Mar 292014

The popular Ego library, used for saving and loading small pieces of data, rewritten for Platino and Titanium.

I’ve had a few requests to port Ego, originally written for use with the Corona SDK, to javascript for use with the Platino game engine.

This wasn’t difficult, as you’ll see when you review how little code is actually involved, it just took awhile as I’ve been wrapped up with MWC, GDC and experimenting with some new devices we’ve recently been given. (See some here and here.)

This video shows you some basic usage of Ego with Platino, and the sample is available for download right now on github. (Link below.)

Enjoy – and as always, please feel free to offer feedback, or any opinions on future Platino tutorials you’d like to see. Even with limited free time these days, I’m still always looking to work on new projects :)

Get it HERE.

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Peach Pellen :-)

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