Apr 302012

Upcoming tutorials, requests and some BIG changes to the Techority store.

First off I’d like to say a few words about this past month.

I want to start by extending a heartfelt thank you to those of you reading this; the past month has obviously brought about some pretty emotional times for a lot of us (I refer of course to our beloved Carlos Icaza taking a step back from Ansca) and I consider myself very lucky to have a platform where I can talk openly about these recent changes.

It is largely because of these changes that I’ve decided it is time to grit my teeth and endure another 16 hour flight back out to Palo Alto where I will be spending two weeks with the team at Ansca HQ, eating all their food and ensuring everyone remembers who is really running this show ;)

All joking aside, I am greatly looking forward to hanging out with colleagues and friends and if any of you happen to be in the area I’m always happy to meet with users and have a chat, so don’t be shy.

I’ll be away from the 6th to the 23rd of May and I would appreciate it if during that time you tolerate a longer-than-usual delay when it comes to replying to emails. (Between the flights and the jet lag I anticipate losing around 4 days.)

Upcoming Tutorials

I know this is what you all want to hear about!

I’ve got a tutorial tentatively planned on In App Purchase (IAP) for iOS. I know it has been a long time coming but it’s one of those that I’ve just put because quite frankly I’ve always found IAP to be a gigantic pain in the neck. However I am hoping to bite the bullet and put something together for you this month.

The other tutorial I’m planning relates to using tables and for loops when create a number of images. I feel like this is really useful and so many new users don’t understand it, (I know I didn’t when I was new,) though it is really vital in so many apps where you create more than one of the same object.

I hope to do more than just those two of course however I feel they take priority – one for the more advanced users looking to move into “freemium” apps and one for newer users who want to learn a neat, incredibly useful skill.


I’d like to open the floor to requests for newbie to intermediate level tutorials, templates, snippets (we’ll get to that in a minute) and to any requests for webinars.

Currently through my role at Ansca I am doing an introductory webinar once every 2 weeks, alternating time zones to suit as many users as possible.

Although I have no plans to do anything too advanced with these I’d like to know if anyone has any topics they feel newer users are interested in; if you have ideas I’m happy to try and incorporate them in future webinars.

The Techority Store is Changing

Some of my templates are almost a year old and the store itself was actually created using iWeb, so it should be pretty clear why I feel it is time for a change.

It has been recreated using WordPress and as a result I can now add something I know a lot of you have enquired about in the past – coupons.

As part of the change some templates will be coming down permanently, others temporarily while they are modified to use the newest APIs and I want to give people a chance to pick them up at a discount before that happens, so;

twinkies – good for 50% off ALL order.
mayday – 70% off all orders over $50 (that means a $50 order is reduced to only $15!)

I am also very pleased to announce Techority Snippets.

Techority Snippets will be handy code, unpolished but functional, useful and easy to use to improve your projects or use as a foundation to build on.

These snippets are going to be available at lower-end prices as they will not be as complex as large, robust templates but they will still provide fantastic value. They will start appearing in Techority Store over the next few weeks.

I believe this is a very positive step as it will allow me to create several smaller projects that will interest you and help me keep Techority paying its own hosting bill which grows as I add more and more content. (As some of you are aware I relocated Techority to a new server last week.)

You can take advantage of these discounts and checkout the new look of the store right here.

In Closing

April 21st marked one official year for me as a part of the Ansca team and I would like to extend my thanks to Carlos for bringing me in, the entire team for making me feel welcome and of course to all of you – watching the community grow into the wonderful group it is today has been spectacular and I eagerly await seeing what the next year brings for all of us.

Peach Pellen

PS – If anyone has trouble reaching me during my travels please be aware that either A) I am passed out from a Twinkie overdose, B) I have moved into the Ansca HQ vents and the wifi up there sucks, or C) I have moved into the vents and the wifi is just fine but I am passed out up there from a Twinkie overdose and someone should really call an ambulance.


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  2 Responses to “May 2012 Newsletter”

  1. Hang in there Peach! Looking forward to the snippets, and new tuts :)

  2. Cool, looking forward to your (IAP) for IOS! What about a Storyboard game template (with buttons to go back and forth, etc) for people who need a beginning framework? If that’s already done, nevermind! I know that I am using Director (which I love), but always hear that ‘storyboard’ word around the corner.

    Anyways, good luck and thanks for the post!

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