Jul 212011

For something different, I’m going to show you how to make a sun burst icon.sunburst iconThe above is a simple 57 x 57 icon, the size for an iPhone application, using what I believe is called a “sun burst” effect.

I am not good at art; all of my icons are put together using Biffy Beebe’s Icon Pack which you can get for just $10 right now. (Seriously, it’s awesome stuff.)

However, if like me you think it would be cool to be able to make a simple but good looking icon yourself from time to time, you might be interested in the sunburst effect.

Here’s how to do it in Photoshop;

sun burst icon tutorial image 1Step 1: Start by creating a new image 512 by 512, as we always do when making a new icon for an iPhone app.

Step 2: Fill it with the color of your choice; I’ve used black.

Step 3: Create a new layer, and make sure you are working on it.

Step 4: On your new layer make a row of vertical stripes in another color, slightly different from the first. (Or wildly different, if orange and purple are more your thing!)

sun burst icon tutorial image 2The above image was done using a pencil set to 28px

Step 5: Making sure your vertical stripe layer is still the active one, click on Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates.

Step 6: Select “rectangular to polar”. (Itis is selected by default in the version of Photoshop I am currently using.)

And you’re done!

sunburst iconIt’s simple but a nice effect and one that I hope will be of use to some of you.

Peach Pellen :)

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  2 Responses to “Making A Sun Burst Icon”

  1. Lol – I hate being dizzy, but nicely done none the less. (I will read your other comment later, sorry I got busy yesterday and now have just woken up. Long text is not good first thing.)

    Thank you RE the grats; one day it WILL be 4.5 million dollars and I’ll buy me a solid gold iMac…. Or maybe just my way into the States ;)


  2. I went ahead and made it a spiral and made it round, then animated it in corona….im dizzy now lol.

    I know, i’m cool. :)

    Btw, grats on 4.5 mil views, now only if that was in dollars hehe :)

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