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Let’s talk about finding and maintaining inspiration as an entrepreneur involved in app development.I think it’s fairly safe to say that by definition almost all of us are entrepreneurs – there are a few exceptions but I don’t imagine these people (employed by a company to make apps full time or the like) are likely to visit an Indie-centric site like Techority.

I suppose I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I’ve been earning my own money, before apps I did some writing but the bulk of my money came from websites I built up (by that I meant content, not coding) because I didn’t like the idea of working for a company*.

*I should clarify here that working with Ansca is different, they encompass the entrepreneurial spirit and they put the developers first – I have never truly seen this mentality elsewhere.

Sometimes you can get a bit burned out, especially if you are an Indie working alone most of the time. Part of staying motivated is finding your inspiration.

Check out the video posted here;

Carlos’ 10 Rules For Entrepreneurs

The rules are very well suited to Indies, entrepreneurs, (of course,) and surprisingly a number also apply to life in general.

These are some of favorite points;

- You cannot do everything by yourself

I think a lot of us who work alone much of the time tend to be isolated, part of the video discusses how you need to have others around to bounce ideas off of, get constructive criticism and help you maintain the level of crazy passion that is needed in this line of work.

- Find divine inspiration

This is not a religious statement but a reminder that you need to find something that can inspire you when you need it, if you are struggling with doubt, if you’re down, etc. It is perhaps my favorite part of the whole video because I know how hard this can be but once you find it you find life in general is better because you feel inspired when you need it most.

- It’s not about the money

Of course we all want to make money but you also need to have a bigger vision, a purpose. If money is your purpose then you … well, Carlos explains this perfectly in the video so I’ll let you watch that rather than rambling on here ;)

- Ignore the negative people around you

This is another fantastic point that I really think we all need to remember. Negative people who tell you that you cannot do something can be a horrible part of life and eliminating them is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself; replace them with people who prop you up and support you, who believe in you and your abilities – this kind of process seems to make you a better person as a result as you aren’t constantly being brought down by others.

There are a LOT of other great points - but you really have to watch the video to get the full effect.

I watch it every so often and have since I first discovered it existed and I’d encourage you to bookmark it and do the same.

I know some of you may have seen this but many likely haven’t and it is an absolute must watch for every developer.

Peach Pellen

PS – Are you a native Spanish speaker? Watch the video in Spanish right here.

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  1. Some other things to add:

    If you are developing a game, and you show it off to friends or family:

    DONT BE SURPRISED IF THEY “DOWNPLAY” IT. What that means, is sometimes people act strange, even if they REALLY like something, they will say something like “oh, ok cool”. I had this happen a few times, but then a friend told me “Hey man, I think peter really likes your app, he keeps talking about it, but not sure why he acts like a as swipe when you show it to him”

    Peter is not the real name but the quote is exactly what I was told. I come to find out, this seems to be true a lot of times.

    WHY? Because people get jealous, and they think by downplaying they can “steal” your thunder to make themselves look better. It’s a strange thing us humans do, so don’t read into it too much. IF you really want an honest opinion, what I like to do is play my game when I am out and about, and if friends are around now I don’t tell them what I am working on and I never show them anymore. Instead I do what what I call is AMBUSH testing. I’ll play one of my games that only I know about, and I play it in front of them while we are just hanging around. If they go hey that’s cool, what is that I’ll say something like “some game I’m playing” and I see where it goes from there.

    Once you get past that whole downplay crap, then you can really figure out ways to find out if you are doing something worthwhile or if it really is just “ok”.

    Above all the passion is KEY, the more crazy passion I have the more “downplay” I get. I figured out that the more downplay there is the better the app I am making haha. I figured out my people so now I shall harness their own energy and use it against them!!



  2. I watch it from time to time. It’s good to keep me in check, especially when I have some huge battles to face that are coming soon.

    Time to break out the big stick!


  3. Awesome post! Thanks again Peach :)

  4. Peach,

    Thank you very much for writing something like this all!

    I really needed it.


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