Oct 242011

Why I believe Corona SDK is the future – my final blog post before leaving Ansca HQ

I have had a wonderful two weeks here and although I am sad to have to leave, I will be going back to Australia with more faith and more passion for Corona than ever.

Here’s why:

The team works their asses off. Everyone at the office puts in more hours than anyone would reasonably expect. Behind the scenes they’re constantly providing support, squashing bugs, working on some really cool new stuff that everyone is going to love (I can’t say anything else, but it’s awesome,) and staying here late because they want to get it done.

The founders don’t sleep. Carlos and Walter are constantly working to improve Corona. They start working before I wake up and they don’t stop. These guys are emailing each other, the team at the most odd hours in the day. 4:00am, 5:00am, 2:00am, at any hour of the day. And yet, they get to the office at the wee hours of the morning, and leave late. They go off to meetings, come back, jump on conference calls, in all, non-stop.

Carlos likes to joke around that they, (all of them, founders and employees,) are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Constantly, non-stop everyday.

It was amazing to see them work first hand, and as much as both Carlos and Walter are busy, they finish each others sentences. Each one of them knows exactly what is going on, who is doing what, and what is happening both inside and outside of the company.

The other interesting tidbit is the flurry of Federal Express/UPS Boxes/DHL boxes that come into the offices everyday with new hardware. Some of which I saw, some of which I couldn’t as I was not privy to it. Carlo’s office is stacked with FedEx boxes and with hardware that would make the most gadget envious of people, really envious about the sort of devices piling up at the office.

It’s funny to see a lot of “suits” come in to meet with either Carlos or Walter who are wearing t-shirts, ripped jeans, tennis shoes – it’s interesting to see the dichotomy of suits vs entrepreneurs.  But one thing is for sure, both Carlos and Walter like to tinker with gadgets, seeing them take a new device and seeing how different each approach a new device is fascinating. They can either tear it apart, or highlight its strong points in a matter of seconds.

Also, it’s not unusual to hear Carlos yell “this is shit” when referring to a new device. Both guys have high standards both inside and outside the office and are exceptionally passionate about what they do.

When you look at the combination of the team and the founders and see how passionate everyone is, how hard everyone works – it’s impossible to not get caught up in it.

I have been sure about Corona for a long time – it’s easier than Obj C, Lua is awesome – the community is incredible and the leaps and bounds the Ansca team are making in bringing more and more cool stuff to the users just make it standout amongst the other third party SDKs.

The dynamic here is unlike anywhere else; people work long hours but remain relaxed, friendly and for the most part, sane.

Carlos will take off his (hand made) shoes and say random, amusing things as he goes to get a freakishly large coffee. (I’m starting to suspect he has a coffee addiction. Maybe a shoe addiction, too… Regardless of which addition is stronger, his usual is a triple shot soy extra hot latte with 2 sweet’n low.)

Walter will stare me down in an attempt to question my dominance after I mock him for his inability to stop his desk from wobbling. (It only wobbles when he bounces on it. I don’t see that as a big issue.) He frequently goes around for code reviews and starts writing random functions on the white board behind him. Hearing him talk about his latest code changes is like listening to a physicist, (well, he is a physicist,) ramble on about random theories of the ever expanding universe.

When you have people around who are funny, who are caring, who you can relax around – it makes for a really comfortable place to work and that comfort encourages enthusiasm and passion and new ideas.

I have never been as happy as I have been here, these past two weeks, surrounded by wonderful, smart, amazing people who work hard to make Corona better and better.

I will come back again soon and until then I’ll miss the fun, weird, relaxed, passionate place that is Ansca HQ.

Peach Pellen


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  8 Responses to “Leaving Ansca – Final Thoughts”

  1. There was one incident where I insulted someone’s grammar and they thought I was saying grandma but beyond that I think it was OK ;)

  2. One question. Could they understand your accent Peach? Or did they just agree with everything you said?

    The pic is cool…very nice indeed.

  3. Mrs. Peach,

    WOW! I am very happy by you!

    Thank you very much for sharing your c00L “business world travel”! :)

    Wish you the best,
    Rodrigo RSCdev.

  4. @Kurt – thanks, I’ve just landed in Australia but am still technically on vacation until the 2nd, so don’t bug me prior to that ;)

    @Paulo – Thank you – I did truly love being around people who shared my passion. It was very, very good for me and just renewed my enthusiasm for Corona :)

  5. Thanks, Peach, for sharing your final thoughts about Ansca and Corona SDK. I know how wonderful, encouraging and refreshing it is to be surrounded by hardworking folks! Like they say, passion is what drives the heart!.

    Have safe travels.


  6. Every post humorous and inspiring at the same time :p So glad you had fun, can’t wait for you to get back so I can bug you more. Also make sure to have safe trip home, cause unlike our food our airlines suck!

    ~thanks again Peach!!

  7. Kudos once again on your excellent insights and observation over the past 2 weeks (Wow! Has it REALLY been 2 weeks since you landed in Cali??!) has been great and like you, it strengthens our belief in Ansca and Corona SDK! It’s too bad you have to leave HQ, but hopefully you’ll be back sooner rather than later! Thanks again, Peach, for giving us a peak into the inner workings of Carlos, Walter and the rest the Ansca team! Have a safe trip back to Australia!

    • Thank you Ronnie – It’s hard to believe it has already been 2 weeks.

      I’m glad it helps strengthen your belief in Ansca/Corona as well; I know I feel inspired after being here. (I’ll hope it’s sooner than later as well – I’m going to miss this.)

      Peach :)

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