Jun 292011

I’m going to write that Corona SDK book, at last!

Hello, everyone!

It feels like forever since I really engaged with a lot of you and while these posts are looked over by a lot of you (which is fine!) it helps me feel connected on more personal level with the Corona community to sometimes share some news that isn’t really newsworthy.

So without further adieu, here’s my little chat disguised as news ;)


I tweeted about this too but given how many Australian developers I know who order from Domino’s Pizza on a regular basis I feel like I should throw it up here too. They double charged me on Sunday and it has yet to be resolved, nor have I heard back from them once.

If it gets res…. omg a huge bug just fell from somewhere and I don’t know where it went. What if it was a cockroach? I’m panicking… OK. Whew. Will remain on bug watch while I finish this post then move to another part of the room to wait out this mini crisis…. Where was I?

Oh right – if it gets resolved (by means other than a charge back; which I’ll do Friday without resolution), I’ll post here – otherwise I’d encourage you to either switch to Pizza Hut or use only cash – no card.

The beauty of Dominos is how cheap it is – but when you’re charged twice it’s suddenly very expensive ;)


I’ve got a new template that’s going up this week – it’s a physics based game. I wont say much more but you’ll see it for yourselves soon enough.

In addition, this week I’m changing my website, http://buypremadeapps.com/ – which is where I sell my templates.

The ordering system is changing – previously you needed to click “Return to Merchant” for your download link. Now you will be redirected but you will also be emailed a link/copy of your template. (I don’t know which, yet.)

In the future I may move that over to Techority, under a “store” sub-directory – just to keep things clean, organized and easy to find.


I’ve got my hands on a NOOK Color! I’m hoping they’ll start accepting international developers soon – I want in on this! It’s a great device and I feel like it has real potential for developers; like us :)


That’s right – I’ve finally decided after months of taking the odd notes here and there and a lot of procrastinating, that it’s time I started writing my Corona SDK book.

I know there are/will be others out there soon – but I believe with my unique approach to learning/teaching and my friendly, familiar style of writing it might be less intimidating to new users to have someone like that to buy a book from.

It would cover everything a newbie needs to know and move them from a newbie through all the basics and then only some intermediate topics; enough to make their own apps, in other words.

As far as availability goes, at first I’ll just sell it as an eBook/PDF via Techority but will eventually move on to print on demand copies as well.

The price will likely be around $40 if it ends up being as bulky as I imagine; although I’m planning to start having the odd discount weekend for templates and when that happens I’ll slash that too.

And that’s it!

It’s been good “chatting” with all of you and I hope that soon I’ll be able to do some more tutorials; be sure to let me know if you have a suggestion for a tutorial, a template or for my book!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I’m planning on putting out a scrolling background tutorial soon, for BOTH landscape and portrait. It’s basic but useful and once you’ve got that code you can copy and paste it endlessly, changing only a couple of lines. (Or, two image names if you’re after a background 2x the height/width of your screen!)

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  15 Responses to “Pizza and Physics, Nook and a Book!”

  1. Thanks Adrian :) As to Canada, I’ve looked into it previously and well, I would if I could, but ya see, countries don’t like immigrants who have no formal education. I left school in year 10, before the end, meaning my highest official level of education on forms is “Complete Primary School” >.< ‘ If I could get in, I would – and I’d do fine – I wouldn’t be a burden on society, lol – but yeah, unless I had a job and employer lined up wanting to sponsor me for citizenship, who could convince officials my skills were really worth it, it’s a long shot. Lord Mooch, thanks for the kind words – after a first draft of what I know I want in it I’ll likely start looking into other people’s ideas more. (There are some things that MUST go in for obvious reasons and that’s what I want done first.) Peach :)

  2. Papa Johns is a crime against pizza. I just had to say that. When I lived in the US for a few years (which was awesome, awesome, AWESOME) we christened Papa Johns “soggy slop” as that is what their pizzas were.

    Anyway, I digress. Good luck with the book Peach. I suggest you engage with your community here for help with what to include; your idea of beginner to intermediate may be very different to other people’s.


  3. Peach, you have a unique style, I like that, that is I think is what’s bringing people into your website.
    BTW why don’t you come to Canada? is easier to immigrate here and relatively similar way of life to the US.

  4. You know Nick, after over 40 apps, I still feel the same way – although my direction has changed slightly.

    I do want to start my own company (something I cannot do yet, or rather wont – I need time to better understand how the tax system works for companies in Australia, honestly) but I no longer want to be just a company that makes apps; no.

    At this stage it’s like, my love of Corona, my passion, my “wheel spinning” – that stuff is why I created Techority and why I got so heavily involved with the community, how I ended up getting an Ansca gig (which is f’ing awesome to be a part of) – and because of all that I have shifted my line of thinking.

    Now what I want is, while still making some great apps, to eventually have a good business focused on teaching, community, indies; selling templates, writing my book, etc.

    …. Now I’m the one rambling. Long story short, people in the community know Peach Pellen and they know Techority. I feel like I can expand on that and make a better living while helping the community more and more. That’s the end goal! (That and the cash to throw up some cooler prizes for future 48 Hour Challenges – and maybe enough of a following to get Pepsi to sponsor one, haha – I want free Pepsi Max, dammit!)


