Apr 252012

I’ll be doing a webinar tomorrow discussing getting started with Corona

This post is just to serve as a little heads up to anyone who is around tomorrow and would like to catch a short (45 minute) webinar I will be doing on the Corona SDK.

I will talk about the basics of getting setup (on both PC and Mac), discussing resources for newbies and going over a few of the basics that I feel are important for new users.

This particular webinar is actually being held at 7pm AEST as it’s aimed to suit people in a different timezone to what we’d usually do. (7pm AEST is 10:00AM GMT.)

If you want to check your own time zone there is an option on the top left of the registration page.

Join tomorrow’s webinar here.

I will be allowing plenty of time to answer any questions viewers might have so don’t be shy!

Peach Pellen :)

PS – I am planning a newsletter type post soon outlining the tutorials I hope to write in May so if you have any suggestions or requests please let me know.

  8 Responses to “Intro to Corona Webinar (April 26)”

  1. I understood what you meant from the sad face – don’t worry, there will always be more :)

  2. ops: I meant – I cannot participate at this time.

  3. Ohh my friend,

    I can participate :(

    It will be 6am here and so I`ll be not up sadly.

    Wish to be able to get the 2nd one and wish you success on your amazing work.


  4. Normally when there is a webinar I’m the one up at 3am – 5am, so this one will actually make a nice change for me ;)

  5. I’ll try and be up at 5!

  6. I don’t know whether or not we’ll be able to record this one but rest assured we will be doing more of these at various times to suit everyone. The next one is (tentatively) scheduled for May 10th at (IIRC) around midday PST. (There will be more details posted closer to the time.)


  7. Peach, anyway you can record this? It is scheduled for 3am my time. :(

  8. While it may be a bit early for me here (5am) I’m going to give it a shot. Will you record it?

    Also, I do not have a MAC (yet) so I assume don’t need xCode. You mentioned you would be addressing PC users as well so I look forward to any tips you have.



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