Dec 082011

The Techority 48 Hour Challenge will be going ahead for 2012.

UPDATE: Details announced here.

The challenge will be taking place at the end of February over a weekend and official details will be posted within a few days.

In the meantime I’d like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions, opinions or ideas for the challenge.

For those of you who are unaware of this competition it is a full weekend in which you write an app which is then judged. Like all contests there will of course be prizes.

That’s the other reason for this post – sponsors!

If you’re interested in sponsoring the challenge by providing a prize for one of our winners (or possibly runners-up, this is undecided currently) then please get in touch with me here;

my emailSponsoring the contest is a good way to help make it more fun for the Corona community (everyone loves prizes!) and also a nice way to get involved even if you are not participating yourself.

Of course you will also get a banner/logo of your choosing on the 48 Hour Challenge page with a link to your desired page. (You’ll be in good company, last year we had some great sponsors.)

So feedback, suggestions, potential sponsors – get in touch!

For now I will ask that you please don’t email with questions about the actual challenge specifics; I’m ironing out some details and these should be made available shortly, at that time if something is unclear you have not only my permission but my invitation to email me demanding answers! ;)

I am looking forward to running the challenge again in 2012 – it’s a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with!

Peach Pellen :)

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  6 Responses to “Techority 48 Hour Challenge – Returning 2012”

  1. Details added to the official page here:

  2. I’m in and I guess another programmer I know from Germany :D
    Let us know how you’ll handle external artists. Though I don’t have problems doing it on my own, it would still be good to know how this is handled!

    Uuuh can’t wait :D

  3. Hey, I DM’d you on Twitter earlier – did the angrycarrot account without thinking.

    Thanks very much, that will be totally awesome – can you shoot me an email please?

    Peach :D

  4. as I said count me in for $25 visa gift card. :) (sponsor)

  5. Great. Im so eager to join this contest.

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