Feb 252012

The challenge starts now! Pick your 2 elements and get coding!

You must use two of the four elements listed below if you are creating a game app;

- Bucket

- Shoes

- Water Balloon

- Love

If you are making a utility app and NOT a game you must choose one element from above but may pick your second from the below if you wish in order to level the playing field in what has previously been a game-orientated challenge;

- Money

- Popular Culture

Submissions are to be emailed to upload.Techori.6a73gl2rgn@u.box.com which will place them in a box.net folder viewable by the challenge judges. (Robert Nay, Nicholas Golden and myself.)

I would love to see tweets, pictures, etc. from anyone participating – as would a lot of others in the community. Tweet with the tag #Techority48

Good luck!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I got a request to leave entries open into Saturday so those unsure of their plans could still register Saturday AM if they decided to participate; I will be doing this but it’s only a brief extension so if you have decided to enroll last minute do so now.

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  2. Love is the answer.

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