  5. Hey Nick, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have the same aspirations with Corona, but I keep getting held up with little issues and spin my wheels for days. Maybe we can help eachother out somehow?

    The Complication

  6. Good to hear. I have so much ENERGY to put into this thing (this thing being corona sdk), it’s got me spinning my wheels! I need to get things rolling, I feel like I am just sitting caged up after drinking 12 red bulls……

    I want to start my own company (in progress) , I want to put out games that I WANT TO PLAY (in progress) and add things I always complain about in other games (im very picky!)…..

    I am ready to ROLL! :) ahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrgh!

    I spend a lot of time on this site, rolling through tutorials over and over and over again trying to digest this whole programming thing :)

  7. Hey Nick,

    Here we have no such pizza – hurry up and make an app, get rich and hire me so I can get a green card ;)

    Anywho; I will certainly consider something like that with pre-orders, thank you. A good idea and one worth taking a look at, for sure.

    I’ve played Half Life a little bit – I’m more a fan of Garry’s Mod, although it’s been awhile. Played it? I got banned from a server for griefing, lol.

    As to the others writing books, I’ll buy them, I’m sure they’ll be great – but I do think that for some people, in some cases, I do have an appeal that others lack. For a start, not to be immodest, but I am incredibly well known within the community and newcomers find me quickly – I get lots of emails from people who aren’t even on the forum yet.

    Because so many people know who I am, find me while looking for newbie guides and are helped by mine and appreciate my hand-holding style, I believe that I do have somewhat of an edge here.

    Plus I get quite a lot of traffic; more than people expect ;)

    In any case, appreciate the input and I shall seriously consider the whole “preorder” thing :)


  8. I hate dominos pizza. Out here in california USA we have Papa Johns, which smokes pizza hut and all those crappy other chains :)

    For the book, what you *could* do is if you write enough content ahead of time (say 6 or 7 chapters for example) you could let some pre order it as beta.

    Basically, you create a log in “members section” where the book is only viewable in the members section AND you can’t copy and paste/print (some simple web stuff there).

    Of course since it’s pre order, it would be cheaper (say 25% or more less). This way you get feedback on what’s in progress, you have money coming in from pre orders and you can change things as necessary.

    The mistake a lot of people make when writing books (I have helped several with this approach) is they keep it locked up tight. In “their mind” they think “Yea this is perfect” but then they wait until the end to release it then a firestorm of crap hits the face of “Hey, I don’t like the flow of this, or why you reference this and say you will cover it later, and never do?”

    Just some suggestions. I think a beta release in stages to pre paid, pre ordered members would be a good/great way to get content out to people, get feedback and really get the book that the community wants to see.

    Before this email gets any longer, I played a game called Half life 2 made by Valve software. Valve takes a LONG LONG LONG time to release any games. So the approach they took was “Episodic Gaming” which meant they released Half life 2. Then they released Half life 2: Episode 1, then Episode 2…..now I am waiting for Ep 3 to come out…..Zzzzzzz

    The point to that was if they would have waited until the very end, people would be like “F THIS IM NOT WAITING I’ll GET MY @#$%#@ elsewhere!”. Instead, they satisfied customers by releasing “chunks”. I don’t see why doing a book would be any different. Also, take into considerating that people like Dr. Burton, CheetohMoskeeto (I think thats’ the right spelling) and Alfred of KarnakGames are all writing books……

    I think however, your book would be a CUT ABOVE those, as the “hand holding” would be most appreciated. I’m still very much retarded when it comes to LUA and Corona SDK, so I like your approach…….phew ok I’m stopping now.

    Sorry for the long message, but that conveys my point, with some examples and why. Decision is yours of course :)-


  9. @The Complication
    It wont be A-Z as it’s not a full on resource covering all things Corona, it will be more covering everything to get someone from n00b to intermediate. That said, there might be …. What do you call it? Glossary? The bit at the back with page numbers for certain terms, haha XD

    Thanks – I will :)
    As to pizza, it’s cheaper here too most of the time but if there’s a great deal on I might get one sometimes as a treat. Sunday was a long day for me so I figured I would. (That said frozen ones here are not that cheap – cost of food here is a lot higher than CA or US.)

  10. I love the idea of a book! I want one. Please keep us posted.
    re pizza: I buy frozen here in Canada and it’s cheaper and you can cook it whenever u like.

  11. Yeah I can imagine its difficult to plan a book layout, but if you do it in a “A-Z” type of fashion then its going to turn out pretty good. That and the fact that there are not a lot of resources out there on Lua. If you get this out soon, you are going to do pretty well. Especially eBook.


  12. Peach, thanks for the update. My game development has come to a stall, but I will say if you write a book, I will buy it. Now get writing! j/k

    The Complication

    • Another familiar face :)

      The first step is finalizing a list of chapters, the second is organizing my notes, the third is writing – I need a day or two more on the rest, first ;)

      That and the website stuff; want to get that new template up!

      Peach :)

  13. What a great idea for you to write a book, Peach. I look forward to it.

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