Jun 082011

How will Super Rewards perform when combined with Pixel Slice? Let’s see.

As many of you know, I recently released Pixel Slice and, within a week of that, Ansca Mobile gave us a new way to monetize our apps; Super Rewards.

I went about creating a free version of Pixel Slice, entitled Pixel Slice Plus.

Pixel Slice Plus

It’s obviously free – so download it and if you feel like doing me a favor, you can rate/review it, or if you’re feeling real generous, or we’re good buddies, maybe you could share the link on your own Twitter or Facebook – or not – I don’t want anyone posting links that will irritate their own friends.

In any case, I know many are interested in how this is going to go, the money side of things, etc. – So in a little while I will report on my findings. I believe that Super Rewards will be very valuable to all of us in the long run and have many more apps planned relying exclusively on it for monetization :)

Peach Pellen

PS – I will be writing some more tutorials soon, I do apologize for the delay since the last one – I remain as committed to the community and to Techority as always, however I have been a tad under the weather and not up to doing as much; but that will soon pass and I’ll be back to my iPhone/CoronaSDK tutorials before you know it :)

PPS – In case you haven’t seen it; http://developer.anscamobile.com/forum/2011/06/06/listview-2tap-selection-go-new-screen#comment-39865 – A new member in our community, welcome him as you wish. I did ;)

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  2 Responses to “Pixel Slice Plus – An Experiment With Super Rewards”

  1. Hi Loriana,

    I think you’re spawning objects without using a table, am I correct? You need to look at using a table to spawn multiple objects so you can easily give them all unique names.

    I’m not sure how to simply explain that but Jon Beebe wrote a great tutorial on tables you might want to check out. :)

  2. hi peach,

    im trying to create a fruit ninja game clone-ish!
    but there is one problem, i have got the code to create a piece of fruit and slice it and stuff, but i need to create multiple fruits like on a timer, but whenever i put the spawn code into a function or on a timer i can no longer slice the fruit!? please help

    p.s im 12 so it might have to be simple!!!

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