Feb 122012

Taking a look at the HTC Incredible S for use by Android app developers.

HTC Incredible S

First Impressions

This thing looks a lot like an iPhone at first glance. It’s textured back plate feels oddly pleasant and not at all “cheap” as I had expected it might.

The 4 main function buttons are hidden from sight when the device is asleep and rather than being physical buttons they actually respond to touches.

Typing is easy in both portrait and landscape modes and the aforementioned buttons actually rotate to match the orientation which I thought was charming.

Responsiveness and Speed

This is easily one of the fastest and most responsive Android devices I have ever used. It’s actually comparable to a Samsung Galaxy S II, which here is over twice the price.

I have tested a variety of apps including those that are fairly physics-heavy without any noticeable lag and all around reasonable load times.


Although I have yet to truly put the battery through its paces, it is holding up surprisingly well. Charged to around 80% roughly 32 hours ago it is now sitting at 36% despite a fair amount of use over that time.

While not exactly mind blowing this is comparable to an iPhone4 after similar usage from a full charge, so I’m happy with that from a development device.


Internal memory is a pitiful 1.1GB, however the HTC Incredible S does come with a 16GB microSD card so you aren’t likely to run out of space any time soon.

Screen Size

The screen is 480 x 800.


Android 2.3.


$370 – $450 on eBay.com and Amazon.com (Outright).

$299 in Australia from Optus (Prepaid).


All around awesome device; if I didn’t already have an iPhone4 I would be very happy to use the HTC Incredible S not only for development but as my every day phone.

It lacks that laggy, resistive feeling so many Android devices have and is actually a joy to use.

If you’re in Australia this is by far the best option I have come across to date to develop on without shelling out $600 or so.

I’d give it 4.5/5 stars.

Peach Pellen :)

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  One Response to “HTC Incredible S – A Review For Developers”

  1. I’ve used it, I will say I agree with you…..mostly.

    The problem I have with this phone, is if you pick up an iphone, scroll around and navigate it’s SUPER SMOOTH. Then you use this phone and it’s very smooth, but not super. What makes me mad is the cpu is more powerful than the iphone, yet apps take longer to load compared to an iphone.

    Ok, so If wasn’t comparing to iphone and was comparing android devices, I would say that yes this phone is great compared to other android offerings. I have a list of test devices

    Galaxy s 1 and 2 & HTC Incredible S
    Kindle Fire
    Droid X and X2
    HTC Desire
    HTC incredible

    I bought the Kindle Fire, the rest were given to me (except droid X, which I had on contract a while back). I have friends who work for verizon, tmobile etc as reps for certain parts of the country so I get exposed to alot of android stuff (never ios stuff though, that’s ALWAYS locked down lol).

    That’s my order of smoothness the HTC I – S and the Galaxy S 2 are about on par, the rest are kinda downhill from there.

    I test on the droid X and the HTC Incredible as they are slower phones comparably, so if my game runs there, then it runs like a freaking CHAMP on the newer phones and iphone 3gs and up. :)

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