Nov 032011

How to add a Game Center button to your Corona app.

After answering a question on the Corona SDK forum I realized that this would make a great 20-second tutorial. It’s something lots of people want to know (I only just found this out from a search performed after answering the post mentioned above) and ridiculously easy to do. Here’s how;

system.openURL( "gamecenter:" )

That’s it!

Put it in a function and use it. It will open Game Center.

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I know this isn’t a great tutorial for those of you not interested in Game Center, or very new users still working on making their first apps – I will writing a tutorial for you guys soon on a topic suggested by Noah. (Thanks, Noah!)

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  3 Responses to “Adding A Game Center Button To Your App”

  1. Thanks! :D

  2. Great!

    How about Openfeint?

    Can’t test anything on my own yet because I haven’t subscribed to Corona yet.

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