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What is planned for Techority moving in to 2012?


Techority will be reviewing some devices from a development standpoint. People seem to be frequently asking me about good, affordable Android devices and I haven’t been able to provide any insight – that will change.

I will only be reviewing devices that will work with Corona and I will be including prices, hopefully that will make it easier for iOS devs who are looking to also publish for Android.

New Tutorials

The first new tutorials I’m hoping to get out will be regarding integrating Game Center, using inneractive ads and if I can do it in a gentle way, IAP. (In App Purchases.)

I’m also planning more simple tutorials including one on tables.

The other tutorial I think might be a bit of fun is PubNub. I’ve written a simple working demo for a very basic chatroom which with some cleaning up and better commenting could make a very nice tutorial.

More Developer Lifestyle Content

I recently turned into a proper “personal” blog. I plan on adding more articles there that are more about lifestyle than code. (For example there is a post there already entitled 5 Things Every Developer Needs.)

The more technical stuff is great but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have some “lighter reading” available still related to application development.

More Community Involvement

I would like to find new ways to become even more involved with the Corona community.

At this stage I’ll admit I am not totally sure how to do this.

More social networking? More tutorials? Something more exciting? We’ll see. I do have a few ideas up my sleeve but they need improving before I start attempting to implement them.

More Ways To Communicate

I want to make it easier for people who are having major issues to get in touch.

When I say “major issues”, I mean anything you feel you can’t deal with on your own and are struggling to get help with.

This could be that you need to hire someone to help you finish something up in a hurry, you might need a code review, you might be a member of the community who has had a thread up that hasn’t been seen and you really need an answer – or maybe you’re just having a terrible day and need a pep talk; a bad day can be a major issue and I’m happy to be there for those as well.

You can already get in touch with me via email, Twitter and Facebook – but come the new year I will also be updating my details to include my Skype handle and a phone number.

The Techority 48 Hour Challenge

Obviously this is happening in February – there’s a stack of cool prizes which you can see by clicking on the 48 Hour tab at the top of the page. (You can also find the rules and guidelines here.)

NOTE: Early bird prices ($4.95) are available for a short time only, if you want to register at that price please do so quickly. (20 entrants only!)

We had a lot of fun last year and hope this year will be even bigger – so take a look, get involved and if you’re feeling generous you can help spread the word by sharing the link on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Peach Pellen :)

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  4 Responses to “Techority in 2012”

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  2. Sure you will find it and be knowing I would be happy if I would be also able to help you where I can and when you want my friend! :)

    Thank You!

  3. Thank you my friend :)

    I hope that I can find more ways to improve Techority and make the community an even better place this year!

    I wish you every success, too :)

  4. Techority is promising so much! It is just A.w.e.s.o.m.e my friend!

    Wishing even more Success! :)

    Let`s do it!

    See yah,
    Rodrigo. ;)

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