Mar 072014

A very gentle introduction to using javascript with the Platino Game Engine. Assumes no prior experience.

I’m happy to (finally) share Platino for Newbies!

This is a full, four part mini-series (all four parts are available right now) showing you the basics of Platino, with the assumption you have very little/no javascript knowledge. If you do, this may be too simple for you – but it’s a nice little intro regardless.

You will see how to:

  • Make a single line comment
  • Make a comment block
  • Set up a basic game scene
  • Display an image
  • Set the scene to fill various resolutions
  • Launch the game
  • Add an event listener
  • Create a function
  • Remove a sprite
  • Use an “if” statement
  • Show and hide a sprite
  • Create a transform
  • Use a transform on a sprite
  • Clear a transform

It is as simple as creating a new, blank Platino project in Animo Code and replacing the code in app.js with the code from the sample you want to run, as well as copying any images to your Resources folder.

If you aren’t using Animo code, you will create your project in Titanium Studio, require the Platino module, and do the same.

Of course, if you aren’t already set up to use Platino, it’s really easy -

  1. Download and install Appcelerator’s Titanium SDK (here)
  2. Download Platino (here)
  3. Set up Platino (here)

Then just create a new project and follow the steps above for copying app.js and any graphics you need.

Click HERE to Download

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Peach Pellen :-)

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