one person who does either of these things there are literally hundreds who do not.

At the end of the day I’d love nothing more than to continue to devote hours every day to working to make the Corona community better, to help everyone with all their problems and to teach newbies the ropes – but this is not realistic of me.

I cannot afford to spend SO much time on the aforementioned duties – not when my return per hour is less than $1.

I think that what really brought this home was the fact that I spent hours trying to get the last tutorial perfect for everyone, easy to understand, easy to change, well commented, etc. – SO many people had requested it – and yet, after more than 200 downloads and several emails seeking guidance on using it, not a single person donated.

I didn’t expect to wake up to an overflowing Paypal account – but given this was the most requested tutorial I have ever written, I did expect at least one or two people would donate.

Donations are not only about money, (I’d have been happy with one or two $5 contributions,) but they are about your work being recognised – of over 200 people who now have this tutorial, which I could have sold as a template, less than ten people even expressed thanks or tweeted/facebooked the link.

Now – this post is NOT to solicit donations; nor is to make those of you who can’t afford to donate feel bad.

If you have ever donated to me or expressed appreciation for what I do then I have no problem with you and greatly appreciate your support – it is those who take, take, take and never once consider the amount of work it takes to help so many people that have gotten me to this point.

So – in the near future, Techority will be changing.

I want you guys to have a say in what happens next – so below are basic outlines of various different directions in which Techority could go. If you have an opinion on any of them, think one works the best, have another suggestion, etc. – then I want to hear about it.

Option 1

Techority becomes a membership site, costing somewhere in the region of $5 to $10 per month for access to.

In this event the Corona For Newbies mini series would remain accessible for free in order to help attract (and keep) new converts to the Corona SDK.

Option 2

Techority leaves old content accessible to everyone for free while limiting new content to paid members only at similar rates to those above.

(New additions to Corona For Newbies would be made free for the reasons previously stated.)

Option 3

All newbie tutorials remain free, from Corona For Newbies to other basic tutorials, such as adding buttons that change when touch is on them, wrapping you app’s screen, playing sounds, etc. while everything beyond that is “Premium” and costs a monthly fee, as above.

Option 4

Limited free tutorials for helping to attract and guide new Corona users, while all other tutorials cost a flat rate of something like $1 to $5 (depending on the tutorial) to access. (Permanent access.)

Option 5

Techority lets the newest handful of tutorials be viewed for free while all previous content requires a subscription to the “archive”. (Again, CFN would remain free and readily available.)

Option 6

Tutorials for donations – this model would be different to now in the sense that new tutorials would only be posted for every $X made in donations. For example every time I made $20 (just an example), either in one donation or spread over a few, I’d post a new tutorial.

Option 7

CPALead – I know many hate those ads, myself included – but a gateway requiring a person to complete an offer for access for 7 days, or the like. Although this could be problematic for those of you who have changing IPs or use multiple computers.

This is pretty much every option I can think of – I want to keep helping people and I love the Corona community; every time someone joins or sticks with it because of me I feel very proud – I just can’t afford to continue donating hours upon hours of time when donations are so scarce – not when I need to be making at least some money to support myself. That time would be better spent on my own apps right now.

I want to help you, all of you – I just can’t realistically keep doing it in this way.

Please give me your opinions; I value them and I need them to keep Techority a great place to learn new things.

Lastly – although it will likely be a month or two before this goes ahead, when it does, every single person who has donated will have their contributions taken into account; if Techority charges a monthly fee (for membership, archive access, etc.) then if you have donated before today you will receive twice that donation’s value in paid time. (Eg, if membership was $5 per month and you had donated $10 you would get four free months.)

I hope that everyone can understand where I am coming from and that this doesn’t end with people thinking I am a horrible person for not continuing to devote so many hours to the community for free.

Oh – and those of you cannot afford membership, genuinely can’t afford it, (and I know that could be the case even at $5 a month – as that is my situation right now too,) you can get in touch with me once things start up and I will give you free access for awhile.

I hope you will offer your opinions here, via email, Facebook, Twitter or the Corona forums – I genuinely want to keep Techority thriving and able to help as many people as possible.

