Mar 062012

There were so many fantastic entries this year and the finals scores were close but we have our winners!

UPDATE: Video footage of winning app can be seen here.

In 3rd place we have “Ertzel-Challenge” by James Wilons

ertzel challengeThe concept was clever and well executed with just the right amount of “Argh, let me try again!” moments.

In 2nd place we have Sneaker Run by Jason Oakley (or “WauloK” as you may know him by)

sneaker runAddictive, lovely design and fantastic use of elements made this submission a lot of fun to play. (As far as endless style games go this is one of the nicest I’ve played.)

And finally, the winner of the Techority 48 Hour Challenge 2012 is …

Graham Ranson (code) and Simon Pearce (art) of Glitch Games with their submission, The Hauntening

the haunteningThis submission really stood out. It’s clever, it’s scary at times and it does a great job at setting the mood.

And those are our winners!

We had SO many wonderful submissions this year and the results were really close but in the end these three games made it out on top.

I’ll be in touch with the sponsors to arrange getting the prizes to you guys later today so you can look forward to that!

Thank you to all of our participants, I hope you had as much fun making your entries as we all did playing them.

Special thanks to Nicholas Golden and Robert Nay for being this years judges!

Peach Pellen :)

  19 Responses to “Techority 48 Hour Challenge Results!”

  1. 95% used water balloons, 75% used buckets, 50% used shoes, 50% used love – roughly ;)

    (Keep in mind some people used more elements than required.)

  2. It would be interesting (at least for me) to know the popularity of the topics, I wonder how many people made a game revolving around love for example…

  3. @waulok

    Oh yes, I remember now (had to launch it again just now to see). My favorite part was kicking the bucket, I was always like “where is a bucket, I’m going to launch it oh yea get some” lol.

    In other news:

    I still long for the fish, in a bucket, on stilts with the stilts having shoes on. I know right now, you don’t know what I am talking about. However, I am on a quest to have this happen.

    Peach knows what I’m talking about. Maybe one day it shall become reality.


  4. Yea sorry about the size, we didn’t have much time to optimise and didn’t even notice the size until just before submission. Whoops :-)

  5. Great fun!
    I was going to download The Hauntening to give it a go but won’t be getting 138mb on 3G ;) Will try at home.
    Glad to be a part of the competition.
    Nick: Don’t forget the Sneaker Run game also had water balloons and love hearts for the other two elements :)

  6. For anyone that wants to play The Hauntening it has now been approved by Apple ( after a little hiccup on my part. I gave it a 9+ rating but they reckon it requires a 12+ ) and will be launched as a universal app on the 12th. Naturally it is free and pretty short ( around 10-15 minutes of gameplay ) and any feedback is very welcome!

    We also have a video here –

  7. @ertzel, I was rooting for you. I started playing your game and was like OH? This is really cool, but since we are judging end to end (UI, design, element usage etc) you scored high on originality, and I actually played until I think level 7, and well ran out of time as I had to move on haha.

    I’m going to fire it up again :). The hauntening, in regards to the elements @Stupid, when I first played it I was like WHERE IS THE BUCKET??? then POW, oh you can’t get past a certain part without using the bucket (I’m not telling you where, as that would be a SpOiLeR HehehHEehHE).

    Sneaker run was really the most DIRECT use of shoes and bucket, meaning you have shoes, and they Kick the bucket. That’s what I call like a boss, lol.

    It was very close as I said :) It took a full day for me to go through all of those apps, and really go through them (I played all of them as far as it would let me), so I appreciate the efforts of everyone. This stuff isn’t that easy!


  8. Congratz to all the winners! Submission look great :)
    It was a fun experience :)

    Also thanks for Peach and all the judges for the time they spent for us :)


  9. @Rodrigo – Thank you, all the judges worked hard :)

    @Nick – I lol’d at your footnote, you were a fantastic judge and I’d definitely have you back again!

    @Graham – you and Simon made a fantastic game, looking forward to checking out the video when I’m properly awake ;)

    @Ertzel – I’m glad you had fun, congrats on placing! It was a very tough year, lots of great apps submitted but you managed to place despite it being your first time in a challenge! Just awesome :)

    @Ed – Thank you, I enjoyed your submission :)

    @Alfred – Great, I’m sure they’ll be happy about that!

    @Stupid (I feel mean calling you that!) – shoes are a key part, the bucket is one of the vital items you use to complete the game.

  10. I’m wondering where are the elements used within The Hauntening. Looks like a cool game, but no where did I see any of the elements and 2 were required for the competition. Hmm.

  11. I e-mailed the winners about their Corona SVG Level Builder prizes :)

  12. Congrats to all the winners, and a big thanks to Peach Pellen, Nicholas Golden, and Robert Nay!

  13. Wow, after seeing all of the pics and videos people posted near the end of the challenege I didn’t think I’d even place anywhere in it lol. And even though I knew I would never get 1st place, its pretty awsome to still get 3rd place for my little App.

    Thanks again for hosting this Peach (and the judges/sponsors) it was really fun and was the first time I’ve been in any type of coding challenge.

  14. Both myself and Simon feel very honoured to win and want to thank everyone involved for both the setup and running of the competition as well as everyone that took part! It was a whole lot of fun and an awesome challenge.

    We can’t wait till next year!

    We are in the process of putting up a short blog post and some videos etc, stay tuned on

  15. It was really fun. Trying out other people’s vision for an app is always interesting. You see personality in the code, and in the playability of the app.

    It was really close for the top 2 spots, 2 different games. Both used the elements so nicely :)

    This was a learning experience no doubt.

    I would love to do this again!


    Graham, you shall get a card of gifts which shall yield ye apps for your face.

  16. Many Congrats for all the CoronaSDK Developers and a Special one for Graham! :)

    PS: Hey Peach, of course, you toO for hosting the event and also the other judges together you.


  17. Can we see some gameplay videos of each?

    • @Kyle – Individual scores may be provided privately, I see no harm in that. Can you shoot me an email for yours? peachpellen[at]gmail :)

      @Jordan – Will take a look into this later today and see if I can put something together, wanted to get the results out ASAP as I know people were eagerly waiting ;)

  18. Thanks for getting this posted, and congrats to the winners! Awesome stuff.

    Any chance of getting our individual scores from the judging process? Would love to see what you guys thought.

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