Mar 212012

A tutorial/sample project showing how to create a high score table in your Corona SDK app.

It’s simple but it’s a tutorial many of you have requested and tonight I felt like posting something new, so tuh-duh!

This obviously involves saving and loading data, I’ve used Ego for that purpose.

More advanced users will notice that there are faster ways of doing this, however I think new users (or users who are new to saving, loading and/or high score tables) will appreciate the approach I have taken as it should help the user understand the logic behind what we are doing.

High Score Board

You can download this right now using the Tweet and Get it button below!


Download High Score Board Corona Template



I hope this is useful for you!


Peach Pellen :)


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  5 Responses to “A Simple Local Leaderboard With Top 5 Scores”

  1. Thanks guys :)

    Shao, you are right, it didn’t – you would simply write a function that saved each of the 5 files values as 0 (the same way you saved them as the scores before) and then tie it to a button.

    If you need help with that let me know, will write one and post in comments here :)

  2. Of all the examples and code sharings about saving local highscores … Peach’s tutorial fit my needs the most! Thanks a lot !!!!

    Oh ya, the example didn’t show us how to press a button in the gameover.lua to reset the scores. If the twitted file includes this, then this is a perfect “Complete Idiot’s Guide to – how to save local highscores with EGO, by PP” !!!

  3. Sorry for a second post!… Just FYI Peach, I will be using the above in my next release… it is simple enough to follow and not to get newbies all confused and flustered. Peach has a talent for excellent way of presenting tutorials that are easy to follow. Thanks!

  4. Ahh so that is what you were talking about.



  5. sweet! thank you very much for your awesome tutorials! you’re the best!

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