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Tutorial, building your iOS application and submitting it to the Apple App Store.

1 ) Log in to the iOS Provisioning Portal. If you have not yet created an App ID, do so now, then click “Provisioning” in the left side bar.

2 ) Click on the “Distribution” tab, then click “New Profile” in the upper right.

3 ) Select “App Store” for the distribution method and choose the App ID you created earlier.

4 ) Click “Submit” and you will be taken back to a list of your distribution provisioning profiles, where the one you just created will show as “pending”. Refresh your browser and it will be available for download.

5 ) Download the provisioning profile you just created, then double click it to add it to Xcode.

6 ) Open your SDK of choice and build using the newly added provisioning profile. (If your SDK was running when you added the profile to Xcode you may need to quit and relaunch it for the profile to appear.)

7 ) Open your browser and sign in to iTunes Connect, then click on “Manage Your Applications“, then on “Add New App” in the upper left corner.

8 ) Write in your app name as you want it to appear in the store and enter a SKU. (This is a random number of your choosing.) Then select your Bundle ID carefully (it will match the com.yourname.appname you have been using throughout this process) and click “Submit“.

App Store New App Submission

9 ) Set the availability date (you can leave it as the current date if you want your app to be released immediately upon approval) and the price tier. (Click the “specific stores” link if you do not want your app to available worldwide.) Now click “Continue“.

App Store Availability Date and Price Tier

10 ) Enter some information about your app including the version number, description, keywords, categories and some contact information including your name (copyright), website and email address.

*You do not need to put anything in “review notes” unless you have any Easter eggs in your game, if so this is where you’d reveal them to Apple’s reviewers.

App Store New App Information

11 ) Scroll down to the “Rating” section and check the appropriate boxes, then scroll a little further and upload the large version of your icon along with at least 1 screenshot. Click “Submit”.

12 ) You will be taken back to apps summary page where it will list the status as “Prepare for Upload”. Click on “View Details“.

App Store New App Upload

13 ) In the top right there is a “Ready to Upload Binary” button, click that and you will be taken back to the summary screen where the status will have changed to “Waiting For Upload”.

14 ) Open Application Loader (you can type “Application Loader” in spotlight or navigate to Developer > Applications > Utilities).

*If for some reasons you don’t have Application Loader installed yet there is a download link in the footer of all iTunes Connect pages.

15 ) Click on “Deliver Your App” and then go through the upload process as just described.

16 ) Wait for the app to upload and the status to change to “Waiting For Review” – then prepare yourself for a nail-biting 7-12 days wait for approval!

All up you will find the process isn’t too complicated, it can just be a little confusing the first time around if you’re unsure on how to get your app to the “waiting for upload” point.

Good luck and wishes for a speedy approval process!

Peach Pellen


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  1. Good to see you back!

    I wish I had something like this a couple of years ago when I started. For a company that prides itself on ubiquitous user experience, Apple has, strangely, made this whole process anything but intuitive. Well done!

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