May 092012

Last night I was able to catch up with Carlos over dinner – I know from all the emails you guys have sent me that you are eager to know how he is going, so I’m going to give you a rundown of our evening.
Carlos turned up wearing, what else, a dark long sleeved top, my favorite pair of his ripped jeans and sandals – I immediately thought of Steve Jobs. (Not uncommon when spending time with him but it normally doesn’t happen until he starts talking business.)

He looked well – happy, healthy and really had a great positive aura surrounding him. (That might sound strange but if you saw it you’d agree it was an apt description.)

Carlos Icaza

I know one of the big questions for a lot of you guys is “What is Carlos up to now?” – so I asked him to give me a run down for this blog post.

The first thing we discussed was the topic of bezier curves – the video he posted showing the creation of bezier curves like in Adobe Illustrator using Corona SDK was awesome and I know a lot of people are eager to see the code in the near future. It was awesome – I didn’t understand everything he was saying, “bezier” this and “meshes” that – but seeing him so animated about it was wonderful and what I could understand was fascinating.

From there we segued into a discussion about about the fact he is now advising a number of startups – this was a highpoint for me – hearing him talk about helping people, entrepreneurs, the nature of startups and how important it is to make good connections and treat their users/customers/clients well reminded me why I was here to begin with; I formed a connection with Carlos based on how well he treats people – it’s a matter close to my own heart and I love seeing his passion for it – I believe it is why so many consider him a fabulous CEO.

The last time I was here his phone would regularly go off and he’d have to deal with it – he never seemed to mind but it was different this time – his phone was constantly lighting up but he seemed much more jovial about it. In fact, despite seeming just as busy as he was when he was full time every day at Ansca he seems to have a new found energy now. Perhaps it is the best of both worlds; he has less responsibility on his shoulders and more time to pursue interests – interests like parametric curves in which again, I know a lot of us are excited about.

I made a thread earlier to share the video with those of you who don’t regularly check out Twitter and one of the comments (from Rodrigo, @RSCdev) mentioned that it was comforting seeing Carlos still close by.

I hope that is something you guys take from this; some of your emails have naturally been anxious but Carlos is well, he looks fantastic, he’s still doing some kick ass stuff and he is very reachable.

If you are around the Bay area and have 20 minutes I’d highly recommend trying to get some face time with Carlos – listening to him talk, his enthusiasm, the changes in his tone, his hand gestures and the way he can easily switch from talking about bezier curves to how important developers (that’s all of us!) are really gives you a feel for what it would be like to speak with Steve Jobs one on one – passion, enthusiasm that are contagious, plus the awe you feel being in the presence of someone who has truly made a dent in the universe.



Peach Pellen :)

Stay tuned, in the next few days will be writing more about my trip and hopefully including a few additional photos.

  4 Responses to “Catching up with Carlos”

  1. My special friend @Peach…

    How awesome you are girl! :)

    Loved the reading and better yet – Mr. Carlos is doing well and better – as you said above, he has more energy! Very good isn`t it?

    Thank you for the mention of my post about him above. Imagine, you did not forget my name?! LOL – just kidding with you my friend! ;)

    I really wish you THE BEST ENERGY OF THIS WORLD right now there where you are – Ansca HQ! You and the others there that make up this great Team called Ansca Mobile and its Corona SDK – my choice by love (and you). ;)

    Best wishes,
    your friend,
    Rodrigo Costa.

  2. I would have loved to meet Carlos in person too! He seems very down to earth, kind and smart ( of course! ). It’s always awesome to be around people of that calibre.
    It’s my goal to meet Carlos one day, and learn. Thanks Peach, for sharing!

  3. Excellent post, Peach! Thanks for the insight on Carlos — I was among the many “anxious” others when the news first broke about him, so it was comforting to hear what you had to say about him. As he did with Ansca and Corona SDK, he’ll no doubt be just as successful in all future endeavors of his. Keep up the great work, Peach! :-)

  4. Wish I could come out to meet you and Carlos while you are in the states but alas, Kansas City is not close and my game won’t complete itself. But have a great trip and thanks for the positive report. I still can’t believe I stumbled upon Corona when I did, life is good.
    dF (dogfish apps)

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