Oct 142011

Even more Ansca/Corona SDK related ramblings!

As I have now been here a full (business) week, it seems like a good time to write another post.

This week I’ve found that I really like the way the office works. It’s relaxed – for example I am currently not wearing any shoes. (Last I saw Hetal he wasn’t wearing any either and when I met Carlos for the first time he was also in socks.)

Then there’s the bag of candy on the table in the corner, amongst other things, although Hetal ate most of those yesterday. (I think it was the sugar that convinced him it was a good idea to order a Ninja Turtle shell backpack. I’m not kidding.)

You would think being relaxed that not much would get achieved in any given day, but everyone here is surprisingly efficient , (even me, I’m finding that I like work more when I’m doing it here and as a result I get a lot more done,) and I am constantly impressed with all the awesome things they’re doing.

For example, you might have seen Ansca tweet last night about daily build 639 – check it out now if you haven’t! It’s awesome.

Then there’s times where it’s just great to see how quickly things can happen. For example, last night someone asked Eric “Have you implemented X yet?” and he said, “No, I’m waiting for an official answer.” – then Carlos, half way out the door, spun back, said “Do it!” and that was that.

Walter is not a werejerk.

I’ve ruled out the possibility of Walter being a werejerk, however he is still an odd fellow.

One night this week he decided his desk was not as sturdy as the others. (They are all very sturdy.) He then started bouncing on it to demonstrate. This did not help. He then started “testing” every other desk around the office, trying to decide which one he would switch with his own. (It’s OK, in the end he found one he liked, even though I don’t think it looks any more sturdy than the last one.)

American Food

As my Twitter followers know, I ate Twinkies for the first time yesterday. Eric was kind enough to bring me those, some snowballs and some cupcakes. All great, but Twinkies are the best. (I know they are madly unhealthy.)

I have enjoyed Thai and Pasta, a little Pizza, Chinese and a fantastic salad since getting here and today will be trying Mexican for the first time – a “chimichanga”, is that right? That’s what I’m trying.

Somewhat related, I ordered a beer with dinner the other night and had to show ID :( I hate showing people my ID because it looks like I am a serial killer. (I’m not kidding.)

At the end of the day….

I think more than anything else this week it has just been reaffirmed for me how great the Corona SDK is – and seeing some of the things coming up, (that I can’t talk about unless I have a death wish – which I don’t,) just how hard the Ansca team works to give their developers more and more awesome stuff to help them achieve success and just to make their lives easier.

Peach Pellen :)

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  7 Responses to “Visiting Ansca – Day 4”

  1. …. Too many words I have trouble saying ;)

    Thanks for connecting the dots – it happened so quickly I wasn’t able to catch 100% of it and your comments make it clearer.

    Best go and think about sleep – tomorrow, Costco! (and others.)

    Night :)

    PS – Drinking one of those Mike’s Hard Lemonades – good stuff.

  2. To connect the dots for everybody, the thing Carlos was asking was in fact whether I had made all the massive changes I’ve been working on publicly available. When Carlos said, ‘Do it’, that is what put the ‘awesome’ in Build 639.

    And for your journal, yes, you had a chimichanga.
    You also tried a tamale (pork), enchilada ground beef, and a mole ground beef enchilada.

  3. Thanks Satheesh, I’m glad :)

    Biffy, yeah, everyone here has been great. I can’t get hungry in the day any more. When I first wake up maybe a little bit but the rest of the time I am so full! Your food here, you have so much of it, it’s ridiculous.

    Walter says he took one from the conference room …. the only problem is he is now wanting to somehow attach all the desks together with brackets.


    PS – Looking forward to seeing you :)

  4. Thats awesome that ur having a good time! Walter is really cool, he laughs a lot. lol. I think everyone there is pretty cool.

    All that food talk, im starting to get hungry! DAMN U! lol.

    Oh, I hope Walter didn’t take our desk!! lol. HAVE FUN!!!!


  5. I just love reading these “behind the scenes” articles!! :D

  6. I’m so damn full of food. I am totally one mouthful away from taking a nap somewhere.

    …. Except them I couldn’t make sure Walter hears all my wonderful and forward thinking ideas :3

  7. So awesome. Good to see you are having a blast.

    Chimichangas are good, they are like a fried burrito. Mexican food in california is very standard, especially down in los angeles and below (closer you get to mexico, the more taco shops show up hehe).

    w00t. I’m still jealous!


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