Feb 042012

A full template teaching you to make a Plants VS Zombies style app using the Corona SDK.

Two days ago Alex (Dunkel Games, creator of ChocoRun) and I had a little talk about how we should really team up on something. (We’ve been friends since starting out with Corona and although we currently lack the time to create a full application together we still wanted to collaborate.)

This template is the result of that collaboration – which to me represents the best elements of the Corona community.

People working with the same SDK often become friends, they learn from each other and provide support – they do whatever they can to help others.

That is the essence of the Corona community, our community – and in that spirit this template will remain here free of charge for anyone who wants it.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Download Plants VS Zombies Corona Template

Peach Pellen and Alejandro Jiménez

*Follow Alex on Twitter @Dunkelg !


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  37 Responses to “FREE Template – Plants VS Zombies in Corona SDK”

  1. [...] and have some advise, with time, it all became a great friendship, we have even worked together on a Plants vs Zombies styled template  which has already been used to make a full project by the guys from Weeny Brains what [...]

  2. It’s a pingback so it automatically does an exert from the article surrounding the link; there would have had to be English in the middle of an article on a Spanish website for that to work ;)

    I approved it and I could have edited it, so yeah, was my choice to put it up – so no whining :P

  3. I’m always cool :P

    I speak German, Russian, Polish, and English… sorry I don’t speak everyones language :) it would have been “cooler” if it was posted with a little bit more explanation, but whatever, now everyone knows what’s up.

    Mentioning Peach is always a good thing no matter the language :)

  4. Hahaha no worries! I know nemensiris is a great friend of yours, and is just trying to keep things in order here, I appreciate that a lot, but that needed a little explanation ;-) I don’t want nobody to get angry with Lou! He’s a great guy ^_^

  5. Nemensiris, it’s a pingback to a blog that will also be posted in English tomorrow. I’m guessing he mentioned the template in the interview? Either way, great to see a pingback.

    Alex, again, can’t wait to read this in English – I saw my name and naturally am curious ;)

    You’re both my good friends of mine – so please, be cool.

  6. Oh come on! nemensiris, that comment is a reference to an interview that will be soon available in english but right now isn’t, the interviewed is me and its a comment talking about my friendship with Peach, posted by Louis, who is becoming a great friend too.

    Don’t get so angry, please ;-)

  7. seriously??? now, I have to google translate because “you” felt like it wasn’t needed to post in a language that the rest of the forum is in? meh, I am not gonna translate…

    nothing against other languages I speak 4 myself and I wasn’t born into an english speaking family, but come on… some effort please!

    @peach – perhaps you should implement a system… for english press 1, for spanish press 2, for french…

  8. [...] en una gran amistad, incluso hemos hecho una colaboración para libre descarga en su blog, una plantilla para hacer juegos del estilo de Plants vs Zombies que ya ha derivado en un proyecto completo por [...]

  9. @peach … always so nice :)

  10. Hey there peach, can you email a copy to me as well! i think i setup a twitter account long ago… and then lost the keys… if i find it .. i will tweet for it :) but in case i don’t find my key….

  11. No Twitter?… really? sigh! Peach I agree to what some have said. If someone is not willing to tweet about getting something for free you should include an alternative method of getting this… perhaps a BUY IT NOW button from PayPal will be awesome? Price it around the same price as the other templates.

    Then there will be still a way to get the template for FREE… and for those not willing to expose to others that you’ve helped them… pay :)

    I think that’s VERY fair.

  12. No Twitter.Please send it via email.Thanks.

  13. Heh, thanks guys.

    Yes, I really appreciate it when people create Twitter accounts – they’ll need them eventually as devs anyway – but I don’t mind emailing it if people are desperate not to, for whatever reason.

    Thanks for the kind words :)

  14. Peach is too nice. That was very generous of you :-) I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and nobility.

  15. @nemensiris you made me just lol xD

    It truly isn’t hard to get a twitter account and that would save a few minutes for our busy Peach so I second that.

    BUT if someone wants to try coding it… I’m pretty sure it’ll be finished before 2013. The coding for this was 8 hours ;-)

  16. Ok so what’s so difficult about getting a twitter account? I mean, you’re getting something for free over here, twitter account is free as well right?

