Feb 172012

Important details for those of you participating (or thinking of participating) in the 48 Hour Challenge next weekend.
Final Entry Date

Entries close on the 24th of February, 11:59PM PST. (That’s one minute before the challenge begins.)

Until then you will be able to enter from the official page.

Finding out the 4 Elements and Starting to Code

As you know there will be 4 elements announced when the challenge begins and all entries should use at least 2
of these. They will be announced on Twitter (@peachpellen), in the Off Topic section of the Ansca Mobile forums, on the Techority Facebook page and on the official page below the sponsors.

Submitting Your Entry

All entries must be submitted before 12am Sunday night/Monday morning, PST.

To make things easy you have two choices for submission this year;

1) Email your entry direct to a private Box.net folder

This is easy, simply email your zipped project to upload.Techori.6a73gl2rgn@u.box.com

2) Email me a link to your shared dropbox folder or non restricted file sharing site

Emailing me a link is fine but if you want to email the whole project use option 1.

If you are using a file sharing website PLEASE, don’t send me to something that wants me to wait 30 seconds and then speed limits me if I don’t want to pay for “premium”. There are going to be many projects to download before judging can begin so it’s important we keep things as organized as possible.


Judging will take place during the week following the challenge with results announced the first weekend in March. (We’re aiming for Saturday but the number of submissions may force us to push back to Sunday.)

As you likely know by now the judges are myself, Nicholas Golden of Angry Carrot Studios and Robert Nay, creator of Bubble Ball.

(More information on judging specifics and criteria can be found on the official page.)

Let me know if you have any questions and prepare for a weekend full of exhausting, exciting fun with Corona!

Peach Pellen :)


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  14 Responses to “Techority 48 Hour Challenge – Important Info”

  1. Can’t wait to see what people do.

  2. Oh that’s awesome – I see your registration in my inbox now :)

    I’ve seen some great posts from you on the forum – very happy you could take part! (And a belated happy birthday!)

  3. I thought I was going to miss this because I normally work every weekend, now that I got the weekend off (it was my 20th bday on the 24th so my boss gave me the weekend off) I can enter! Almost forgot about this but at least I still got in on time lol.

  4. Yes Corona with Lime obligatory pun intended.

  5. Great stuff! Always have to try harder when there’s a 6 pack involved. (Although I hope it is Corona!)

  6. Peach I appreciate your prompt response and can’t wait for this weekend. I made a wager with some of my Army buddies that I COULD get an app done in 48 hours so the pressure is really on now. Theres a 6 pack on the line.

  7. I think so too :)

    I think there will be a slight curve on judging elements in biz type apps too; we all understand it’s not as easy as game apps to work in certain things.

  8. Any chance in your uber busy schedule of posting previous winning submissions to inspire us. If not I understand, being so close to the challenge. Thank you in advance.

  9. I was going to go with a game, but a “business” app idea has been rattling around in the back of my head for more than a year and I think I’m going to do it. I know I’ll be competing with games (which is what everybody wants!) but I think I’m gonna go biz-app anyway! :)

    Of course, fitting in aardvark and corkscrew (or whatever themes are announced) will be harder to do with a non-game app, but I think I’m up to the challenge! :)


  10. I have a family party to go to on Saturday, but I’m going to be hard at work coding this weekend besides that :) I signed up a while back, but my Corons Subscription ran out last week. Does this matter?

    Also, does an entry have to be a game, or can it be an entertainment app?

    Thanks, Alex

    • Hey Alex, that’s fine – you don’t need to be a paid subscriber to enter.

      Any kind of app counts as long as you can work in 2 of the 4 elements we announce when the challenge begins :) (I know I often say “games”, I should stop doing that – it’s force of habit as most people submit them.)

  11. Yeah, that is a pretty important step if you’re trying to win the license ;)

  12. Ah I still need to sign up :D

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