Peach Pellen

  18 Responses to “The Future Of Techority”

  1. Dear Peach,
    I’m a new Corona Developer. What initially brought me to your site were your templates. I only discovered your tutorials afterward. Your work has made my life, hurdling problems, with your solutions so much easier. You are appreciated and I sincerely thank you,
    all the best in 2012,
    Michael Lake

    • Hey Michael,

      Ah yes, the templates – they did not exist when this post was written. I appreciate your kind words and appreciation :)

      These days I am very fulfilled in what I do; this post was at a time I was, unfortunately, a little taken for granted. (Since then the community is growing and is very supportive of each other, myself included, so all is well.)

      Best for 2012!

  2. Hello Peach!

    I`ve found your website because I am “studying Corona” right now (since 1 week only) and would like to give you a BIG THANK YOU! :) You are a very good “teacher” and have beautiful explanation about the thing (I am refering about your tutorials for newbies like me).

    So, I believe that option 1 would be the easiest way to go and a fair way also. I know I just “arrived” here, but definitively you are good in what you are doing – SO – you deserve it!

    Good Bless you!
    Many Thanks and I am “following” your “classes”! :)

    Rodrigo Costa.

  3. An easy way of doing this would be to do something like;

    function moveRect (event)
    transition.to(myRect, {time=1000, x = 480, onComplete = function() transition.to(myRect, {time=1000, x=0}) end })
    timer.performWithDelay(2000, moveRect, 0)

    I’m half asleep so that may have errors, but it’s a rough idea of one of the easier ways to do it :)


  4. Look forward to the new tutorials!

    I’m trying to make a rectangle go from left to right and back again, over and over again.

    I’m messing with the transition to, etc – I cannot figure it out! bah.

  5. I would pay for this information. There is a HUGE gap in information right now. I am just about to hit 1 month on my trial on Corona SDK with zero programming experience and just getting information I can understand is a pain in my ass.

    If there was enough information, $10 a month would be fair.

    I think you shouldn’t short yourself, and really if you are going to go “all in” it’s worth a gamble I think.

    I live in the US and I am married, and we are both well into the 6 figure range so I just pay for things due to the easiness of it. People sit here and spend hours and hours and hours searching for something for free, I’m like if it does what I want when I want it, I’ll pay for it.

    btw, I tried to donate, but my paypal went stupid. I tried to buy an ebook earlier and it’s rejecting my card.

    I promise you though, I will donate to you soon as I square this away. Your noobie tutorials really helped me out, and I think it’s the least I can do.


    • Hey Nick,

      Really appreciate the kind words – and congrats on both being in a high income bracket ;) I hope to be there one day, but only to save up enough to get into the US on an entrepreneurial thing ^-^;

      No worries re Paypal, you get to donate in the future, awesome – you don’t, then that’s fine too. It really isn’t about the money; this post was made at a time a lot of people were taking things for granted and I was being treated somewhat like a doormat by a few – but these days it’s much better.

      Got a new newbie tutorial planned for this week, keep an eye out :)


  6. I think Option 1 or 2 sound good, Peach. I just found you a few days ago but I can tell you’ve been at this for awhile. You deserve to be able to eat. LOL Good luck!

  7. Hey Complication :)

    No, no, no! I wasn’t at all offended; I didn’t agree about people not paying for things they can get for free, but that doesn’t matter anyway as Techority wouldn’t ever charge for stuff that’s freely available.

    I was most just making an observation about you know, the whole internet marketing thing.

    Sorry if this is badly worded! (Can you tell I just woke up?)

    Anyway, certainly not offended at all; sorry if it came across that way.

    Peach :)

  8. Peach,
    I hope you didnt take offense to anything I said, it was just my opinion, since you were asking. :)
    If you do decide to charge at some point, I would have no problem paying 5 a month. And once I actually get the developing train in motion for my app, I will donate to you, since getting the train going is going to be a byproduct of your tutorials.
    I do have an idea for a template, I will shoot you an email.
    Thanks again!

  9. Hey Complication,

    If the site were a paid site, say at $5 a month, I’d want to put out between 4 and 8 tutorials per month; which is certainly reasonable IMHO.

