Apr 292011

If you’re part of the growing Corona SDK community and would like to help fellow devs, here’s your chance!

Basically if you’ve got some knowledge to share, whether that’s a full on tutorial or just a ten-line tidbit, I’d love to hear from you!

In recent times I have not being able to devote as many hours to the community in the form of tutorials as I have in the past due to both demands on my time and the need to keep earning money to keep myself in potatoes! (I’m actually not eating much potato lately thanks to certain generous folk, thanks!)

Anyway – if you’ve got a tutorial you’d like to share I’m happy to let you include any kind of a footer you want; a banner, a block of text, etc. and of course a backlink.

Techority gets a growing amount of traffic and our Alexa rank is gradually improving – I am confident, (having had quite a lot of experience with this sort of thing before moving into iPhone apps,) that in the next update we’ll likely get a decent page rank. (Of course I cannot guarantee that, but either way you’ll get some hits to your site just by including a link in your tutorial, so think about it!)

This might not interest anyone but I figure it’s worth putting it out there – you would be helping the community and in turn you could benefit from that; it’s not unrealistic to say that a lot of people around Corona know who I am, and that’s all because I believe in the community. There’s no reason others can’t do that too – many have already, via their own channels.

Hopefully in the coming week I can put something together on sprites, I’ve been putting it off as I’ve had/have some personal things I’m taking care of, but I have done some prep work already, so stay tuned!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – For those of you who don’t have my email, it’s on the training page, linked to up top.

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