Jun 292011

Two player pong in 73 lines? You can do that with Corona SDK!

Last week a very clever Corona newbie posted a tutorial to create a simple pong app for the iPhone in only 109 lines of Lua.

With his consent I took a little look and revised it, down to 73 lines. It could undoubtedly be shortened further; although upon comparison you will see that the original at 109 lines was more elegant than my own revised version which is simply a crude experiment.

You can download the project here.

ALL credit goes to Trausti, the Corona SDK user who created the original project, which can be viewed on his blog, here.

The point of putting this up is just to illustrate first and foremost how easy it is to create something like this using Lua and Corona and secondly to show how few lines it can be done in.


Peach Pellen :)

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