    Regarding not expecting people to pay for things they can get for free – I actually used to be in internet marketing, for years. I know for a fact people WILL pay for things they can get for free if it is handled in the right way – that said, I would never do that with Techority. It’s just not me.

    The reality is I don’t need to, either. I have tutorials that are not available anywhere else at this time and I continue to make new ones and update old ones when things change. Techority can teach someone who has never coded to create a full game in under two months, under one if they aren’t working or only work part time, easily.

    As to custom tutorials, I’ve considered it. If you have a desired tutorial shoot me an email and we’ll see :) I can’t write about everything but if I feel I could do it justice I’d be more than happy to discuss it.

    Anyway – at the end of the day, Techority will not be going paid for the near future.

    I’m about to write a post regarding that; stay tuned ;)


  10. Peach,
    I understand your issues, and I have been a benefactor of your tutorials. However, if I were to pay for it, I would expect a certain level of output from you. Is that something you think you would be willing to meet? I think you could, but you may have to think about that. It does not seem like you have a business idea in mind for putting out a certain amount of product that people will pay for. Just don’t ever expect for people to put money towards anything that they can get for free. Especially on the internet.
    One idea for you; would you be willing to custom create tutorials, or something similar? I would gladly pay you, if you could help me obtain what I am after. I am not asking you to write my program for me, but if I could shoot you emails, or ask you to design me a certain tutorial, I would gladly pay you. Sort of like your template idea, only think *Custom*
    Lemme know what you think. Again thanks for your hard work. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know the tad bit of Corona I already do.
    -The Complication

  11. Hey guys,

    Thanks to those of you who donated; most appreciated. It wasn’t my intention with this post to solicit but I do appreciate it. (Also the many lovely emails I’ve had.)

    Ultimately at this stage I’m trying to work out where I’m headed; it’s a difficult balancing act as I want to do the best I can for the community but I also have to get by.

    We’ll see what happens over the coming days and maybe weeks and will get to a point where we can all be happy with the outcome.

    PB, ultimately even if I don’t update often or take some time off (like during my brief hiatus while especially ill) I still get all the emails and I can’t simply ignore people asking for help – so that does take up a lot of time, inspired or not, haha.

    We’ll see. I am feeling more positive about my options at the moment and am working to try and find a way to make Techority better for everyone – we’ll get there!

    Peach :)

  12. I think that Option 2 could work. It really depends on where your heart and how inspired you are felling.

    It might be better to take a short break and focus on apps and try and get some other income going and then write from inspiration rather than because you “have to have an update.”

    A working donate button is always a bonus :-)


  13. I’ll go with option 1 too, maybe releasing a free tutorial from time to time to keep things renewed a little.

    It’s just an idea…

  14. Option 1 or 4
    I think you should change over to this layout and begin to profit more on your hard work.
    I enjoy your hard work and I think you are doing a truly great thing for the whole community.
    I also think that you should upload more templates. I am not sure if that is proving to me worthwhile but It’s very cool and lets people see how complete apps/games are done, I come from a design background and seeing the whole working application is huge!

    Thanks for all your hard work, I will subscribe from day one.


  15. Hi Ben,

    I appreciate the comment and I’m really glad that you have been enjoying the site.

    I am looking at all my options and mulling several things over – I really want to make sure I can continue to provide the best possible help, in particular for newcomers, without putting anyone out if I can help it.

    Any action is still a bit off as I do need time to work it all out; I don’t want anyone to miss out. (Including me.)

    I hope that if a subscription system is what happens you will indeed sign up :)

    That said, I am still looking into alternatives – we’ll see.

    Peach :)

  16. Hello Peach,

    I just found your site a couple of days ago and find it very helpful. I would definitely go with Option 1 if you have a fairly big membership, bearing in mind this is a niche but a niche that can have vast potential.

    I would definitely subscribe to it as the tutorials I have looked at so far have been excellent. I am positive even someone with no programming experience at all would benefit from your lessons, the trick is to get them to the site in the first place.

    I will be looking forward to the membership starting as you truly deserve some reward for your efforts and I hope it is a big success.

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