Mar 132014

Simple clips of samples created with the Platino SDK – see below for downloads.

In order, each clip is:

Camera: available at

Flappy Bird Clone: available at

Platino Gears:

Pairs in Platino:

Fireflies Scene: Coming soon on Techority/Lanica/both

Fishies: Video submitted by Michael, a Platino developer, who is planning to submit his code to community when complete,

Slots: Follow the tutorial here or grab it from my github:

As you can see, this is really just a random video of thrown together sample code from Platino projects.

Some is unpolished, some is pretty slick, but all of it is either available now or will be soon – and as more is ready I’ll be making more posts like this one, just to let you all know what is out there and where to get it, so that you can modify it to include in your own applications as desired.

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Peach Pellen :-)

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