Jul 022011

You can now buy Corona SDK templates straight from Techority!

I am ridiculously excited to announce that after several long nights I will now be selling templates directly through Techority, but that’s not all – here’s a quick run down;

New store, new delivery system

People didn’t like the old delivery system, which was simply to be returned to their download after purchase. Now, while you will still be sent to your download, you will also get an email with a direct link immediately after making your purchase – just as you guys requested!

A new physics template, “block destroyer”

Are you familiar with Totem Destroyer? If not, look it up – it’s a free online flash game. The new template, released only moments ago and available in the new store, is based on that. More details and screenshots available in the store. (There’s a button in the nav bar!)

Two new template packages!

Two new packages are available to save you money when you want to buy a bundle! Check them out.


As part of the launch of the store you can pick up all of my templates at reduced prices; there’s huge savings on the new packages and the new “block destroyer” template is reduced as well. Ends Monday!

And that’s it! A new store, combined with Techority at last!

I’m hoping that when the time comes this will be a nice place to sell my book ;)

I hope everyone is happy with the new email system; I know it was requested by many of you and it took awhile, but it should all run just how you wanted it to now.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Use the link in the top nav bar, or click here to go to the store now!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – Want to help feed my excitement? Tweet it, Facebook it, scribble it in colorful chalk out in your driveway! Sharing is caring ;)

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  8 Responses to “Introducing the Techority Store”

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  2. Yes, Android.

    In any case, iOS will earn you more overall if you have to choose one, if you can do both and do your Android versions free with ads then it’s likely going to be the best of both worlds – I don’t know a lot of people making huge amounts on ads, that said. One or two do OK.

  3. NOOK Color uses android os, right?

    I think sales will defifinitely be more on IOS, but as far as ad revenue goes..Android may be better for that. It appears to me that most buyers on Android wants free apps only and iphone have more users who are willing to pay for app.

  4. Although that said, in the future, NOOK Color will be a good bet, I think. It’s less crowded and seems to be growing in popularity :)

  5. I cannot advise you strongly enough to go iOS. I know some developers who have had OK sales on Android but I know a lot more who have had HORRIBLE results. If it’s a choice between the two, iOS all the way. (A lot of my personal apps are not super impressive; too much time on apps for clients and other business – but I can tell you two apps that sold reasonably on iOS got ZERO sales between them on Android.)

  6. Thanks for the response…now I have to make some business decision on my next step. It appears more developers prefer IOS over Android because of the larger user base.

  7. One day I will be wildly popular and everyone will pile on top of each other to be first. *tear* …. Until then, lol :P

    I’m glad you like the idea; I used to be a webmaster (as in, that was what I did exclusively back then, despite having no HTML, CSS or PHP skills, haha) and I have always had a problem with too many websites.

    I feel really good about getting it all in one place and may even add other things to the store besides templates in the near future. :)

  8. w00t. 1st comment…jk

    That’s great! I like the idea of everything in one place, I’m working on that for the many sites I have and consolidating them into a one stop shop type of thing :)

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