Jan 302014

I’ve just made some significant changes (for some of you!) to Techority and wanted to post a short update to let you know what’s coming next.

First things first – a (very) late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

As is tradition, here’s the hat…

Peach Pellen Christmas

Why no video? Why so late?

Well, at the time this picture was taken, I had a the flu very badly – by which I mean my fevered mind stopped functioning entirely and all I did for almost 2 weeks was lay on my (spectacularly comfortable) couch eating Twinkies and trying not to die. (OK that’s maybe a tad dramatic, but I certainly felt like death!)

Then, and I didn’t know this was possible, less than a week after recovering, I managed to contract it again. I’ve now had the flu shot, which they wouldn’t give me when I first requested it, as apparently fighting the flu with more flu isn’t how it’s done. (I guess that makes sense, it’s like the saying “you have to fight fire with fire!” – all that gets you is even more fire, and even as a pyro-enthusiast, no one wants that!)

OK, so what changes have you made and how do they affect me?

After a lot of thinking and a few discussions with peers (including many of you) – I have decided to re-open Techority, in it’s original form, and fix a handful of broken downloads. This potentially means two things for you:

1) If you are one of the developers who has mailed me in the last year asking me for my old Corona SDK tutorials, you can now get them. All of them. All Techority content from the last 3.5 years is back.

2) If you’ve found a download you want and had it fail on you, you can now get it. The “Tweet and Get It” plugin was broken with wordpress upgrades, making some content inaccessible even when the site was reopened. Corona For Newbies, Ego, Level Unlocking, Upgrade Store, Plants VS Zombies, Jetpack Joyride, Boggle – all these things are back.

Now, this is important - I will not, under any circumstances, provide support for any content, downloadable or otherwise, that was created to support Ansca Mobile (now “Corona Labs”). I understand much of it is outdated and I have tremendous sympathy for those of you mailing me because you’ve been unsuccessful trying to get any kind of support elsewhere, I really do, I know how frustrating it is to get stuck on a bug or logic problem and find no one willing or able to assist you – but I ask, please, that you respect this as a condition of these resources being made available again. (This includes not emailing me about new bugs you’ve found in the SDK itself, please – I’m not able to help you, you need to contact the company directly.)

What’s coming next?

I’m very excited about what is coming up in 2014; I’ve got a second part to Platino for Newbies coming up very soon, as well as a new and improved version of Ego, (it may be renamed for the Javascript release, I’m undecided,) my saving and loading library, on the way after a little code clean up, made to work with the Platino Game Engine and Titanium SDK.

Outside of this I’m working on a number of cool things, mostly in the early stages – but I’m going to be updating more often, and my focus is going to be a little broader than in the past. Of course, it remains on mobile application development – but we’re going to talk a bit more about hardware, something I neglected post-2011, about tools, design and assets. Of course, there’s still a lot of Platino tutorials to look forward to. (Have you tried it yet? We’ve got some bundle offers going on right now which are very affordable, and there’s an unlimited free trial so you can check it out before making any kind of commitment.)

In Closing

I’m sorry I’ve been much quieter than previously on social media and via email; I’m painfully aware of the fact some of you have tried to reach out and are still waiting on a reply. Being sick with the flu, twice, lost me 3 weeks during a very busy time for emails. Prior to that I was in the process of relocating, which meant living in a hotel with terrible wifi for two months, then the daunting process of moving into a new home. As a result, I’ve got around 400 messages that have built up over the last few months I’m working through, but it’s going to take some time – so, be patient! I will get to you, and once I’m through this pile, I’m going to endeavor to be far more reachable.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year and that I get to catch up with all of you in the near future – I’m very excited about some of the stuff currently in the pipeline.

Peach Pellen

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