Apr 072011

Techority will remain free for the foreseeable future.

After my last post concerning the future of Techority I have had a MOUNTAIN of emails from so many people, many of whom are regular readers who I had never previously encountered.

At the end of the day I want Techority to remain free, I do – but it wasn’t able to do so when relying solely on donations to keep going.

So, while there will be some changes, I can guarantee that Techority will remain a free website for at least the remainder of 2011.

During this time I will still be requesting donations if my tutorials have helped you out; and I hope they will.

However, in order to keep the site free I am going to be taking a more balanced approach to my Corona related activities.

The two main changes you can expect to see over the coming week;

Email Support

I will no longer spend several hours every day conducting email support for Corona for free. Ultimately as much as I enjoy the feeling I get from solving people’s problems for them or working with them to help them find solutions on their own it just isn’t practical.

So from now on rather than emailing me your project and asking me to eliminate the errors from your code you can either use Ansca Premium Corona Support or you will be able to contact me for email support at a set hourly rate. (I’ll be setting up a page in a few days with rates, contact details, hours, etc.)

While I know those of you who have been receiving a lot of free support may not be happy about this it is part one or a two part system that I hope will able to keep Techority free permanently and allow me the time and money to make more tutorials because I wont be relying as heavily on donations.

Corona Training

Either via email or Skype (text or voice) I will be, as of next week, providing Corona training for newbies.

This is something many have previously requested but that I could not make time to do between writing tutorials and spending several hours every day on email support.

So – from next week you will be able to schedule a one-on-one Corona training session with me; these will be aimed at everyone from those who have never used Corona previously and don’t know any Lua at all to those who are beginners needing extra help. (I’m not comfortable offering more advanced training at this stage but I hope to do so in the future.)

These sessions will be booked a little in advance (at least one day, but you can always book for a later date if you prefer) and we’ll arrange a time that works for you as well as what you’d like to achieve in your session.

The price is TBA when the page goes up and sessions will be available in half hour and one hour blocks. (If you are learning Corona for the first time we can schedule a two hour sessions covering all of the basics.)

This will both provide me (and Techority) with much needed funding and also give those receiving the training a really good, solid head start in learning Corona and Lua.

It is the above two options, along with donations, that I hope will allow Techority to remain permanently free.

I apologize to anyone who was distressed by the idea of Techority becoming a paid site; it was not my intention – I simply wanted to keep everyone informed and not suddenly spring it on you without giving you the chance for some input.

The Corona community IS my community; Corona may as well be my home town for how I feel about it and it’s people.

So, I hope that those of you anxious about Techority’s future will now rest easy knowing that at the very least you have all of 2011 to use the site and tutorials totally free of charge and that even after that, so long as the above two services go as planned and people do continue to donate, at least from time to time.

I look forward to providing you with more great tutorials in the near future!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – If you don’t want to wait for the pages mentioned above to be put up you can email me now to register your interest or discuss arranging support or a training session.

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