I first wrote this page back in 2010 and now, in 2014, it’s crazy to see how much has changed. (I’ve left the old page in tact, for the sake of nostalgia.)

I have a more professional “About Me” style page on peachpellen.com if that’s your thing, otherwise, this page should give you a pretty good idea of who I am and how this site came to be.


I am Peach Pellen. I’ve been developing for several years but got serious about it in 2010. Early 2011 I joined Ansca Mobile (creators of the Corona SDK), which I then left late 2012 for Lanica, the company being the Platino Game Engine.

I’m in my mid 20s and I enjoy learning and immersing myself in technology, especially mobile, evangelizing and teaching. I love discussions revolving around problem solving, figuring out how to make things work, especially in unconventional ways.

As a result, I’ve worked on (in small ways, most of the time) hundreds upon hundreds of apps, as well as released around 50 of my own.

In short, I’m just a fan of mobile who has some experience I enjoy sharing whenever possible.

On a personal note, I love video games, psychologically dark films starring villains with redeeming qualities, (think Silence of the Lambs,) boots and pancakes double-drenched in syrup — then on the flip side, I hate movies about dancing, books about the ocean or desert, messy code, (unless it’s my own,) and the fact there are no 24 hour pizza places that deliver in my area.


I was born in Adelaide, Australia, and lived there, Melbourne and Sydney before moving to Florida right after I turned 23. I celebrated my 24th birthday in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where I currently call home.

At the time I started Techority I was living in Sydney and kept a largely nocturnal schedule to keep in touch with many of you on Skype, along with my colleagues. Now I’m here I’ve had to make a drastic change, sometimes getting up as early as 7am! (Crazy, I know.)


Techority started for two simple reasons – the first, because I’ve always enjoyed helping others, and learning to code with zero experience is pretty difficult; almost every tutorial site assumes some kind of prior knowledge. Coding is fun, making mobile apps is rewarding and inspiring others from time to time with examples and assistance is amazing.

The second reason, which was less a reason and more the “push” that led to Techority becoming more than just an idea, was Carlos Icaza, the former CEO of Ansca (Corona), now CEO of Lanica (Platino). When I first started using Corona, I was broke – so I asked him for a discount. He gave me a free license and, to repay his kindness, I published a set of tutorials to educate other new developers about his platform. I also regularly emailed him for help, without ever worrying he was sitting there thinking “WTH is wrong with this girl?”

(Of course, it turns out that’s exactly what he was thinking – but that’s OK, I ask myself that same question most days ;))

I love apps, I love mobile, I love technology and I love both Lua and Javascript. (I plan on having a go at Python in the coming months, too.)

When I started out, there were almost no resources for true newbies. That’s how Techority came to be – I want to help others who have no idea where to start, who think they could never make an app or a game. (And, at the time of writing, I have done this for many people – but I’m no where near done yet ;))

… and that’s it!

That’s pretty much my story in a cut-down, readable (I hope) format. I hope you’ll enjoy the time you spend on Techority and consider following me on Twitter, Facebook (buttons for both in the sidebar) and signing up for the newsletter. I rarely send one out, but when I do it’s because there’s new content worth checking out.

– Peach Pellen


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