Feb 252012

Little updates, as they happen.

(Mon) 12:00am

Challenge is now over! Judging will take place during the week with the winners announced next weekend. Thank you to all our entrants, wonderful sponsors and of course to my fellow judges, Robert Nay and Nicholas Golden. :)

(Sun) 11:23pm

The challenge is drawing to a close!

Check out this screenshot from Glitch Games – can’t wait to play it! http://cl.ly/3m2w2A1K3K03441d1N1b

(Sun) 4:41 pm

And here’s a video (also from WauloK) of his submission – looking very slick with some graphics from Biffy Beebe’s graphics bundle :D

(Sun) 4:30 pm

More uploads!

First up, a picture of @xxxfanta work in progress;

Chris Desktop 48 Hour Challenge

And this screenshot from @WauloK of his work so far;

WauloK 48 screenshot

(Sun) 4:50 am

Oooh, more art from @xxxfanta !

Chris xxxfanta art

(Sun) 2:27 am

A picture from @alex_greene7, who is working with a failing hard drive;

Alex Greene 48 Hour Image

And this preview from @Revaerie (love the character! Very cool!)

Revaerie 48 Hour Pic

(Sun) 1:14 am

Another video from Jay – really awesome!

(Sun) 12:36 am

Dave has posted this video of his progress so far;

(Sat) 10:10 pm

And another shot of where @YourTouchApps is up to with his project – looking good!

YourTouchApps Screenshot 2

(Sat) 10:05 pm

@colorado_it is really going through the coffee now;

Coffee 48 Hour Challenge

and @brainofsteel is getting somewhere with his bucket graphics. (I love the pixel art style!)

Pixel art buckets


(Sat) 7:57 pm

Here’s some scribbles from @xxxfanta -

Chris Scribbles 1

Chris Scribble 2

(Sat) 7:31 pm

You can now see an exhausted @Waulok streaming live; http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tech-webcast

(Sat) 7:18 pm

We’re getting closer to the halfway point by the minute! Check out Mike Kelly‘s title and weapon screens;

Mike Kelly Title Screen 1

Mike Kelly Title Screen 2

Mike Kelly Screen 3


(Sat) 8:33 am

This is the coolest work station I’ve seen in a long time!

Cool Work Space


(Sat) 8:17 am

Good morning, code monkeys!

Check out this concept art from @LastHavenGames

Chellenge pic 2

and @colorado_it

Challenge pic 1

and @YourTouchApps

Techority 48 Challenge

(Sat) 4:07 am

Ohhh, J.A Whye has posted a proof of concept video! Link: http://insidecoronasdk.com/corona-sdk/paint-by-number-game/

(Sat) 12:26 am

One of the participants, Matt Bell, has set up a live stream so you can watch his progress! See it here.

(Sat) 12:20 am

I’ve never attempted a live blog before, this wont be perfect but I figure it makes sense for sharing cool stuff with you guys. (Hoping to get some pictures, etc.)

  12 Responses to “48 Hour Challenge “Live” Blog”

  1. For anyone who is interested in this kind of thing, I did a postmortem on the game I just entered in the Techority 48-Hour Challenge.

    Additionally, I have created downloadable copies of the game for:



  2. Thanks to everyone who watched my stream. I didn’t show my final sprint (which was mostly making the graphics) but here is how it all turned out: http://imgur.com/a/xj0bk

    I had to take out a lot of what you saw me working on because I couldn’t get it perfect. I will tweak everything and put it all back in before it goes on the market.

  3. Wow, what a great experience everyone! I never have done anything like this before, and I truly appreciate the fun and excitement I had! I got a good 27/28 hours of programming time in this weekend, and 12/13 hours of movies in as well. I’m encoding my chronolapse just to see what my computer did all weekend, and just all around stoked! Ha, however, sad that I found a pretty big bug in my software after submission. Oh well, let’s hope it’s not exploited during testing/judging. Haha. Sorta delirious, but feel like I should have a 48-hour programming experience once a month to really start getting some apps out there. Zzz, good night, had fun, thanks again!

  4. Sorry for the double comment. Please download the code from this url – http://goo.gl/AgtQT – This one is hosted directly by my site instead of a third part site with an annoying wait timer.

  5. Hey everyone,

    I uploaded my complete project (Had to replaces the backgrounds and buttons because they where from Biffy Beebes Graphics Bundle) which can be downloaded here – http://t.co/7hhgNS76
    (All images are from Google Images and would need to be replaced if you plan on releasing anything)

    Hope someone will find it useful. If you have any questions on the code, e-mail me at james@yourtouchapps.com or tweet me at @YourTouchApps and I’ll answer any questions.

    - James

  6. Looking cool.

    Yourtouchapps I cant wait to see what you are doing. I want to see all of them soooooooo excited!!!!

    ~Magic monkeys from the ninth dimension ….aka nick

  7. Looking good, will embed above next page update :D

  8. A short video to show how we are progressing.


  9. Looking forward to see what people do with a balloon going into a bucket of love getting kicked by a shoe.

    That would be an interesting game. If you win using this idea, I will fight you.


  10. Mmmmmmm beer.

    It had to be said

  11. Great start, Matt!

    Look forward to more. Go get ‘em.


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