Mar 242012

Which Corona SDK tutorial would you most like to see next appear on Techority?

UPDATE: I’ve switched to WP-Polls as suggested by Richard in the comments. It is not ugly like the previous one and more importantly it actually works, so please take a moment to vote if you haven’t already. Thanks!

Please use the horrifically ugly poll below to let me know!

(Also, if anyone knows of a decent poll plugin for WordPress please do let me know – I looked at a few, several weren’t compatible with this version of WP and that’s how this atrocity came to be.)

What Corona Tutorial Do You Want Next?

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Options are pretty self explanatory;

Shop That Uses Coins is for making a little store in your game where users can unlock things with points they’ve earned while playing.

In App Dictionary covers importing a list of words into your app that you can then use for various purposes. (Needed in word puzzle games, although has other uses too.)

Loops would explain and give examples of using loops. If you are currently adding a bunch of the same objects/images to your app individually this is a life saver.

Let me know!

Peach Pellen :)

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  13 Responses to “What Corona Tutorial Would You Like Next?”

  1. [...] I put up a poll asking you guys what you wanted my next tutorial to be about. An upgrade store won out by quite a [...]

  2. As I will likely write something this week I imagine the Store has it – but rest assured loops will come.

    I also have a potential tutorial planned for later this month but it’s on a subject I have previously avoided like the plague so we will see what happens there ;)

  3. I would like magical turtles from 3,812.89127 feet under the sea (one must be specific about these types of things) to eat 1.28741 pounds of flaming hot cheetohs, while singing the ABC’s backwards and clapping 3 times every .5729 seconds.

    Too much?

    I’m all about loops, not sure why but it’s a hard thing for me to grasp. Especially when you loop something, then you want to grab data from that loop to do something with it.


  4. The dictionary tutorial will be great if it is coupled with a word puzzle game or vocabulary game for example. This will be good for anybody is willing to create a teaching app for kids.

  5. I would like to see a tutorial in how to manipulate dates and times ;-)


  6. LOOPS!!! curious to see how you make’em.

  7. I vote for the In App Dictionary as well as it would definitely be very useful for many game genres.

    For WordPress I have used WP-Polls in the past with some success. You can embed the polls in your posts or pages via shortcodes or in the sidebar as a widget.

  8. Oh god, so the poll is ugly and useless. Bah. Well, I guess comments + tweets will just have to be taken into account this time.

    I’ll try to hunt down a poll that works and replace this thing >.<‘ Sorry guys!

  9. Same here! I have already voted!!!!! I vote for the Dictionary one and hopefully in the future you can do the coins tut.

  10. I vote for the upgrade shop! even though it says I’ve already voted as well. :)

  11. Same for me says already voted! I vote loops!!! But would really appreciate some help using storyboard and camera follow object…. But I’m greedy!

  12. It won’t let me vote, it says I already voted…?

    Oh man…I kinda want all 3. Hmmmm….I’ll vote for the coins to upgrade items.

    Wait…No, I want the app dictionary! WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Ok…I think the Loops would benefit me the most.

    Ok, my final answer is…the Loops!

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