Jan 092012

A minor change to the rules (requested by you) and announcement of the judges.

The Rules

The rules previously stated that you could use common third party libraries, however as requested this has now been amended – you can use any available third party library including code that you yourself have previously written.

I believe that announcing this over a month out from the challenge will not put those who have their own custom classes at an advantage as it allows other entrants time write their own should they so wish.

The Judges

This year there will be three judges -

Peach Pellen (Ansca/Techority) - I will assume that if you are interested in entering the challenge you already know who I am ;)

Nick G (Angry Carrot Studios) - Nick offers a lot of great advice in the Corona forums and is fantastically funny on Twitter.

Robert Nay (Nay Games) – Robert Nay is, of course, the young man who created Bubble Ball, which many of you will recall as the Corona made app that toppled Angry Birds.

Early Entry

Early entry is still open but spots are filling up fast. If you want a shot at some of the awesome prizes (total prize pool is currently worth over $800!) then you should enter now!

You can also find more details official page including a full list of prizes and sponsors, detailed rules, event times and more.

Peach Pellen :)

PS – Please, help spread the word by tweeting, retweeting, liking and sharing!

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  5 Responses to “48 Hour Challenge – Judges, Rules and Early Entry”

  1. I just signed up. Will we receive updates via e-mail or do we need to check back here for more details?

  2. Soon, Rodrigo :)

    Jürgen, business apps are ABSOLUTELY allowed. Obviously they will be judged on a slightly different criteria to make sure they get as much of a chance of winning as games.

    I’d personally love to see some business/utility type apps this year :D

  3. Hello,

    just a question, will it only be games that are allowed or also business / utlity apps?



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