Nov 192011

“My face almost melted from the sheer awesomeness of it.”

It has been a very busy month for the Corona SDK!

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Mac Apps video by now – (missed it? See it here.) how AWESOME is that?

I’d love to be able to build some apps for the Mac App Store – I think it’s a fantastic way to boost a developer’s revenue and I’m really excited about it. (Not only for extra app money, of course – but for the possibilities this opens up in the future for all of us.)

Then of course there’s the iPad Level Editor – (video) – my face almost melted from the sheer awesomeness of it.

The ability to build for both the NOOK and the Kindle Fire is also, obviously, totally great – although I can’t actually buy one is this country. (D’oh.) I do have a NOOK Color here I was sent from the US though and am looking forward to having a play with that in the near future.

Finally, there’s Storyboard (API link) – a new, official, Ansca-made way to switch between “scenes” or “screens” in your apps.

All of this has come out in the space of under a month! How insane is that?

It’s crazy to look at other third party SDKs that are not only no where near this level of awesomeness but are actually falling further and further behind every day.

It’s just another reason (well, five reasons, actually,) to be glad to be a Corona SDK developer.

Peach Pellen :)

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  12 Responses to “What A Month!”

  1. The constant reaffirming of my beliefs makes me happy. The fact that Ansca can still surprise me with the awesome stuff they’re doing also makes me happy. If that comes across as insecurity, that’s fine by me – but it’s not how it is.

    I don’t believe it’s a Corona vs GS situation; I don’t have a problem with anyone using GS. (One of my absolute best friends uses it and I don’t ever argue with them about the merits.) I also occasionally recommend GS to others. (It’s occasional but not a rarity by any stretch.)

    Either way I’m sorry (genuinely) if my comments sadden you – they’re reflective of my pride in Corona and in the Ansca team and they will come up from time to time on my site.

    Enjoy your time in the US, Pall Mall Red (King Size) are a very good price compared to AU or EU and you might consider picking up a pack ;)

    Peach :)

    PS – I know you’re in the UK, Thanksgiving wishes still stand, I hope it was a great day regardless of your activities.

  2. I think both SDK’s have their advantages and disadvantages for sure, and I’m happy you’re happy where you are.

    The constant reaffirming of your beliefs sounds like insecurity. I’m sure it’s not, but that’s what it comes across as, and personally I think there’s no real value in it, and it detracts from what is a very nicely put together site aimed at helping people.

    As Mr. Mells has already said, there is no ‘war’ here. I’m flying out to the states next week to help in my own little way with what will probably be the most successful Corona made game ever.

    Also, another Corona developer is making some graphics for me for an upcoming game.

    We all get along. We all support each other.

    Again, I think it’s great that you’re happy with Corona and that its progress makes you happy too! Awesome!

    I don’t think your comments add any value is what I’m trying to say. And it saddens me to read them time after time after time.

    Oh, and we don’t have thanksgiving here in the UK ;)

    Be well,

    QS :D

  3. Hello QS,

    I’m sorry you feel that way; I am not being passive aggressive, I assure you. (Subtly is not my strong suit and I’m not one to pull punches.) I apologize if it seems that way.

    If you read my post carefully, although it might be insulting to hear “X isn’t as far along as Y and seems to be failing to keep up at all”, you must take my point into account.

    For me, looking at certain other SDKs, comparing them, seeing how each has developed over the past year – I do feel VERY happy that Corona has done so much better than others. (Which I’m sure you’d agree is natural; I was forced to make a choice and having it constantly reaffirmed I made the right one is very uplifting for me.)

    It’s like if I had a choice between two computers, bought one, then a month later the other had to be recalled for exploding batteries – I would be happy with what I have but I would also be very, very relieved that I had made that choice.

    In any case, I do appreciate you being up front with your thoughts regarding the post – some people choose to be far less direct.

    I hope that you, Gary and all those from the old GS community have a wonderful Thanksgiving, truly.

