Aug 042011

Want some really, really cheap Corona SDK templates?
Good evening everyone!

I’m in a good mood – mostly because I finally have time to write a blog post. Every time I get taken away from Techority I always feel like I miss my readers, even though most of you I do not yet know. It’s nice to write :)


It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve decided that it would be a good time for a template sale – a big one.

So ALL templates and template packs are 50% off. Click the “Store” tab up top to check them out now!

That is a huge discount given how cheap a lot of them were to begin with – this puts several of them under $15!

I hope you will all enjoy what’s up – I’ve even added a new math game template that includes text input which I think is quite a bit of fun :)

I am going to be doing a new tutorial in a few days, something simple that I have never covered before that I think will be VERY useful for a lot of people – I wont tell you what, only that it’s simple but needed in LOTS of games. It involves time ;)

Enjoy the sale, have a great weekend and I look forward to writing again soon.

Peach Pellen

PS – Please do not expect to be able to contact me between Friday evening and Sunday evening (Sydney time) – I will be online for periods over those two days however I will not have time to respond to the mountains of emails I get each day. I will catch up with everyone by Monday however, so hang in there ;)

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  8 Responses to “Big Birthday Template Sale!”

  1. Hey G$,

    Thanks for your business :)

    It will be interesting to see what you come up with for your own game.

    With tables, it’s just a matter of reading and experimenting. I didn’t understand tables for a LONG time, now I’m more or less comfortable with them even in complex situations.

    Viva Corona!

  2. I bought the shooter template.

    It taught me a lot about….stuff. I say stuff due to the large amount of it in there. Tables, bullets, collision etc.

    I’m making an endless type of game that things spawn and you have to kill them off to get points, with progressive amounts of more and more objects getting thrown at you.

    Kinda like a zombie type game, but without zombies.

    Thanks to your code, I figured out how to center the bullets to originate and follow from an object, and I kind of sorta understand tables now….sorta.

    I even made code that allows another object to follow the main actor (like a power up).

    Fun fun times with Corona!

  3. Happy (Be-lated) Birthday Peach! I got all your templates for the fun of it and support! Continue your good work and indeed your rewards will be more than you’ll have room to store!

    Willy J.

  4. Thank you :) x

  5. Happy Birthay to you! You deserve the best of the best! One Kiss

  6. Happy birthday Peach :3

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