    If you’re too ashamed to admit that you’ve downloaded a template that you will use to make a buck why can’t you at least acknowledge the creators of this template here… because we all know none of this will be happening on the credits screen on your awesome new app.

    Or… you can take the time and try to create something like this yourself and tell us all about it in 2013 when you’re done. :)

  17. Im not on twitter, can you send it to me also please?

  18. Erm, not everyone uses twitter, how do I go about getting the template please?

  19. Awesome…thanks yet again. ;)

  20. where do i download the file?. All i can press on is a twitter thing and i dont have twitter.

  21. Thanks Alex for your kind offer of help. I appreciate it. I am starting learning Corona and LUA. A tutorial would be great. No rush though. Thanks a million for you and Peach for being so helpful and supportive to your community. Keep up the good work guys. You are the best.

  22. @Mohamed

    Nope, there’s not a tutorial and I know it’s not super-newbie friendly. So… while we think how we can make a tutorial I’ll try to help you.

    My email is my nick followed by @gmail.com and Peach’s mail is around everywhere so you can throw questions to us at will, you can start telling us if you know how to work with separate files in a single scene and use tables.

    This template uses some key things:

    - Sprites (altought they’re not needed, that’s how you create a sprite if you want to use animations for characters).

    - Physics (we used that to move zombies and detect collisions).

    - Tables (a lua file doesn’t have to be a whole scene, you can use tables to encapsulate some elements and use them as in object oriented developing languages).

    So… it’s a start don’t hesitate to mail us to continue. I promise we’ll think in making a tutorial or filling the code with lots of comments for newbies, whatever we think it’s best, I would like to talk about it with Peach fisrt.

    And… Thanks to you for downloading it!

  23. Thanks Peach and Alex.

    Since I am newbie to Corona, how do you guys use the template with CoronaSDK? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

    Thanks again for sharing!

  24. Gosh… no one can handle that girl… I’ll stop trying for now but I’ll come back!!!

  25. @nemensiris – Thank you; I enjoyed reading your post and love that I’ve been able to help you continue your learning with Corona – although the true magic lies in the community :)

    @Alex – You give me far too much credit, although I am certainly very proud to have gotten you into Corona; you have gone on to create masterpieces, released and unreleased and I’m honored to have played a tiny part in that :)

    …. My site my rules!

    peachCredit = 5
    alexCredit = peachCredit*20


  26. Wow… I wasn’t expecting so much love… I feel a little overwhelmed to be true. :-S I just want to say it has been a GREAT pleasure to work with Peach. She always helped me when I’ve asked and she is the reason I’m into Corona SDK, so it’s like working with a… well, with the true magician. :-D

    Oh! and even if it’s Peach site… don’t take her too serious, she deserves as much credit as I do. :-P

    Thank you all!!!

  27. Peach and Alex. You both should be considered magicians and awarded the “wizarding and sorcery mastery” medal from the highest ranking officers from the “Magic and Sorcery School of Camelot”.

    Your continuous support to others in a form of genuine help, sample codes, and templates such as these make you an incredible asset to the corona community. Even if you chose not to help us mortals with your magic, your enchanting presence alone on the forums make the use of corona seem so easy that considering any other method of creating iOS apps should be considered pure foolishness and punished with the darkest of magic spells.

    In all seriousness… you guys rock, and I thank you for your indispensable help to many of my silly request.

    So, my dear wizarding lads… keep wielding your magic wands… and as always love live the Camelot!

  28. Thanks guys :)

    @Mike – it’s true, he really does and I appreciate the kind words about both of us.

    It was great getting to work together and in the future I hope we can do it again, be it for another community project or for a full blown app :)

  29. you’ve probably been told this a zillion times, but it is no less true: you’re a Peach! and thanks, Alex! I understand you deserve most of the credit…

  30. Thanks so muh you guys! Very thoughtful and much appreciated. Great for newbies :) Totally Fabulous!

  31. OMG!! Awesome, thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  32. Thanks buddy – Alex deserves most of the credit but I’m thrilled to have been a part of this. :D Corona Community FTW ;)

  33. OMG! Hey Peach – What can I say?! o.O

    Totally A.w.e.s.o.m.E from both of you!

    PS: I`ll not use it (at least by now and near future) BUT the effort put into from you is very “Corona`s Community Face” – SHARING & HELPING ALWAYS!

    Best Regards,

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