    Peach :)

  4. I have to agree with Mr. Mells. You certainly come across very ‘passive aggressive’ and it saddens me.

    I’ve got nothing against the SDK you use. Why would I?

    It seems odd to want to put down something entirely unconnected with what you use now.

    Why do it, eh? Just be happy with what you have!

    Anyway, hope you’re well! Gary says ‘hi’ :)

    QS :D

  5. Hi Peach,

    Just discovered your site and Corona last week. I think I may have stumbled onto something great! Your passion is inspiring and it is exactly what I need right now. I’m a programmer that took time off to have kids four years ago. I’m interested in learning something new and I think Corona is a good place to start :)


    • Thanks Krista :)

      I hope you do give Corona a go – the unlimited free trial really takes the stress off trying to learn something new. It’s also super intuitive once you start getting into it.

      Hope to see more of you around!

      Peach :)

  6. Well, my comments were not about Flash – although I think the way they’re treated their developers lately is totally unacceptable and does make me think quite badly of those responsible.

    Keep working on your first app ;) By the time you are done you will have fallen in love with Corona!

    Peach :)

  7. No worries :)
    It’s just that I have read some posts about Flash on the Blog @anscamobile, I felt that those statements could easily be misunderstood and it kinds of mitigates Ansca’s efforts to be the best.
    When you are the best (or willing to be) you don’t even have time to compare to competitors.
    And I truly believe that Corona is already part of the best options.

    Ok, I’m looking forward to working on my first application and I’ll come back to check your tutorials ;)

  8. Hi Mr Mells,

    I’m glad you like the site – I recognized your name from the forum. :)

    As to my statements about other SDKs, I did not mean all other SDKs – and I believe competition is a good thing, it inspires people to work harder and not slack off.

    I am not sure if you are aware of my history prior to coming over to Corona, (you can read about it here,) but my comments were more reflective, I suppose.

    The SDK I used to use really fell apart, largely because the developers were not a priority – and looking at how fast Corona is improving just made me think about that and how glad I am that I am now a Corona developer.

    So, I hope you wont take it as a stab at all other SDKs – I certainly believe Corona is the very best but I also think there are a number of very good competitors out there as well.

    Peach :)

  9. Hi Peach, first comment here.
    Your site is really helpful for a beginner, thank you for providing valuable informations.

    The progress made by the team at Ansca is impressive.
    So much that I think there’s no need to make the kind of statements that you’ve made about other Sdks.
    There is no war out there, there is no need to start a Corona vs the rest of the world.
    Also, competitors can only be good for a company that thrive to make the best products, and they can even become valuable partners in the long run.
    If the tools are that good, developers will follow :)

    Anyway, looking forward to your next post.

  10. Really this has all happened in more like a week – I was reflecting on the past month and so I went with that – but yes, either way a very awesome month thus far :D

    I would like to play with the Fire (I do like playing with fire) – so we’ll see if it ever gets here. Otherwise I’ll look at importing one. (You know we don’t have Amazon in Australia? Yeah.)

    Mac Apps I think I’m most excited about – more Apple is always a good thing in my books ;)

    For the Level Editor – I think it will be useful. Not as useful as a computer running the Corona SDK, but useful nonetheless. (I’d LOVE to have that to play with on a long flight.)

    Either way, don’t worry, Corona will never in a million years go the GS route. That’s part of why I love Ansca so much ;)

  11. You’re right – this was an awesome month already!

    I’m really looking forward into devoloping for the Kindle Fire, since it’s a huge market that has some potential.
    Finally you can create nativly scenes! Something that should have been there since it came out. ;)

    MacApps are also great. Haven’t found many other Toolkits that could do this! I don’t think it’s only good for making profit, but rather for making some useful tools and gadgets that others could use and enjoy!

    About the LevelEditor: I’m not sure about how useful it will be. It’s looking nice, but I don’t know how flexible it is. It reminds me of GameSalads approach..
    People have to write their own code, to understand how Corona and LUA is working to know how to make a game. Of course it could be great for Level creation, but we’ll see in the feature.

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