Dec 182011

…. Yes, I’m wearing the damn hat.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Peach Pellen :)

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  27 Responses to “Merry Christmas From Peach Pellen”

  1. I saw this previously, forgot to come and say something about it.

    MMFT9D approves.

    the end


  2. You’re quite welcome. I enjoy it!

  3. Happy Holidays Peach!

    • Thanks Rob – and thank you for all the effort you’ve put into helping out on the forum today/yesterday.

      You always contribute a bunch but it has helped me personally beyond measure today, Christmas day in Australia, to see people are still getting answers even when I’m not as productive as usual.

      Awesome stuff!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Corona community. I’ve found that it is a wonderful place to be a part of. Everyone is very accepting of skill levels and always willing to keep helping until the problem is solved. If only the world were more like this fantastic Corona and Techority community it would be a more peaceful place. Merry Christmas Peach and everyone else reading this. Here’s to another amazing year of coding and successful apps!

  5. @John – Thank you for those very thoughtful words :) I hope you will have a great Christmas too and that soon into the New Year I’ll be seeing your app on the store!

    @Nemensiris – Thanks, I am sure we’ll catch up via email again soon but in the meantime have a very happy holiday season :)

  6. Wow Peach! Nice to finally “meet” you :) merry merry to you too and take care!

  7. Hi Peach: taking a break here to check out your blog. To anyone reading this, I can’t say enough about Peach! She is truly a gifted individual, willing to help and share her passion and knowledge of Corona. I just started working on my first app and Peach has been my “Aussie Angel” nurturing me along. Merry Christmas to you Peach and all the best in 2012. ~ John in California USA

  8. @Mohammad – Thanks :) I hope by the time you start using Corona there will be even more resources out there from me and others to help you get going.

    @Caroline – Thank you, this is the first time I’ve put video+audio of myself up so I’ve been pleased at the positive response.

    @Nick – What size are these MMFT9D? I always imagined them being you know, regular M sized. o.O;

    @Satheesh – I swear the room isn’t as messy at it looks! Haha. It isn’t clean by any means but my iMac is in a corner so part of what appears to be “mess” is in fact clothes on a hanger. (Although my suitcase is still in the background from my Palo Alto trip, haha, that’s terrible – I’ve been back here for almost 2 months!)

    2.5 days until Christmas. I actually took a break from working today to make my desktop look nice. (Custom icons.) Tweeted a pic of it, too :)

  9. Ha Ha! Love the hat!
    And the messy room!
    Merry Christmas Peach! :)

  10. I bet a lot of MMFT9D can fit in that hat :)

    Merry Christmas peach!!


  11. Aww lovely message! Merry christmas!

  12. Although I didn’t start using Corona yet but I can clearly see your awesome contribution to the community .

    Merry Christmas Peach :)


  13. @Kurt – Thank you …. I watched twenty seconds of that video and found it quite troubling.

    @Mark – Thanks, my enthusiasm for Corona is continually fueled by the community and all the wonderful people in it. (I notice you used the correct term, “fora”, I can’t bring myself to do that, it makes me think of flora and fauna, haha.)

    @Richard – Haha, thanks Richard :) I am actually one of the people who will be providing Corona training though, so I daresay it’s quite a good deal ;) I really appreciate the kind words, I’m thankful to have the community, yourself included.

    @Raul – I know, time has gone so fast. I am glad I helped convince you to try Corona and I do hope I can continue to provide some great support in 2012. (I have a few ideas for posts, just lacking the time so far this month.)

  14. Can’t believe it’s been a year since you started helping me and convincing me to try corona.
    you’ve been an awesome friend through 2011 and I hope to still count on you on 2012.

    Merry Xmas and See you next year!


  15. Peach.

    You are a treat to us all. I love the hat!! You’re a darling.

    I would rather send you donations than spend my money on training at Ansca.

    I think anyone spending money on training should be spending it on you!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are blessed to have you and I for one and thankful.


  16. Also I would like to show you youtube’s video recommendation after watching this video…

  17. Seriously though…thanks for being so helpful on the fora and so outrageously enthusiastic about Corona.

    It really helps.

    And I wish you an awesome Christmas and an even better New Year! :)


  19. Merry Christmas Peach o<[]:)! (Yes, I'm obsessed with this emote ;) )
    Have a wonderful time ahead :)

    • Hello my friend!

      It’s great you have become obsessed with the emote, it is the right time of year.

      I know you do not celebrate Christmas but I hope you will have a wonderful December nonetheless – perhaps you will be given a fruitcake again :)

  20. @Jason – I’m glad you’re part of it, too :)

    @Mark – Haha, thanks, I think :P

    @Glenn – Thank you, the Ansca team kick ass!

  21. I think you guys have been doing an awesome job. Peach I Hope you have a Merry Christmas too :-)

  22. Hey! This is like the Queen’s Christmas message to the Commonwealth!

    (although much better obviously) :)

  23. Yaaayyyy! :) Great message!
    Glad to be a part of a growing phenomenon :)

  24. Oh Peach! You’re so adorable! :D Love the hat.

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