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When it comes to making iPhone apps, everyone has to start somewhere.

More often than not learning a new skill is a challenge and this is never more true than when that new skill is learning a new language, be it French, Italian or, in this case, Lua.

Corona lets us use Lua to create iPhone apps, it’s a magical thing.

As you likely know already if you’ve come across this page, the official Apple SDK relies on Objective C, which I, (like many others,) have found almost impossible to learn unless you are willing to dedicate months upon months to it, only to be able to make the most basic of iPhone applications.

Many new developers find Ansca’s Corona SDK is a great tool to use; this is because not only is it something that you can pick up with zero prior coding experience but also because it is powerful enough to make almost any app you can imagine. (For the iPhone, iPad or even for Android devices!)

You can start learning about Lua and Corona by yourself using tutorials (I have a lot of good ones up, all free) and reading through the sample code available in the Corona program folder, or you can fast track your learning experience by having some private training sessions with me.

What I Offer

I can provide you with one on one training to get you from the “What’s Lua? How do I use Corona” stage to the point you have a solid understanding of all the basics and everything you need to know to make your own app in a very short period of time. (I can’t offer an exact time frame, it really depends on the individual.)

Why Choose Me

  • I am a figure in the Corona community because of my work helping beginners master Corona and Lua
  • I have created several applications for myself and others using Corona and Lua (games, soundboards, quizzes, etc.)
  • My approach, unlike many others, assumes that you have no prior coding knowledge of any kind - I will not expect you to know anything to start with so you wont feel as though you are in over your head
  • I am passionate about Corona, so I genuinely want to help you succeed with it
  • I am a certified Corona SDK Developer
  • As of April 2011 I am working as a Support Engineer for Ansca
  • As of December 2011 all training sessions are done officially through Ansca Mobile!

Certified Developer

Click here to learn more and book a session right now!

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  14 Responses to “Corona Training”

  1. They did indeed – I get some weird search terms sending people here.

  2. Someone found techority by searching for “Australian Girl Tutorials” ?
    LMAO! Hilarious! :D :D

  3. Hi Peach,

    There are a good number of tutorials on your site. These have helped me a lot to get ample knowledge to start and run corona for my games. Thanks a lot.

    Recently I am playing Zombie Dash, that is running pretty well on android phone. But as per my knowledge this game is made in Java. isn’t it?
    Is this type of game possible to be made in corona? And will it run as smooth as it runs with java?

    I am already having a game just like it, that I made in flash. Just wonder if it can be made in corona? Or will the performance will be best?

    Please suggest me.

    • I haven’t played Zombie Dash and I don’t work a lot with Android, so this question might be better suited to the Android section of the Ansca Mobile forum – you can get some solid advice there :)

      That said, I’ve seen lots of great games made it Corona and looking at screenshots of Zombie Dash I can’t see why it wouldn’t run great.

  4. 1) Log in

    2) Click into one of the sub forums (new users, developer support, etc.)

    3) Click “Post new forum topic”

    If you cannot see “Post new forum topic” to the left under the forum name, press CMD+F and type in “post new” (without the quotes, obviously) and it will be highlighted for you.

    Peach :)

  5. Hi Peach,
    I’m newbie to Corona app development.I sometimes rise with some issues which i want to post on Corona Forum but when I login, I couldn’t find any option to create a new post.So please let me know how can do the same.
    Thanks And Regards,

  6. Haha, thank you – I remember when there were more or less no newbie tutorials out there; that’s how it was when I started and how Techority came to be.

    As to Carlos, no, not in person – not yet anyway. I will.

    The main benefit to being certified is that people know you are good at what you do, I think.

    Peach :)

  7. You are doing a pretty good job of excelling in the field of excellence. I remember when this site when it had just a couple of tutorials.

    Have you met Carlos?

    Are there any benefits with being a Certified Corona SDK Developer?

  8. Hello Peach, love your work. How did you become a Certified Corona SDK Developer?

    • Thank you :)

      There’s no set criteria for being certified at this stage; it’s more about making a contribution to the community I believe. (That’s just a guess, based on who the certified devs are.) Standing out for doing something, an app or a community project, that kind of thing.

      Also, being generally awesome and excelling in the field of excellence.

      Me, I got it by threatening to hit Carlos with my gavel (you know, like a judge has?) if he didn’t make me one.

      He made the right choice, don’t you think? :)

  9. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the kind words; money wise, it’s a slow process – but being committed and working hard helps ;)

    I know many people find me searching in Google for a few terms, “Corona Guide”, “Corona Tutorial” – I think “Corona Template”, along with a bunch of other terms – someone found me searching for “peachpellen +love” and another using “Australian girl tutorials” – haha.

    In the future I will actually have a book to offer those people; I’m working on it :)

    I’m familiar with Soundforge (I used to use a PC) and I still use Photoshop. Good stuff!

    Templates are on sale at the moment, ending in about 5 hours – so possibly worth a look. (I’m not hard selling you – I promise!)

    Anyway, back to work with me – I really appreciate your comments and I’m very happy that my work has been useful for you :) Corona is a FANTASTIC SDK.

    Peach :)

  10. Hi Peach.
    Awesome site and resource you have there – I hope now you are making the $$$ you deserve.
    I hope you know many people find you using google and doing a search on ‘Corona guide’.
    I am an official iOS SDK user but am only at a very basic level – have about 7 simple apps in the app store and feel I have reached my limit in that I need to study for hours and hours to get any further.
    My main development tools are Soundforge (on a windows PC for sound clip editing of custom sounds I create for my apps) and Photoshop for picture editing.
    The thing is.. I am thinking of jumping ship so to speak and learn LUA and use Corona – I have a lot of ideas and am sure I will get them done easier, faster and more enjoyably in Corona!
    I might hire a training session in the future or more likely buy some of your app templates.
    Your demo projects so far have been very helpfull and are well commented – what good is code without comments?
    you go back to a project months later and can’t remember what you were thinking when you wrote certain code in a certain way…

    Anyway – keep up your great work!

  11. how does one get corona certified?

    • By excelling in the field of awesomeness!

      Seriously though, I am not sure of the exact criteria – all I know is that at the present time there are only 4 of us and that to become certified (at least of this moment) you need to be, or have done, something quite exceptional.

      Peach :)

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